Amla Powder

आंवला चूर्ण


Benefits:Effective in Skin and Eye health, Respiratory Health, Hairs, Balances all Three Doshas, One of the best Intelligence Promoter, Good for both Weight Loss and Weight Gain

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Ayurveda is an age old science of health which emphasizes on maintaining a healthy body rather than curing disease again and again that easily hit a weak and unhealthy system. To support this, the ancient most science has given us gems like amla powder. Ayurveda is not merely a traditional healer, but an entire system of medicines that has a huge number of powder or churna. However, amla powder of amla churna is probably the most widely used. Have you ever thought why? What makes amla churna so special? There are many stories related to the herbal powder, but what are the actual medicinal capabilities of amla powder. How exactly amla powder benefits human body? Everyone on the internet is recommending amla powder, but why use amla powder? Let us find answers to all these and some magnificent details about related to amla churna or amla churna.

According to the Hindu mythology the herb originated from the drops of amrit (elixir). The herb gets huge amount of respect in Hindu culture because of a story attached with the tree. The popular story says that Gods and Demons once had a fight and a few drops of elixir (amrit) accidentally reached Earth during this. Wherever the elixir spilled, there grew a tree of amla. Yes, this is the traditional belief associated with amla. But, we have more sensible and concrete scientific evidences talking about the medicinal capabilities of the herbal powder. Following are the amla powder benefits that are claimed in ancient stories and proven in modern scientific texts.


  • Amla Powder BenefitsSkin problems: Be it a skin infection on the outer layer of your skin, or acne due to some internal problem, amla powder benefits in all kind of skin issues. When no harmful allopathic drugs can do anything about it and no expensive beauty regimes can help, amla powder benefits and improves your skin. If you want permanent solution to all your skin problems, amla churna is the only way out. It does so without playing with your health. In fact, you will also get many health benefits by default. This is the first answer to why use amla powder and there are many more to come.
  • Hair and scalp issues: not only your delicate skin receives much from the magical churna, but you hair and scalp problems will gradually vanish. If you use amla powder for a long time, you will have lustrous and voluminous hair. Hair fall, grey hair, dandruff and all other such problems will also stay away. So, rather than finding an answer to why use amla powder, just order it now if you have any hair related issue.
  • Digestive problems: Nothing can beat amla churna benefits when it comes to stabilizing digestion and improving your bowel movements. It not only gives you a healthy digestive system, but also clears your intestine of any infections. Now you have one more reason to why use amla powder.
  • Weakened immunity: Amla powder is one of the gems of ayurveda that helps you achieve the ultimate goal of the holistic healer- a healthy body. The secret to a healthy body lies in its immune strength. Immunity is the body’s inner capability of fighting and defeating any kind of infection in human body. If you have a strong immune system, you will not see frequent illness due to one reason or the other. This means you will need less of medicines and treatments. So, with this amla churna benefits, you can keep diseases at bay.
  • Bone related diseases: With continuous degradation in quality of food and living style, bone issues have become quite common. After certain age, almost everyone has to tackle bone and joint problems. Again, allopathy has only one solution, pain killers. This is all they have in store for all the patients dealing with pain due to different reasons. If you are above 30, or already have a problem in bones and joints, start taking amla churna today.
  • Cardiac health: Amla powder benefits in almost a dozen of cardiac problems. The herb is an excellent blood purifier, and it also strengthens the muscles of the heart to ensure it works without fail. Apart from this, amla powder is also known for its cholesterol lowering properties and acts as a magic potion by taking care of not only the heart, but also the blood.

These were some common amla powder benefits and trust me, you will receive much more if you try it just once. Amla churna is much needed if you have made your mind to give chance to herbal medicine. It will help you recover from the damage done by allopathic drugs and unhealthy food. Yes, it is going to take time and you will not experience a magic overnight. But, first it will detoxify your body, then will enrich your body with the essential nutrients, and finally give you a body with strength to fight with diseases. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it definitely is, but, for all this, you need to have pure natural amla churna.

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