Daruhaldi Powder

दारुहल्दी चूर्ण


Benefits:Used in Eye Disorders, Skin Disorders, Diabetes, Urinary tract Infections, Balances Kapha and Pitta Dosha, Effective in quick wound healing, Itching Skin Disorder, Menorraghia, Leucorrhea, Useful in Herpes also, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Analgesic, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Diarrheal, Anti-Toxic

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Daruhaldi powder of daruhaldi churna is a powder made up of daruharidra. This herb is also called Indian barberry or tree turmeric and it belongs to family Berberidaceae. By using daruhaldi powder or daruhaldi churna, almost every part of your body can gain a lot. The herb has such a high medicinal value that it was mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts like charak samhita many times and in many diseases. It may not be as famous as turmeric (haldi that we even use in our kitchen). Not many people have used this one. But, when you look at the healing abilities of the herb, you will get at least a dozen of reasons for using daruhaldi powder for health.

Not only the ancient ayurvedic texts have advocated the use of daruhaldi powder benefits in many diseases, but modern science has also acknowledged the healing power and health enhancing nature of the herbal mix. Here are the daruhaldi powder benefits for which you should order it right now. We will also see in a short while how to order daruhaldi powder at best price and get it at your doorstep with ayurvedic doctor’s instructions. Before that, note down some mesmerizing daruhaldi powder benefits.

  • Daruhaldi powder benefits in skin problemDaruhaldi powder for health is famous among people for its role in healthy weight management. The herb daruharidra is loaded with bioactive compounds like berberine and alkaloids. All these assist in natural weight management by providing your body the required nutrition, energy and strength. You would lose those extra kilos, but without compromising with your health. This isn’t really a possible case with the fancy and expensive weight loss products available in the market.
  • Daruhaldi powder is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial in nature. In addition to all these abilities, the herbal powder is also antiseptic. All these make it perfect for any type of skin infection. You can use it in acne, eczema and even psoriasis. yes, the way you are supposed to use daruhaldi churna for health and that for skin may vary. For this, just consult an ayurvedic doctor.
  • Daruhaldi powder benefits in indigestion and detoxification as well. The herb from which the powder is made is well known for its support for healthy digestion. And by enhancing your digestive power, you can also expect that all the waste will get eliminated sooner or later. Hence, it is a natural body cleansing, giving you one more reason to use daruhaldi powder for health. If you have any problem in digestion, it is highly likely that undesirable toxins are not being removed regularly from your body. And this in itself is a big cause of diseases. So, make sure you have a strong digestive system with daruhaldi powder for health.
  • The antiseptic and analgesic activities make daruhaldi powder for health a perfect prescription for eye problems as well. You can use daruhaldi churna for infections occurring in your eyes as well as to treat weakness of the eye sight. As stated earlier, daruhalid powder benefits almost every body part of yours, doesn’t it?
  • Apart from enhancing your digestive power, darhaldi powder benefits in almost every infection that can hit your stomach. This is easily understood with the herb having such strong antimicrobial and anti septic properties. So, talk to your ayurvedic doctor is you have any stomach related issue- be it indigestion or infection.
  • Daruhaldi powder benefits stomach related issueInfections in the urinary tract leading to pain, itching and frequent urination are also on the list of daruhaldi powder benefits
  • People use daruhaldi powder for health of their liver. Liver indeed is one of the most important body parts and ensuring its health in today’s scenario is indeed a big achievement.

From liver to eyes to immune system, this one powder can act as a one stop solution to many of today’s commonly occurring health problems. So, if you think daruhaldi powder for health is what you need, just order it from paramanandayurveda.com to actually gain all the benefits listed above. If you order it from pramanandayurveda.com, you can not only be sure of quality and purity, but can also get all types of assistance at the toll free number 18001030318. By dialing this number, you can get any kind of help in ordering daruhaldi powder for health, and at the same time can also get free online consultation.

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