Harad Powder

हरड़ चूर्ण


Benefits:Laxative, Helps in Digestion, Protects and Helps the Digestive Organs, Vata Balancer, Calms Excess Vata, Anxiety, Mental Problems

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Have you used harad? If you have not use it, it is highly likely that you have heard about the natural product. Harad is scientifically known as terminalia chebula. In India, it is found in the Sub Himalayan region from Ravi eastwards to West Bengal and Assam. It has been used in some form or the other since ages. Our ancestors counted on this herb to deal with many stomach and digestion related issues. But, since it is about your health, you should not use it merely because someone else used the same. There has to be some concrete evidences and scientific reports clarifying the benefits of harad powder and also its adverse effects if any, right? Today, we will see how harad churna for digestion is beneficial. In addition to this, you will get the list of benefits of harad churna that are proven by science.

Nowadays, more and more people are using ayurveda for health because of the acceleration in research on almost every ayurvedic field. The ancient healing science that our ancestors trusted is now once again the most widely used natural healer. If you also want to heal your body with ayurveda and lead a healthy life, you can do that while sitting at home. Yes, right from consulting an ayurvedic doctor to getting ayurvedic medicines at your doorstep, everything can be available with just one phone call. Anyways, let us first see the benefits of harad churna and then we will talk about all the steps in treating your body with ayurveda.

  • Harad Powder BenefitsHarad powder or harad churna is beneficial in dealing with nausea and vomiting. If you are feeling unwell and a feeling of vomiting is continuously troubling you, harad churna can help treat it. In fact, it can also reach the root cause of nausea and vomiting deep into your stomach and settle things there.
  • Harad is famous for its action on stomach and digestion. Some people use harad churna for digestion because their digestive system has weakened over time. If you too suffer from the problem of gas, acidity, and even constipation, try harad powder and get rid of every digestive disorder naturally.
  • Painful problems like piles can also be treated with the regular use of harad churna for digestion. Here too, you will naturally get rid of piles, and at the same time, by improving your digestion, harad powder will kill the cause too. Isn’t it great? Yes, the benefits of harad churna and a few other ayurvedic medicines can save you from the painful problem as well as complicated surgical procedure.
  • Diarrhea and loose motions are also on the list of benefits of harad churna. It is a herbal solution to any imbalance in indigestion. And what can be worse than loose motions that make your body weak day by day? Try harad churna and get your bowel movements in order.
  • Harad is a herb that has ability to reduce oxidative damage. Hence, you can use it as an anti aging solution. So, those using harad churna for digestion and other issues will get this benefit by default. You can use it exclusively to get a wrinkle free skin and remove all signs of aging. It is much healthier and effective than the fancy cosmetics sold in the market at unreasonably high price.
  • The benefits of harad churna aren’t confined to a few body part. It helps in the treatment of spleen enlargement – a problem revolving around the functioning of lever. It may be due to infection in the liver, or cirrhosis or something else. Harad because of amazing anti inflammatory action can heal your liver to overcome spleen enlargement.
  • Harad powder is also used in a variety of skin problems. It is believed that skin problems like acne may trouble you because of a disturbed digestion. And the role of harad churna for digestion enhancement doesn’t need any explanation now. So, it you skin disease is stomach borne, order the pack of harad powder now.
  • Pyorrhea or periodontitis is manifestation of plaque and tartar in the gums. This plaque and tartar can cause infection in gums, leading to a painful state. Because it is a gum disease, you can find it problematic to chew your food. The pain associated with the infection is also too much. To get rid of all this and a few other gum problems, just grab the pack of harad powder and relax.

Based on the benefits of harad churna discussed above, if you find it of any use to you, don’t directly buy the natural product. Dial the toll free number- 18001030318 and discuss your problem with an ayurvedic doctor for free. In case you have any doubt, you can discuss about the best way of using harad churna for digestion problems and all other problems. In addition to the free online consultation with highly qualified ayurvedic doctors, you can also order pure ayurvedic medicines from paramanandayurveda.com. It is the only place you can trust when it comes to getting quality ayurvedic medicines at lowest possible price. So, order your pack of harad powder and enjoy all the benefits of harad churna for your body.

In case you get stuck while ordering, or have a doubt in mind, you can clarify it by dialing the same toll free number. In short, this number gives a solution to all your health problems and ayurvedic needs. So, don’t think much and go ahead with treating your body with amazing ayurvedic medicines like harad powder.


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