Dashmool Rasayan

दशमूल रसायन


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As the name suggests, dashmool rasayan is a unique combination not one or two but 10 extremely powerful and healing herbs. These herbs are used as a solution one or the other health complication alone. However, when combined using the formula specified in ancient ayurvedic texts, the herbs create a magical influence on human body. Here you will see a complete list of benefits of dashmool rasayan. Only if you find dashmool rasayan for health useful for you, we have some money and time saving offers that we will talk about in the end.

Although dashmool rasayan for health and all other ayurvedic medicines are safe and effective, but only as long as they all the natural ingredients and the rasayan is prepared by following the no chemicals principle of ayurveda. With increase in demand for dashmool rasayan for health, you will get many alternatives to choose from. There will be differences in prices also, but here you should choose wisely. Yes, you cannot verify it by just looking at the product, but you can buy dashmool rasayan for health from trusted sources. We will throw light on this as well, before that, let us see the 10 primary ingredients of dashmool rasayan for health.


Following are the 10 herbal components that are combined to make dashmool rasayan for health:

  • Aegle Marmelos or Bilva
  • Agnimantha or Premna Serratifolia (Premna Mucronata & Premna Integrifolia)
  • Oroxylum Indicum or Shyonaka,
  • Stereospermum Suaveolens or Patala,
  • Gmelina Arborea or Gambhari (Beech wood/ Kasmari),
  • Solanum Indicum or Brihati (Indian Nightshade),
  • Solanum Xanthocarpum or Kantakari,
  • Desmodium Gangeticum or Shalaparni,
  • Uraria Picta or Prishnaparni,
  • Tribulus Terrestris or Gokshura.

You might have heard of a few of them. Even if you aren’t aware of what these herbs are used for, you can trust them because each one of them is tested and proved to be effective by different researchers. Let is now look at the benefits of dashmool rasayan for which you are here.


  • The first on the list of benefits of dashmool rasayan is cough. Even if you take the most expensive allopathic syrup for cough, it will not leave you really soon. But, with dashmool rasayan for health, it is easy to get rid of persistent cough in a few days. In fact, while dealing with cough, you can also expect the detoxification of your lungs.
  • Bronchitis can also be treated with the help of dashmool rasayan for health. The bronchial tubes need to be cleared for proper functioning of respiratory system. And dashmool rasayan can do this for you. This is what we call a holistic treatment, right?
  • If you have any type of breathing trouble because of any respiratory system problem, try dashmool rasayan for health and see the magic. Even if it is asthma, or a minor problem like common cold, the benefits of dashmool rasayan can heal it all.
  • One can also seek help from dashmool rasayan for health in case of rhinitis due to any type of allergy. If you are a frequent sufferer of allergies, do talk to your ayurvedic doctor and you will be able to live a normal life with ayurveda.
  • Minor but irritating and uncomfortable problems like persistent hiccups can also be treated naturally with the use off dashmool rasayan for health. Apart from hiccups, phthisis and hoarseness (hoarse voice) also have a solution in the benefits of dashmool rasayan.
  • Many ayurvedic doctors prescribe dashmool rasayan for health to deal with chronic fever. It brings down the body temperature back to normal and at the same time also provides your body with all essential nutrients.
  • There are many benefits of dashmool rasayan for stomach. One can seek assistance from this ayurvedic product in case of anorexia, abdominal lump, bloating and flatulence as well. So, the benefits of dashmool rasayan are not confined to just the respiratory tract.


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It looks like a time and money saving idea, don’t you think so? Over and above this, it is a health saving scheme. Go ahead and take your first step towards a healthy future with the benefits of dashmool rasayan.


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