Vang Bhasma

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Vang Bhasma

Tin metal is the active ingredient found in Vang Bhasma makes it an essential Ayurvedic medicine for fulfilling the various health purposes. It has several therapeutic agents which allow us to assail myriad of Ailments. It is found to be very beneficial in male as well as female reproductive system. One can also use it to deal with adrenal gland diseases such as adrenal fatigue and adrenal insufficiency. The deficiency of tin in the body may result in poor growth, hearing impairment, baldness, and development of certain brain issues. Thanks to its umpteen healing agents as those can successfully eradicate the mentioned issues.  Orchitis is a common issue amid male where there is inflammation found in testicles. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral agents that can alleviate the inflammation and assail the Orchitis causing bacteria. You can also control your erection by using such medicine. Vang Bhasma is also holds the sufficient potential to deal with Pyuria, Pus in seminal fluid, Spermatocele, Epididymitis, Urinary Disorders, Urinary Tract Infections, Bad Smell From The Mouth, Anovulation, Amenorrhea, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Menopause, Leucorrhea, and Dysmenorrhea. The right dose can’t be determined of this medicine but it is often believed that 125mg to 150 mg twice a day is adequate. 

Vang Bhasma- a Reproductive System and Optimum health Promoter

Any Ayurvedic medicine has several therapeutic properties, unlike the allopathic medicines which are prepared to target a specific health complication. Today the medicine we are going to talk about is Vanga Bhasma. Like other Ayurvedic medicine, Vanga Bhasma has also several therapeutic properties. Are you a strong proponent of the western medical science? You must be and the reason being the resonating sound in favor of western medical science that you have been listening as since the birth of yours. Most of the people born with a predisposition that western medical science is an ultimate destination that can be relied upon when it comes to curing them. If you do have the same predisposition, well, it would certainly be detrimental to your health. Inasmuch as these medicines are being prepared with the help of harmful chemicals, it may connive to dozens of diseases in your body and could be the reason for lots of antedated ailments. Any kind of negligence in any field leads to demolition and if it is made in the medical field, well, you are not going to get the shelter of the god or its any cherub. You are your own protector of your body, and if you are inadvertent towards it, well onslaught of dozens of disease is just a matter of time.

Well, if you want to prevent any of the disease taking the shelter of Mother Nature will be the sagacious decision for you. As Ayurveda is nature to some extent, cementing a good relation with Ayurveda will hold the justifiable relation with nature. Whatever you are seeing around you is a part of nature and Ayurveda is a kind of hidden force working undercover to heal mankind. Yes, Ayurveda embraces anyone who is in trouble as it is not biased and does not discriminate people of different religion, caste or ethnicity. Therefore, getting in the good books of Ayurveda is always a farseeing aspect and could be fruitful for your health. Today our topic is going to be an impeccable Ayurvedic medicine which can be used in the treatment of dozens of diseases and most of the disease will ask for water after the assailing attack of this medicine. Vanga Bhasma is that medicine which has emerged over the past few years as one of the most impeccable medicine in thwarting the attacks of dozens of diseases. We are going to have a look at every aspect of Vanga Bhasma and first, we will start with the ingredients which are being the features of this medicine.

Ingredients of Vanga Bhasma

When it comes to the ingredients of this medicine, Tin which is known as Vanga in Ayurvedic term is one of the main ingredients used in Vanga Bhasma. With no surprise, the name Vanga Bhasma is following the traces of Vanga and has been named after the same ingredient. Not only the Vanga, other natural ingredients are also there to complement it and such ingredients are enumerated below:

ü  Apamarga (Achyranthes aspera)

ü  Ashwattha (Ficus religiosa)

ü  Aloe vera juice / Asparagus juice

These are the herbs found in nature and are being used in the preparation of thousands of Ayurvedic medicine. Not only the Ayurvedic therapy is taking the advantage of the humble nature but other western medical science is also inclining towards the use of the natural benefactions. They have understood that it’s now or never and they are readily inclining towards the use of natural ingredients. Well, these ingredients are found in nature and that too in deep woods but they are very scarcely found in the deep woods making these ingredients arduous to reach.

Let’s get into the crux of the matter and dig directly into the preparation process of this medicine.

Preparation of Vanga Bhasma

There are several ingredients which may prove to be salubrious for your health and even facilitate the chances of being healthy and prosperous. Many men will link prosperous with something else but in reality, your health determines the prosperity of your life. Well, when we talk about the preparation process of this medicine, it is not something like worth noticing but still as for the information prospect we are providing the preparation process of this medicine. It is advised not to comply with the preparation process of this medicine and should not be practiced at home or it may prove to be deleterious for you and even for your family members.

First of all tin or Vanga is thoroughly purified to eliminate the impurities. After the preparation process, the pieces of small tin are taken in a big iron Pan and melted. All this is done in order to soften the tin. Now the powder of Apamarga (Achyranthes aspera), Ashwattha (Ficus religiosa) are prepared and mixed in the heated tin. Now, this mixture is grounded well. Now again the grounded mixtures are mixed up with aloe vera juice and transmuted into disc-shaped cakes. Now, these cakes prepared for drying process and heated in the absence of the air in a closed container at 600 degree Celsius. Well, this process is repeated for at least 7 times to eventually get Vanga Bhasma.

Therapeutic Properties of Vanga Bhasma

ü  Urinary Disorders

ü  Anovulation

ü  Amenorrhea

ü  Urinary Tract Infections

ü  Foul smell From The Mouth

ü  Frequent urination

ü  Menopause

ü  Leucorrhea

ü  Male reproductive organ diseases

ü  (PMS)- Premenstrual Syndrome

ü  Dysmenorrhea

ü  Excessive Uterine Bleeding

ü  Prasveda (Excessive sweating)

ü  Rakta pradara(Menorrhagia or Metrorrhagia or both)

ü  Shvasa (Dyspnoea/Asthma)

ü  Shveta Pradara (Leucorrhoea)

ü  Swapn dosha (Nocturnal emission)

ü  Vrana (Ulcer)

Health Benefits of Vanga Bhasma

When it comes to the health benefits of Vanga Bhasma, it may help in eliminating dozens of diseases and disorders related to your reproductive system and not even that it may help in deracinating several other health related complications. Let’s get to know the benefits of this medicine one by one.

Infertility: Infertility, one of the most common problems found in females and is rife in the world as since the birth of the humanity. Infertility is a condition where a woman doesn’t get pregnant for one year even after being indulged into unprotected sexual activity. It is a condition where most of the women have to face physical as well as psychological debility due to the inability of conceiving. Well, trying Vanga Bhasma for your infertility problems will help you in getting rid of this problem. It helps in strengthens your ovaries and nourishment also takes place. It is a good sign for the facilitation of chances to conceive.

Impotency: Impotency can be considered as same as the infertility problem in the women. Impotency is a men problem and in this condition, a man is unable to perform sexual intercourse. In this condition, a man doesn’t be able to keep his erection firm enough to perform sexual intercourse. Vanga Bhasma is one of the best medicines that may help you in dealing with the same condition. It will help you strengthen your muscles and increase the flow of blood in the body which will help in alleviating the complications out of your body. It also helps in improving the libido. If you are reluctant towards sexual activities, well, it could be the reason for decreased libido. It will also help in increasing the count of the sperm in your body.

Premature Ejaculation: It is one of the most common sexual problems rife in the world. It is an uncontrolled ejaculation either before sexual activity or right after the penetration. Well, it may lead to many complications in your life and can be the cause of unsatisfactory sexual experience. Premature Ejaculation can well be administered with the help Vanga Bhasma.

Some other disorders and disease can be uprooted with the help of this medicine and some of those are diabetes, urinary disorders, vomiting, anorexia, non-healing wounds, cough, cold, bronchitis, asthma and much more are in the list.

Vanga Bhasma medicine should be taken with Ghee, Milk Cream, Honey, Haldi Juice, Giloy Juice in order to better administer this medicine. The dose amount should be 125-250 mg depending on age and prescription of the doctor. You can take this medicine before or after food. Take precautions before taking this medicine. Some key reminders should be recalled before taking this medicine and some of those are:

  • This medicine should be taken under strict medical supervision as it contains heavy metal ingredients.
  • Always consult your doctor before taking this medicine.
  • Self-medication may prove to be fatal.
  • Overdose may also cause a poisonous effect on your body, therefore, watch out for doses.
  • Children are advised not to take this medicine.

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