Narasimha Rasayanam

नरसिम्हा रसायनं


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Narsimha rasayanam is known for its unique ability to balance pitta and vata disorders. If you are familiar with the terminologies of ayurveda, you might understand what is meant by these two. In ayurveda, the cause of every disease is believed to be a disturbance in the levels if vata, pitta or kapha. If the disturbances are bought back in balance, your health can be restored back in shape. However, it still might not be as easy for you to understand. So, here we will see the list of narsimha rasayanam benefits. Along with the reasons that motivate us for using narsimha rasayanam for health, we will also introduce you to the ingredients of the herbal composition. Once you have all the necessary information, and can also decide whether you should use narsimha rasayanam for health or not, we will also tell you how to get best quality narsimha rasayanam at your doorstep.


Following herbs are mixed together in pre specified proportions to give the end product- narsimha rasayanam:

    • Gayatri ( Khadira)
    • Chitraka
    • Sheesham
    • Vijaysar/ Asana
    • Haritaki
    • Vella (Vidanga)
    • Bibhitaka
    • Bhallataka – Shuddha
    • Ayasa (Lauha)
    • Water for decoction 16 times of total drugs
    • Kshira (Godugdha)
    • Bharnga niryasa (Bhringaraja)
    • Vara Kashaya
  • Haiyaganvina (Navanita)

All these ingredients should ideally be mixed and processed as specified in ayurveda. Only after strictly following the procedure, one can expect to gain all the narsimha rasayanam benefits.


  • Narshimha rasayanam help in weight gain: If you have wasted your hard earned money on weight gain supplement once or twice, you might have an idea by now that none of them works. In fact, you also have to deal with the unwanted side effects of the products. This is why more and more people trust ayurveda for healthy weight gain. If you want to gain weight, that too without compromising with your health, try out narsimha rasayanam for health.
  • Narsimha rasayanam benefits in hair growth: If you feel your hair grow too slow, or are struggling with hair fall, ayurveda has a solution for this. Narsimha rasayanam is perfect for improving hair growth. This is the reason it is used in men to grow beard too.
  • Impact of narsimha rasayanam on brain: According to ancient ayurvedic texts, narsimha rasayanam is a good source of intelligence. It can improve the functioning of brain as well as can also increase your retention capacity.
  • Sexual problems and narsimha rasayanam: Narsimha rasayanam is a natural cure for complicated male problems like premature ejaculation. If you aren’t satisfied with your sexual performance, and believe that premature ejaculation is the cause, seek help from ayurvedic narsimha rasayanam.
  • Narsimha rasayanam as natural health supplement: The herbal formulation not only increases muscle mass, but also provides your body with the much needed strength. Following are the narsimha rasayanam benefits that you will receive if you use it as a natural health supplement:
    • Cures anemia
    • Improves muscle mass
    • Increase muscle strength
    • Treats emaciation naturally
    • Solves the problem of general debility
  • Treat speech disorders with narsimha rasayanam: A variety of speech disorders can be easily treated with the use of narsimha rasayanam for health. Because of the herbs reaching out to the brain, it can fix thing deep inside the mind. And most of the speech related problems are rooted in the functioning of the brain only.

These were the narsimha rasayanam benefits for which one should consider using it. However, apart from the ingredients and the narsimha rasayanam benefits discussed above, two other factors are still left. One is using narsimha rasayanam for health only after consulting an ayurvedic doctor and the second one is to get pure narsimha rasayanam in order to gain all the narsimha rasayanam benefits. In the coming section, we will tell you how you can get the solution to both over a phone call.


There are not one or two, but many benefits of buying ayurvedic medicines from Here are a few to look at

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  • The raw products used for manufacturing narsimha rasayanam determine the healing capability of the end product. At paramanand ayurveda, you can be sure of the quality and freshness of herbs used as ingredients.

If all these reasons are enough for you to try, just dial the toll free number. Try out narsimha rasayanam for health and healing and see the magic it can do to your health. In case you face any problem while using the ayurvedic product, you can again dial the same toll free number. So, there is no obstacle left between you and the immense healing power of ayurveda. Go ahead, allow ayurveda to heal your body beautifully. The magic will restore your faith in ayurveda and the magic of ayurveda.


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