Shallaki Powder

शल्लकी चूर्ण


Benefits:Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Oxidant, Analgesic, Effective in Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, Ulcerative Colitis, Effect on Tridosha, Balances Vata

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Shallaki powder is made up of the powder of a medicinal herb shallaki. Scientifically, the herb is famous as Boswellia Serrata. The herb is proven to be beneficial in several diseases and you too can use it if you are dealing with problem in the list of uses of shallaki churna mentioned below. You will find the list of benefits of shallaki churna below. However, this is just to give you an idea of whether shallaki powder is of any use to you or not. When it comes to using the ayurvedic product, you should not move on before consulting an ayurvedic doctor. So, in case you have a prescription, you can buy shallaki churna and all other ayurvedic medicines from at best price. But, if you don’t have any prescription yet, we will tell you how you can consult an ayurvedic doctor for free.


The list of benefits of shallaki churna is quite long since shallaki churna contains the following nutrients and resins:

    • Beta-sitosterol
    • Boswellic acid
    • Monosaccharides
    • Tannins etc
    • Resins
    • Glucosides
    • Uronic acid
    • Lignin etc.

All these are responsible for bringing the following positive changes in the human health.

  • Benefits of Shallaki powderGet relief in arthritis with shallaki churna: The ayurvedic powder is anti inflammatory in nature and hence is a natural pain reliever. This is why many ayurvedic doctors recommend the uses of shallaki powder to relieve pain due to arthritis.
  • Shallaki powder improves wound healing ability: According to the research and clinical studies conducted in the recent past, it was concluded that shallaki powder rejuvenates the cells and also helps to resolve external wounds and bruises. Internal wounds like haemorrhage can also be dealt with naturally using the benefits of shallaki churna.
  • Shallaki churna is good for digestive disorders: The strong anti-inflammatory action of the herbal powder make it a perfect solution to fight against inflammatory disorders of the digestive tract. Apart from helping in minor problems of indigestion, the list of uses of shallaki powder also contain complicated diseases like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis etc.
  • If you are a woman, there are many benefits of shallaki churna for your health: Shallaki churna improves female health in more than just one way. According to clinical studies, it is suggested that shallaki powder when used right, will promote female health. The herbal powder comforts the menstrual pain and also helps to cleanse the congestion in the uterus. For these and a few other reasons, many ayurvedic doctors recommend the uses of shallaki powder for dealing with female reproduction issues.
  • Benefits of shallaki churna in respiratory disorders: The herbal powder may reduce the onset of respiratory problems such as Asthma and bronchitis. And this is one of the great favors we need from ayurveda in the polluted environment. Additionally, it also may help to reduce cough and congestion in the chest and hence it is very beneficial to combat respiratory problems.
  • shallaki powder for WrinklesShallaki churna is good for your skin in more than just one way: The herb involved in the preparation of shallaki churna is rejuvenative and blood purifying, in nature. Boswellia reduces damage and destruction of connective tissues. This aids in maintaining healthy skin and preventing onset of wrinkles. This is why shallaki powder is used to refresh the skin cells and thus helps to make skin look radiant. Not only can this, using shallaki powder or shallaki churna help you fight with acne, wrinkles and signs of aging. This in turn helps you to look young for a longer period.
  • Shallaki powder has a role in preventing cancer: As you can see in the list of components of the herb shallaki, boswellik acid is present in the herb in ample quantity. The same Boswellic acid is considered to act in a number of ways to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. You can also fight with genetic transmission of cancer because the herbal powder prevents some enzymes from acting upon genetic material.

As you can see, the list of uses of shallaki powder contains all types of health problems human suffer from. From stomach to skin to playing an active role in decreasing the chances of cancer, shallaki churna has a lot of benefits for human health. Now the question is how to utilize the benefits of shallaki churna. See, if you want, you can just order shallaki churna from Since you will get pure shallaki powder at your doorstep, it will do some good for your health. However, if you want a fool proof treatment, just dial the toll free number- 18001030318 and talk to an ayurvedic doctor for free. This will help you have an insight of how ayurvedic treatment works, what are the other benefits of shallaki churna and many more doubts will be cleared.

If you choose the former approach, you will get a few benefits of shallaki churna. Since it is ayurvedic, there will be no adverse effects. But, going for the later approach and making just one phone call can change your life completely. You will use shallaki powder in a way exactly required by your body and hence will gain maximum by spending least time and money. So, decide your next step and take your body towards a healthy future rather than wasting your precious time and money on allopathic drugs.


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