Gokshuradi Powder

गोक्षुरादि चूर्ण


Benefits:Used for Urinary Calculi, Pcos, Piles, Weight Loss, Increases Libido in both Male and Female, Improves quality of semen, Effective in Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus, Helps to lower down High Cholesterol and High B.P.

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Gokshuradi powder is a mixture of 7 herbal powders, all of which are medically proven to be healthy and healing. Generally, gokshuradi churna benefits are believed to revolve around kidney. But, there might be confusion about all the uses of the herbal powder. In addition to this, it is important to know the right way of using gokshuradi churna for kidney problems as well as for other health complications. Today, we will see all the gokshuradi churna benefits. Along with this, you will see some benefits of using ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines for your health over the allopathic drugs you have been using.

We will not go into the details of using gokshuradi churna for kidney and other problems. However, by the end, you will get a one stop solution to meet all your ayurvedic needs while sitting at home. So, let us get to know gokshuradi powder or gokshuradi churna for better by first knowing its ingredients and then the list of gokshuradi churna benefits.


Gokshura (tribulus terrestris) is the primary ingredient, as it can also be observed by the name. This is a herb proven for its medicinal action and trusted for its safety and side effects free nature. All the healing abilities of gokshura are inherited by gokshuradi churna. In addition to gokshura, there are six other extremely healthy herbs involved in the preparation of gokshuradi powder.  Dry ginger (shunti), wet ginger (adraka), punarnava, haritaki, devadaru and lashuna are the other six herbal ingredients that are combined in a predetermined proportion.

With the combination of seven healing herbs, the herbal powder has the following benefits:


  • Gokshuradi powder in bloating: Occasional gas and heaviness in the abdomen may be due to change in food you are eating, but if you suffer from the problem often, it is bloating. Some people take an antacid tablet to combat the effect, but, this is just a temporary solution. Gradually, your stomach will become resistant to the medicine and by this time, your digestive system would weaken too much. So, better try a holistic, harmless and permanent solution like gokshuradi powder. Many of you might be aware of the use of gokshuradi churna for kidney problems, but, an experienced ayurvedic doctor would definitely recommend it for bloating.
  • Gokshuradi churna benefits in nephritis or glomerulonephritis: Nephritis is a condition in which the basic functional units of the kidneys become inflamed. Whatever is the reason, the inflammation hampers the normal functioning of your kidney. If you are in search for a natural and 100% effective solution to this inflammation, try gokshuradi churna for kidney problems.
  • Ascites: Mild ascites is often ignored because of confusing symptoms. Things can stay inside for too long because of lack of awareness. But, with time the severity may increase and this leads to abdominal distension. With increase in intensity of the problem, progressive abdominal heaviness, excess of pressure as well as shortness of breath become unbearable. At this time, you need something that can relieve from the discomfort and also treat the problem forever. Gokshuradi churna benefits in bloating as well as ascites. You can count on it since it is ayurvedic, and if you order it from paramanandayurveda.com, there is a guarantee of purity too.
  • Urinary conditions: Urinary conditions like UTI, frequent urination and other such infections in the urinary tract can be easily eliminated with the help of gokshuradi churna for kidney problems. Sometimes it is observed that urinary problems when ignored for a long time can affect the kidney adversely. In such cases, gokshuradi churna for kidney proves to be a gift of God.
  • Kidney and bladder stone: Every other person in India is affected by stone of some size somewhere in their body. There are many stories related to the formations of stone in India, and so are its solutions. But, don’t just trust anything and try out ayurvedic gokshuradi churna for kidney stone and stones present in the bladder. Be it of any size, you can rely on gokshuradi churna for easy and permanent removal.

Apart from treating all the diseases listed in the gokshuradi churna benefits, it is also a natural supplement to keep your kidney healthy. They have a major function to perform and you should keep a check on their health. If you find anything wrong, talk to your ayurvedic doctor and take help from gokshuradi powder. It is the only healthy way to deal with most of your kidney and bladder issues. You can order the herbal powder straightaway if you have recommendations from an ayurvedic doctor. However, if you have not consulted the doctor yet, dial the toll free number- 18001030318 and get free online consultation. Yes, it is crucial to take doctor’s consultation even if gokshuradi powder is safe and healthy. There may be some side effects particularly for your body type. For instance, high blood pressure patients and diabetic patients should take doctors advice before starting the course of any ayurvedic medicine containing gokshura.

After talking to the team of ayurvedic doctors at paramanand ayurveda, if you find gokshuradi powder beneficial, go ahead and order it. You can order it online, or by calling the same number. The team at paramanandayurveda.com is these to assist you at every step of your ayurvedic treatment. Even if you are using some ayurvedic medicines at present and not getting desired results, you can clear things out with just one call. In short, a healthy future with the help of ayurveda is just a call away.


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