Rasnadi Powder

रास्नादि चूर्ण


Benefits:Very effective in Headache, Ear Ache, Cough-Cold, Running Nose, Used in Rheumatism, Muscle Pain, Tennis Elbow, Effect on Tridosha, Balances Vata and Kapha

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It is high time we realize that human life isn’t possible without nature and environment. And exactly in the same way, a healthy life is also not possible without nature. Unfortunately, we have made our environment so much polluted in all possible ways that it isn’t really possible to survive without medicinal help. From time to time, our body needs help to overcome health issues and this cycle of healing will continue till the time we are alive. But, once again we do a big mistake by choosing artificially synthesized drugs. Not sure about the entire world, but the people in India are now realizing that they need help from rasnadi powder and other such ayurvedic medicines. This is why rather than wasting their hard earned money and sacrificing their valuable health by going for temporary relief using allopathic drugs, more and more pople count on rasnadi churna benefits.


You must have heard about the ayurvedic medicine rasna churna, have you? If you know something about it, you can easily imagine the uses of rasnadi powder too. Yes, the two are related somehow. Actually, rasnadi powder contains rasna as a base herb. But, in addition to this medicinal herb, the powder is formed after mixing a dozen of other healing herbs. Rasna, pippali, usheera, sariva, maricha, musthaka, chandana, agaru, devadaru, kusta, vacha, haridra, yashtimadhu, bala, nagara, gairika etc. are mixed in predetermined amounts to prepare a golden ayurvedic formula.

So, you can expect a stronger action, and of course, a huge number of diseases on the list of uses of rasnadi powder. Let us quickly see the rasnadi churna benefits.


  • Mind HeadacheDeal with sinusitis naturally using rasnadi powder: All the herbs involved in the preparation of this magnificent powder helps in dealing with the symptoms of sinusitis and many other respiratory tract infections. In chronic cases, the inflammation in the para- nasal sinuses increases to severe levels. To control in naturally, the anti inflammatory action of rasnadi powder helps the patients.
  • Headache will be a thing of past with the uses of rasnadi powder: The use of rasnadi powder is not confined to treating respiratory tract infections. But, it is excellent at giving relief to mild headache, migraine headaches and headaches due to congestion. This was a traditional remedy for instant relief from headache till the scientists studied the herbal powder in detail. Today, this is a scientific solution to many types of headaches.
  • Give rheumatism an ayurvedic answer with the rasnadi churna benefits: You can soothe your bones, joints, tendons or ligaments affected by rheumatism. Those who struggle with the painful condition can understand the severity of the problem. Adding to the pain due to the disease are the side effects that allopathic pain killers keep on supplying in exchange of temporary relief. To avoid all this, talk to your ayurvedic doctor regarding the uses of rasnadi powder and get the best solution for rheumatism.
  • Get relief in ear ache with ayurvedic rasnadi powder: Sometimes, ear ache can be so extreme that it may lead to fever. The tender body part is prone to infections and due to its structure, it is not easy to diagnose as well as treat the problems. Usually it affects only one ear, but sometimes, there is an infection in both the ears. In both the cases, and also in cases of pain due to any injury, using rasnadi powder gives relief.
  • rasnadi churna benefitsSeek help from the herbal powder in problems like cold and cough: Being a natural expectorant and decongestant, the rasnadi churna benefits in chronic respiratory problems as well as minor infections leading to cold and cough. In today’s polluted world, cough and cold frequently affect your health and work. So, you need a holistic solution like rasnadi powder. Next time you have cold, cough or suffer from running nose, just get the pack of rasnadi powder and start using it after consulting an ayurvedic doctor. Don’t worry, if you don’t have any ayurvedic doctor near your place, we will tell you how you can consult an ayurvedic doctor over a phone call.

These were some of the uses of rasnadi powder and for being sure about whether the powder is of any use for you or not, just dial the toll free number- 18001030318 and discuss your problem with an ayurvedic doctor. Yes, you can consult an ayurvedic doctor for free and can also order your ayurvedic medicines over the same number after consultation. This is a step of paramanandayurveda.com to make using ayurveda easier than ever. If you are also one of those who were thinking of using ayurveda all this while but could not due to some reason, now is the time.

These days, ayurveda is in high demand in India and across the world. As a result, many scientists from all around the world have started exploring the field. Several tests are being conducted to validate the claims made in ayurveda using scientific techniques and many attempts are being made to understand the working mechanism of ayurvedic medicines. Rasnadi powder also has been tested for safety as well as effectiveness several times. And just like most of the other ayurvedic medicines, the results are encouraging enough to use rasnadi chuna benefits for health. So, there is absolutely no barrier between you and ayurvedic medicines like rasnadi powder. Go ahead and start a new journey that would take your health to an unbelievably new level.


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