Mahasudarshan Powder

महासुदर्शन चूर्ण


Benefits:Useful in relieving Fevers caused by Doshas, Weather Changes, Accompanied by Cough and Cold, Helpful in Vertigo, quenching excessive thirst, Anemia, Jaundice, Relives pain of sternum, Back and Knees, Used in Malaria, Typhoid, Fever, Loss of Appetite, Headache, Respiratory Infections, Pacifies all Three Doshas

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Mahasudarshan powder seems to be a grand name. But the question is- is it also grand in terms of the benefits of mahasudarshan churna? Of course yes. Mahasudarshan churna is one of the best and healthiest natural medicines ayurveda has. There are a wide variety of ayurvedic powders being sold at different prices and under different claims. But, it is important that you get only pure ayurvedic medicines. This is not only important to treat your disease, but also to keep your faith in ayurveda alive. Till the last decade, availability was an issue for those thinking of using ayurveda for a better life. Fortunately, there are many companies selling there ayurvedic products online. But, this has lead to many low quality and adulterated products being sold under the label of ayurveda.

All this may devoid you from experiencing the real power of ayurveda and you may miss the natural healing opportunity for lifetime. So, be careful and but ayurvedic medicines online from a well established and most trusted name. is a place known for the quality of products. So, if you find the benefits of mahasudarshan churna useful, just grab your pack from here and start using it. You can also get free online consultation from the team of ayurvedic doctors. We will tell you how to avail this and many other benefits, but only after talking about the mahasudarshan churna uses. Let us first see the ingredients of mahasudarshan powder. Following this will be the list of mahasudarshan churna uses.


Mahasudarshan powder is beneficial in many health problems and the reason behind this is the long list of powerful ingredients involved in the preparation. Triphala, Haridra, Daruharidra, Brihati, Kantakari, Shati, Trikatu, Giloy, Kutki, Nimba, Mulethi, Chitrak, Kamal, Kakoli, Tej patra, Devdaru, Vansh lochan, Lavang, Kantakari and Shati are some of the ingredients. Let us now see what magic these ingredients create when combined to form mahasudarshan powder.


  • Mahasudarshan Powder Benefits Mahasudarshan powder is the ultimate ayurvedic help when it comes to treating fever. Be it any type of fever and of any intensity, the benefits of mahasudarshan churna can take care of it and you will see your body temperature lowering within a few hours of taking the ayurvedic medicine. Sometimes the herbal powder is recommended by ayurvedic doctors in treating fever of unknown etiology. In ayurvedic language, mahasudarshan churan uses span to cover fever caused by relieving fevers caused by a single dosha, two doshas, or other external causes. Fever due to psychiatric and psychological problems can also be treated naturally with the mahasudarshan churna uses
  • The benefits of mahasudarshan churna are not only confined to treating fever. It is also used in the treatment of problems like cough and cold. To control all the symptoms of these seasonal allergies and to come out of the feverish condition, you can seek help from this ayurvedic powder. So, if you are suffering from cold at initial stages when discharge is watery, you can get rid of the infection really soon with the mahasudarshan churna uses. However, if it is a chronic respiratory problem, or conditions like asthma, it may take time. In the later situations, the ayurvedic doctor may add a few other ayurvedic formulas to your prescription for faster relief.
  • The herbal powder is also famous for a magical effect on our ailing or diseased stomach. The benefits of mahasudarshan churna for stomach start with its ability to improve appetite and reduce indigestion. You can also use it to manage mild constipation when patient feel bowel is not cleared properly or emptied completely.
  • Mahasudarshan powder is found to be useful in cases of compromised mental functioning. This is a healthy way to deal with minor mental issues like stress, anxiety and even the initial stages of depression.
  • As stated earlier, there are many benefits of mahasudarshan churna, a few diseases are still left. The herbal powder is good for liver and hence is used by patients of Anemia and jaundice. By increasing the production of red blood cells, the herbal formula helps the patients recover faster.

These were the mahasudarshan churna uses for which anyone and everyone should buy it. As discussed earlier, if you want to buy pure ayurvedic medicines, buy it from places like that gives an assurance of purity. Also, you should consult an ayurvedic doctor before taking mahasudarshan powder or any other ayurvedic medicine. This reduces the chances of complications to almost nil and you will get the desired results under your doctor’s guidance. To your surprise, apart from giving you only quality ayurvedic medicines, also provides free online consultation. You just have to dial the toll free number- 18001030318 and the ayurvedic doctor’s will assist you in improving your health. Not only before ordering the ayurvedic medicines, but even while you are using the ayurvedic treatment, you can call the same number to clarify all your doubts.

Also, you can get free home delivery for all ayurvedic medicines you buy from So, in addition to saving your delivery charges, you can also save your consultation fee by calling paramanand ayurveda and talking to the ayurvedic doctor for free. Isn’t it great? Yes, this indeed sounds so easy and beneficial. Just dial the toll free number to get ayurvedic medicines, free consultation and even free home delivery. Using ayurveda is no more difficult, right?


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