Devdaru Powder

देवदारु चूर्ण


Benefits:Useful in Neurological Disorders, Asthma, Fever, Infested Wounds, Balances Vata and Kapha Doshas, Used in Skin Diseases, Indigestion, Asthma, Chronic respiratory problem, Fever, Blood Disorders, Relieves Hiccups, Excessive Itching, Swelling, Bloating, Constipation, Hiccups

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Devdaru powder is a herbal powder made up of a herb- Cedrus deodera. This tree holds a special place in Hindu mythology. In India, the herbal tree is associated with many different storied and is worshipped as a divine tree for different reasons. Have you paid attention to the name of the powder? The first half of name- the word deva means divine, and daru means tree. So, in the making of devdaru powder or devdaru churna, we are actually manifesting the goodness of a divine tree for human healing. Apart from several religious beliefs attached to it, cedrus deodera, the base of devdaru powder is also known for its unbelievably high medicinal value. Based on various experiments conducted in the last two decades and proofs obtained by studies conducted in different parts of the world, the following are the devdaru powder benefits that you should be aware of.

devdaru powder benefits in worm infestationsIf after knowing the devdaru powder benefits you feel that the herbal powder is of some use to you, we will tell you how you can confirm the dose and usage instructions from an ayurvedic doctor for free. In addition to this, we will also guide you on how to get pure devdaru powder for digestion and other diseases.

  • Devdaru is perfect for killing all sorts of worm infestation and infections caused by worms in human body. Devdaru powder benefits in dealing with worm infestations because it has the ability to restrict the growth of any foreign organism entering into human body. What makes it special is its natural way of healing where healthy cells remain safe. This is not possible with the heavy antibiotics you take.
  • Urinary tract infections are quite common these days. They are definitely troublesome, but what makes them unbearable is the reoccurring nature of the infection. Yes, the symptoms like difficulty in passing urine, itching, burning sensation and unusual discharge are also challenging and not that easy to get rid of, but if these repeat again and again over time, your health suffers a lot. Not only the UTI creates problem, but the antibiotics you take to combat the problem are also a source of several side effects. To avoid all these, you can take help of devdaru powder benefits.
  • Problems like diabetes has no solution in allopathy, still millions of people take a pill everyday to control the sugar levels. They might not be aware of the side effects of the pills, or just don’t know that options like devdaru powder for stomach can also be used against diabetes. The herbal tree form which the powder is made is capable of lowering the blood sugar levels.
  • The role of devdaru powder for digestion is well known, and you can seek help from the herbal powder if you are suffering from constipation. The laxative nature of the powder makes your mornings good.
  • devdaru powder benefits in skin problemsDevdaru is used for treating skin diseases since ages. Even when there were no scientific proofs, some trusted it because they saw its effectiveness while others tried it because it was natural. Now when even science is claiming that devdaru powder can be used in skin problems like acne, psoriasis and eczema, many cosmetic products are making use of the herb. However, if you really want to treat your skin with the goodness of devdaru churna benefits, just use it in natural form.
  • Neurological conditions that results from imbalance of vata levels in your body can be tackled with the use of devdaru powder. Of course, you have to take help from some other strong ayurvedic medicines, but devdaru powder also acts great when the problem is in your mind.
  • The herbal powder is also rich in natural anti pyretic properties and hence you can use it as a tool against fever.
  • Minor problems like hiccups and bloating are also on the list of devdaru powder benefits.
  • If you want to lose weight without falling prey to any harmful and expensive products, try devdaru powder. Devdaru churna benefits by helping you shed the extra weight without compromising with your health.

Are you eager to see the outcomes of using devdaru powder for digestion, infection etc on your health? With this research backed benefits, who would not want to give this natural miracle a try? Yes, it is a gift of nature to mankind and there are many other herbs and herbal products that are indeed magical when it comes to healing. According to the World health Organization, approximately 4 billion people in different parts of the world are presently using herbal drugs for some or the other reason. This is simply because of the tremendous health benefits of the herbs and also the effectiveness they have in a variety of diseases. However, the real devdaru powder benefits and the benefits of other herbal products reach to only a small percentage. Yes, the fancy products claiming to be herbal are most of the time synthesized ones.

Hence, try only ayurvedic products to gain the benefits and also to establish a trust towards herbal medicines. In ayurveda, the medicines are prepared with a no chemical or artificially synthesized product involved directly or indirectly in the manufacturing. So, try ayurvedic devdaru powder for digestion and for other issues by ordering it from Not only devdaru powder, but you can actually get all the ayurvedic medicines at lowest price with a guarantee of purity. Also, you can just call on the toll free number- 18001030318 for any query or help. In fact, paramanand ayurveda provides free online consultation to all over this helpline number. So, if there is anything in your mind regarding herbs, herbal medicines, or ayurveda, just dial 18001030318 and you will have the right solution.


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