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चित्रक अवलेह


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Suffering from respiratory disorder? Be it cough, mild cold or acute bronchitis, chitrak avaleha is a one stop solution to all these problems. Yes, one ayurvedic medicine is what you need to give most of the respiratory disorders a tough fight. It is all because of the amazing ingredients involved in the preparation of chitrak avaleha. The benefits of chitrak avaleha are all because of these ingredients. However, not only the ingredients, but the way they are blended to make chitrak avaleha also contributes to the healing abilities of the ayurvedic formulation. So, it is important that what you get under the name of ayurvedic chitraka avaleha is actually prepared following the guidelines of ayurveda. Of course we will tell how you can get such a pack a chitraka avaleha with quality assurance, and trust me it is not difficult. Before that, you should see whether the benefits of chitraka avaleha are of any use to you or not. Have a look at the ingredients and benefits of chitrak avaleha.


Chitrak avaleha is healing thousands of lives, and all this is possible because of the ingredients. These herbal ingredients act as the real source of power and healing abilities. Although there are many ingredients involved in the preparation of chitrak avaleha, here are some famous herbs that you might know:

  • Chitrak (Plumbago zeylanica)
  • Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)
  • Amalaki (Emblica officinalis)
  • Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)
  • Twak (Cinnamomum tamala)
  • Ela (Elettaria cardamomum Maton.)
  • Trikatu (mixture of rhizome of Zingiber officinale, fruit ofPiper longum and Piper nigrum)

While the first four ingredients are taken in higher quantity, the last there are used only in minor quantity. And the resulting mixture is has following healing abilities


  • Asthma: Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that usually troubled only with changing seasons. But, the air we breathe in today is not only igniting the problem in asthma patients, but reports suggest that the cases of asthma yearly reported are increasing at a high speed. If you also have asthma, don’t wait for your condition to worsen with time and try out chitraka avaleha for respiratory problems.
  • Bronchitis: Yet another respiratory problem that is expanding its territory. If you have been recently diagnosed, just talk to your ayurvedic doctor and your respiratory system will heal fast. However, if you delay the treatment, or think of taking allopathic drugs, you will one day have a collapsed immunity and nothing else in hand. Hence, try out the benefits of chitraka avaleha and get rid of problems like bronchitis.
  • Tuberculosis: Caused due to infection in lungs, this disease has claimed several lives in past and is still continuing to do so. Ayurveda has promising alternatives like chitrak avaleha for respiratory problems that can prove to be life saving.
  • Rhinitis: Rhinitis is kind of allergy where changing seasons bring in problems in respiration. The ingredients of chitraka avaleha for respiratory problems make it strong enough to keep your body safe from all such allergies. The herbal mixture also contributes to improve the immunity.
  • Obesity: One of the major challenges of the time is obesity. What is even more challenging is to find a natural and effective solution to obesity. However, those who are aware of the magical effect of ayurveda know that medicines like chitrak avaleha remove excess of fat without harming human body. So, this is also one of the most important benefits of chitrak avaleha.
  • Lowering high cholesterol levels: If you are struggling to get your increased cholesterol levels back in shape, try natural chitraka avaleha. The benefits of chitrak avaleha also include reducing the cholesterol level, thus saving your body from a dozen of diseases. Yes, imbalance in cholesterol levels in itself is not a disease, but it is an invitation to many diseases. To stop this right now, order you pack of pure chitrak avaleha from
  • Benefits of chitrak avaleha for stomach issues: The herbal mixture is good at improving digestion and killing intestinal worms without harming your stomach lining or any other body part.

With these benefits of chitraka avaleha, who would not want to use the magical healer? Wait, do consult an ayurvedic doctor before using chitrak avleha for respiratory problems and any other issue, you can do it for free by dialing the toll free number 18001030318. The team of ayurvedic doctors at paramanan ayurveda will assist with all your health issues. You can also order chitrak avaleha from paramanand ayurveda.


Paramanand ayurveda prepare chitrak avaleha by following a strict natural process. Yes, it takes a lot more time than what it would take using chemicals, but the quality of end product is not compromised. Apart from quality and assurance of purity, the cost is also something to watch out for. Adding to it are the services like free home delivery, on time delivery and order tracking facility that makes it worth buying from And of course, the free online consultation is a good start for the perfect and foolproof ayurvedic treatment.

So, go ahead, dial the toll free number 18001030318 and place your order. You can also order chitrak avaleha for respiratory problems online directly from Get it delivered at your doorstep and start using it. In case there is any problem or doubt in between, again dial the same number. What can be simpler and cost effective than this? Once you use the ayurvedic product, you would soon realize that nothing can be as effective as this. And this is what makes chitraka avaleha for respiratory problems the best


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