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We provide high quality ayurvedic and herbal medicines. Every single product is tested by our team of doctors and experts before being accommodated into our portal.

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Very easy to use order system. You can order online or also via phone. Tracking Details are sent within 24 hours of confirmation of order.

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Via our YouTube Channel & Blog Articles we provide 100% authentic & real ayurvedic information so that people don’t get mislead and fall into the traps of thugs.

Main Categories

Bhasma are mineral preparations that are prepared as per the classical methodology. We have included only companies that provide high quality bhasma on our portal.


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This is the most special part of ayurveda where highly complex methods are involved in preparation. These are herbo-mineral preparations where various herbs and minerals are brought together and they go through various processes to finally create the ultimate herbomineral creation that has tremendous properties and benefits. Cancer, T.B, Epilepsy or any other disease you name, can be healed with these herbomineral preparation because they have exceptional potency and results.

Ras Rasayan

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Herbal powders or churna are the most simplest and traditional form of preparations used in Ayurveda. They are basically the raw powder of the herb or combinations of herbs.

Herbal Powder (Churna)

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Ghee is a really special component of Ayurveda with remarkable healing properties. Many herbs and herbal mixtures are decocted in cow’s ghee to prepare various ghrit preparations.


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Kwath are basically the extract of any herb, herbal plants or herbal combination. We provide dry Kwath because it is better to use and easy to transport.


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Panchakarma or Panchkarma is the divine art of Ayurveda that aims to remove toxins out of the body and get the balance restored within various organs and systems of the body. There are many many benefits of Panchakarma, more than you can count. Paramanand Ayurveda is the No. 1 option if you are looking for a Panchakarma Treatment Centre. We provide quality and state of the art Panchakarma services at affordable prices. We have experienced doctors and therapists who ensure…