Nagarmotha Powder

नागरमोथा चूर्ण


Benefits:Balances Kapha and Pitta, Useful in Diarrhea, IBS, Blood Disorders, Digestive Problems, Relieves Thirst, Fever with Burning Sensation, Worm Infestation, Fever with associated Diarrhea, Improves Digestion Strength, Helps in Weight Loss

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Nagarmotha powder is an ayurvedic solution to many health complications humans today suffer from. It is made up of the herb nagarmotha. Haven’t heard of it? It is commonly called “Nut grass” and scientists have named it Cyperus rotundus. The herb belongs to the family Cyperacea and is found in many parts of India. Ancient ayurvedic texts have listed the medicinal benefits of the herb over and over again. Those who have an experience of herbs might also have used it against some problem. But, let us see all the nagarmotha churna benefits that you will definitely get if you use pure nagarmotha powder regularly. Yes, rather than believing any information provided, just have a look at the uses of nagarmotha powder that are recommended by modern science.

Also, after discussing the nagarmotha churna benefits, we will tell you how to get 100% natural and pure nagarmotha powder at your doorstep.


  • Nagarmotha powder benefitsUse nagarmotha churna for stomach and digestion problems: Nagarmotha churna benefits in stomach and digestion related problems with its Deepan and Pachan properties. In addition to the deepan and pachan properties, the herb improves agni / digestive fire (the source of power digest the food) and also balances the aggravated kapha levels. If you are suffering from a problem called agnimandya, your digestive system will not work properly. Because of all this, nagarmotha churna is prescribed in complaints of abdominal pain due to gas or flatulence.
  • Get a natural solution to chronic conditions like diabetes with nagarmotha churna benefits: The herb nagarmotha is loaded with antioxidants that directly influence the blood sugar levels of human body. Many ayurvedic doctors also recommend the use of nagarmotha oil in managing the symptoms of diabetes. You can choose whatever suits you the best after talking to your ayurvedic doctor regarding this.
  • Nagarmotha churna benefits in diarrhea: Because of the strong anti-diarrheal properties of nagarmotha, nagarmotha churna becomes a potent natural solution to diarrhea. If you take the herbal powder a few times, it will prevent the formation of watery stools at first place. It can do this because it is rich in flavonoids. Secondly, by improving the digestive system, it gives an overall good shape to your entire digestive system so that problems like diarrhea and constipation bother you no more in future.
  • Uses of nagarmotha powder for skin problems: Nagarmotha churna might be useful in managing skin infections. Sometimes, the use of the herbal powder gives great results in treating acne and pimples. The churna is also said to reduce the healing time of wounds. This helps any one suffering from a deep and non healing wound as well as for people suffering from diabetes.
  • Nagarmotha Powder for loose weightUse nagarmotha powder against Obesity and get a fat free body naturally: If you want to lose weight, there are more than a dozen of products available in the market. Some of them might even claim to be natural and herbal. However, it is better you trust the core ayurvedic medicines even if it is about losing weight. According to ayurveda, obesity or unwanted fat accumulation directly hints towards the presence of excess Ama in the body. Nagarmotha churna benefits in dealing with obesity by reducing this Ama. How? Just by improving the digestion and absorption of food in the right manner, the herbal powder reduces excess fat in the body while gifting you all the other benefits listed above in the uses of nagarmotha powder.
  • You can also use nagarmotha powder in fever and a few other health problems: The herb from which nagarmotha powder is made is antipyretic in nature. This is why many ayurvedic doctors prescribe it to patients struggling with any type of fever. In ayurveda, it is believed that fever also indicates an excess accumulation of Ama due to low digestive fire.  Also, it is stated in many ayurvedic texts that fever also results due to imbalance in certain doshas. In both the cases, nagarmotha churna benefits the patients.

At first, nagarmotha powder might appear to be something complicated. But, after knowing all the uses of nagarmotha powder, you now have an exact idea of what it is and when it should be used. However, this is not all. One integral part of the uses of nagarmotha powder is still left. How to use nagarmotha powder in such a way that you get all the nagarmotha churna benefits? Well, this is best advised by your ayurvedic doctor only. There is no static dose of nagarmotha churna. As you can see on the list, there are many uses of nagarmotha powder. And the adjuvants and dose depend on exactly what your body needs. Out of all the nagarmotha churna discussed above, your body will need only a few, and this needs to be decided by the doctor only.

If you have any good ayurvedic doctor near your place, just book an appointment. Else, you can just dial the toll free number 18001030318. Here, you can get free online consultation over a phone call. Also, if you want to get ayurvedic medicines like nagarmotha powder or any other at your doorstep, you can place an order over the same number. In fact, even if you have any doubt about the nagarmotha churna benefits, just dial this number and get answers to all your queries. So, anything related to ayurveda can be resolved and obtained by dialing the toll free number- 18001030318.


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