Mulethi Powder

मुलेठी चूर्ण


Benefits:Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic, Aphrodisiac, Antacid, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Cancer. Anti-Asthmatic, Anti-Depressant, Immuno-Modulator, Pacifies Vata and Pitta, Used in Allergy, Brain and Mind Health, Digestive Health, Respiratory Health, Relieves Gastric Symptoms, Heartburn, Burning Sensation, Abdominal Colic

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Mulethi powder is commonly used in India and the herb it is made up of needs no introduction. Mulethi or licorice root is the base of mulethi powder. The herb has high medicinal value and this is a well known fact since ancient times. However, today, scientists also agree to the fact that mulethi powder can heal a wide variety of diseases naturally. It has been tested for efficacy and safety in various diseases. In a short while, we will see all the mulethi churna benefits. Before that let us see what the base herb- mulethi contain.

  • There are many uses of mulethi powder for improving health because the herb conatin minerals like phosphorous, calcium and iron.
  • Micronutrients needed for the proper functioning of our body like magnesium, potassium, selenium, silicon and zinc are also present in this herb.
  • In addition, it is a storehouse of many essential phytonutrients, including beta-carotene, thymol, phenol and quercetin.


  • Mulethi Powder BenefitsMulethi powder against infections: Because of its unmatchable antimicrobial action, the herbal powder is able to heal almost all types of infections. Mulethi churna benefits in bacterial as well as viral infections that are still incurable in allopathy. So, in case of infection or repeated infections of a particular type, you can utilize the mulethi churna benefits.
  • Uses of mulethi powder in skin care: One of the traditional uses mulethi powder was for wound healing and skin care. Canker sores, skin infections and burns and wounds that otherwise take time to heal can be addressed with the use of mulethi churna benefits.
  • Distress your mind with the uses of mulethi churna: Keeping all the physical troubles aside, stress in itself is a major problem for not only the elderly, but the youth of today. You can try out mulethi churna benefits to live a stress free life and also to avoid all the health complications listed on the uses of mulethi powder.
  • Get rid of cough and sore throat with the mulethi churna benefits: Sore throat, cough and tonsillitis, all these can be easily dealt with the regular use of mulethi churna. Apart from treating the present problem, one of the mulethi churna benefits is its preventative action. So, if you want to prevent all future attacks of cough, grab your pack of mulethi powder now.
  • Mulethi powder improves digestion: The herb mulethi is known as a digestive stimulant, and the same is inherited in its powdered form as well. From minor problems like indigestion to treating complicated problems like food poisoning you can simply choose the uses of mulethi powder.
  • Mulethi powder soothes your skin and heals burns faster: Normal burn on skin can be easily dealt with and we can afford to wait for self healing. But, severe burns often lead to death of the patient. So, you will be surprised to know that mulethi churna benefits by being an effective tool in battling life-threatening, antibiotic-resistant infections resulting from severe burns.
  • Mulethi churna benefits in almost all liver related problems: All forms of hepatitis and fatty liver disorders can be treated with the help of the uses of mulethi churna. In case you are on some type of medication for liver diseases, you aren’t required to stop it. Just talk to your ayurvedic doctor and allow mulethi churna benefits heal your liver magically.
  • Try out mulethi powder is you have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome: Today, every other woman is struggling with this, and unfortunately, no antibiotic can help in it. Thankfully, there are ayurvedic medicines like mulethi powder.
  • Mulethi gives great results in treating sleeping disorders: In today’s scenario, disturbances in sleep start from a very young age. Rather than taking help from sleeping pills, try out mulethi churna benefits and you may get a healthy sleeping pattern without compromising with your overall health.
  • Mulethi churna benefits in preventing diseases by enhancing immunity: Mulethi churna is a natural source of B vitamins and vitamin E. It is rich in almost all the nutrients needed by the body. With all this, the herbal powder contributes directly towards the improvement of human immunity. Immunity is the disease fighting capability of human body. If you have a stronger immunity, you will less likely fall ill. This will reduce the need of medicines as well as decrease the torture that is done by frequent intake of allopathic drugs. But, in order to achieve a healthy immune system, one must take mulethi powder for quite a long time. So, if you want to avail this benefit, just talk to the ayurvedic doctor and follow the instructions religiously.

The uses of mulethi powder indeed suggest that the herbal powder is one of the most beneficial powder / churna available in ayurveda. To utilize all the mulethi churna benefits without sacrificing your health, get the pack of pure mulethi powder as soon as possible. You can order it from to get the best quality mulethi powder at your doorstep. Also, if you don’t have a good ayurvedic doctor near your place, just dial the toll free number- 18001030318 and get free online consultation. So, in case of any doubt, just dial the number and clarify from the team of best ayurvedic doctors at paramanand ayurveda. In fact, it is recommended that before using mulethi powder or any other ayurvedic medicine, you must consult an ayurvedic doctor to confirm the suitability of the medicine, dosage information and best adjuvants.

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