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अगस्त्य रसायनम


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From infants to adults and old aged people, respiratory tract problems like cough, cold and allergies are extremely common. Some blame the environment while other the food we eat. With change in season, all major as well as minor respiratory problems attack human beings. Pollution adds to the severity and frequency, making it a difficult problem to handle. Repeated use of ineffective antibiotics is also giving a bunch of side effects to deal with. This is why more and more people these days trust ayurveda and ayurvedic solutions for respiratory disorders. And, when it comes to treating cough cold and several other problems affecting lungs, agasthya rasayanam is the most trust ayurvedic medicine. The list of agasthya rasayanam benefits contains most of the commonly troubling respiratory disorders. Following are the ingredients of agasthya rasayanam and after this you will see a comprehensive list of uses of agasthya rasayanam for respiratory problems and some digestive disorders.


Agasthya rasayanam is one of the most widely prescribed ayurvedic medicine for cough, allergic rhinitis and a few other lungs infections. But, what makes it capable of dealing with so many diseases alone? Actually, agasthya rasayanam is made up of more than a dozen of powerful and healing herbs. The following herbs are mixed in equal proportions and agasthya rasayanam is prepared following the guidelines given in ancient ayurvedic texts.

  • Bilva or bael
  • Piper longum
  • Sida Cordifolia
  • Clerodendrum Serratum
  • Terminalia Chebula
  • Premna Serratifolia
  • Gmelina Arborea
  • Tribulus Terestris
  • Sesame Oil
  • Jaggery
  • Honey
  • Clarified butter
  • Water

These were some of the ingredients of agasthya rasayanam and a lot more herbs are actually involved in the preparation. With the long list of ingredients, now we can believe that the herbal mixture can eradicate several health complications, right? Yes, pure agasthya rasayanam can really be the blessing for your life if you have regular attacks of any respiratory disorder. We will also assist you on how to get pure agasthya rasayanam online in a short while. Before that, have a look at the agasthya rasayanam benefits for which you should use the herbal mix.


  • One of the most common problems for which agasthya rasayanam for respiratory problems is prescribed is common cold. Although it is a very common problem, bearing it for days can be irritating and tiring. In order to get rid of the problem naturally, utilize the agasthya rasayanam benefits by using pure agasthya rasayanam.
  • A little more complicated respiratory issue- allergic rhinitis can also be treated with the use of agasthya rasayanam for respiratory problems.
  • Chronic sinus infection (sinusitis) is also on the list of agasthya rasayanam benefits. You can count on this herbal mix if you have a problem of acute sinus. With regular use of pure agasthya rasayanam for respiratory problems, you can live a normal life in all weather conditions and without taking medicines.
  • Asthma cases are on rise these days and the increasing toxicity in the air is to be blamed for this. Not only the asthma cases are increasing in number, but more and more people are losing their lives to this health complication. However, if you look into ayurveda, there is a solution to asthma. Talk to your ayurvedic doctor if you also have such a problem and he will prescribe you agasthya rasayanam for respiratory problems and may be a few other ayurvedic medicines depending on your condition.
  • Frequent hiccups may not be considered as a disease, but they can really turn your life upside down. They won’t let you breathe in peace and eat with ease. To get rid of hiccups naturally, you can use the agasthya rasayanam benefits.
  • One can also deal with anorexia or what we commonly call loss of desire to eat. One may not feel hungry for a day or two, but if this feeling continues for a long time, it will affect your health adversely. So, it is better you take help from agasthya rasayanam for respiratory problems.
  • Abdominal problems like irritable bowel syndrome can also be addressed holistically with the help of agasthya rasyanam for respiratory problems. To utilize these agasthya rasayanam benefits, just talk to your ayurvedic doctor.
  • Apart from dealing with minor abdomen problems like IBS, and using agasthya rasyanam for respiratory problems, one can also get benefits in hemorrhoids using the same herbal mix. Yes, there will be some more adjuvants decided by your doctor.

For gaining all these agasthya rasayanam benefits, there are only two requirements- pure agasthya rasayanam and an ayurvedic doctor who can prescribe the best combination for you. Following is the way to get both while sitting at home.


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