Trivang Bhasma

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Trivang Bhasma

Amid various Ayurvedic medicines Trivang Bhasma has managed to grow its prominence all over the world especially in Indian Subcontinent. Trivang Bhasma contains both herbal and metallic ingredients. It is often used to reverse the influence of Diabetes by reducing the high glucose level of the body. Mentioned Ayurvedic medicine is found to be effective in treating the nocturnal emission. Erectile Dysfunction which is also known as impotence is a condition where person experiences problems in maintaining the erection. Trivang Bhasma does have the merit to eradicate it from its root. Trivang Bhasma does allow urinary tract disease to make its presence. Such medicine is not only beneficial for male reproductive system but a female can also consider using it. Female infertility can be also treated with this medicament. If a female is facing anovulation issue, Trivang Bhasma could be a drug of choice as it can significantly alleviate it. It can be prominently used to deal with recurrent miscarriage. The general debility of the body can be also annihilated by Trivang Bhasma. The dose of this medication should not exceed 500 a day. It can be administered with honey, Amla Powder, Cow’s Milk Or by Cow’s Ghee.

About Trivang Bhasma

Trivang Bhasma, the name itself might be confusing for you. Isn’t it? Well, it is an Ayurvedic medicine which directly comes from the lap of nature. Yes, you heard it right. Trivang Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine which may help you thwarting the attacks carried out by various kinds of microorganisms. This medicine can be used in innumerable ailments related to Urinary Tract Disorder and even in Diabetes; the effect of this impeccable medicine is not the subject of scrutiny. Trivang Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine and this medicine is prepared by using some of the best herbs found in nature along with minerals in order to make Trivang Bhasma an elixir medicine for everyone. Trivang Bhasma may prove to be one of the best medicines which you may not have ever encountered in your life.

            You should not refrain from Ayurveda because it would be something like refraining from nature. While other treatment therapies give you the treatment, Ayurveda is always there to help you with the cure.

Preparation of Trivang Bhasma

Preparation of Trivang Bhasma is strictly based on the ancient Ayurvedic books such as Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita, its preparation process has been taken out of these books. When it comes to its ingredients, some of the best herbs are used in its preparation along with the trio of Vang (Tin), Nag (Lead), Yashada (Zinc). Its preparing process is a little bit complex and may take time to get it into your mind. First of all Bhanga Churna (Cannabis sativa) and Ahiphena (Papaver somniferum) are triturated separately in order to get a fine powder. After the trituration process Purified Lead, Tin and Zinc are taken together and the trio is melted in an iron pain, furthermore, powder of two herbs is added and mixed into the melted minerals thoroughly. This process is called Jarana. After Jarana process adequate amount of Aloe Vera gel is taken in order to ground Jarana with the Aloe Vera gel for three hours and flat cakes are prepared. These cakes are then again heated in absence of the air in 700-800 degree Celsius and this process is repeated seven times to obtain pale yellow hued Trivang Bhasma.

            The above paragraph describes the preparation process of Trivang Bhasma and even after studying the above paragraph for 2-3 times, understanding this process will cost you time. Well, if you still understood the process, following the preparation process is not that easy and you will have to face a lot of problems while preparing this medicine. Therefore we request you to not to get into this matter as we are here to help you with the same and if you want this medicine, well we are here to help you as we are one of the trusted brands in Ayurvedic field and we have all the medicine along with Trivang Bhasma which you can buy from us.

Trivang Bhasma & Diseases

Let’s discuss the diseases Trivang Bhasma is going to cure as Trivang Bhasma has the will to confront innumerable diseases. We would not be able to cover up all the diseases which are curable by the help of Trivang Bhasma but we will definitely have a glimpse on some of the major and common diseases. Let’s get into the matter:

Impotency: Trivang Bhasma is an elixir medicine for those who are the victim of impotency. Impotency is a stigma on your head as it kills you every day and night. Impotency is basically a sexual disorder where you can’t get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. This may exacerbate your complications and if you are not performing in bed, well, it is going to affect your body as well as deteriorate your marital relationship. You are not alone as studies show that one out of every ten male India is impotent. It would be an embarrassing moment for you to not be able to perform in bed and the same condition forcing other people to live prosaic and full of complications life. Well, the good news is here.

Now you don’t have to face those pesky conditions. Till now, you might have been reluctant going into your bedroom in nights but not now because Trivang Bhasma is there for you which will increase your self-confidence, as well as the libido and lovemaking, is all about these two things. This medicine will help you fight against impotency. It has an aphrodisiac action which helps in sustaining an erection and also provides strengths to penile tissues which certainly will aid in your self-confidence.

Female Infertility: In this condition as being a female, you find it hard to conceive even after having unprotected sex for a year. This is called infertility in women. According to a survey infertility rate among Indian couples on the rise as a number of Indian couple’s is inclining towards an artificial method to conceive. As being a woman, feeling of not being a mother breaks you from inside and the society chide on you of not being a mother. Well, so much of psychological pressure, society pressure, family pressure as well as physical pressure take every single blood out of your body making you so weak physically as well as psychologically.

Well, nothing to worry about. If you are going through all these complications, we are here to help you with the same and we have something for you which will surely help you get rid of all these complications in just a fraction of a time. Yes, you heard it right. Trivang Bhasma is going to do all these things for you. Use of Trivang Bhasma along with Ashwagandha Churna and milk works best for you. It not only strengthens your uterus but also helps in the implantation of the fetus in your womb. Might be your uterus or ovaries are underdeveloped. Use of this medicine is going to directly stimulate those causes which aid in the development of uterus and ovaries. Now you will not be chided by anyone as you have a powerful armor in your armory.

Anovulation: Anovulation is when ovaries do not release an oocyte during a menstrual cycle. In this condition, ovulation doesn’t take place. Prolonged anovulation is one of the common causes of infertility. If you are affected with anovulation, well, nothing to worry about. Armor is there to help you with anovulation. Trivang Bhasma induces ovulation and those women who are affected with anovulation can start taking this medicine and see the miraculous results.  Consider using Trivang Bhasma along with Phalaris in order to better administrate this medicine and take full advantage of this medicine.

Recurrent Miscarriage: One of the most common causes of recurrent miscarriage is the underdeveloped or weak uterus. Believe it or not but the fact is that your ovaries and uterus plays an imperative role in deciding the fetus condition. Using Trivang Bhasma along with Ashwagandha Churna and with milk prove to be an embodiment of cure for you and your baby.

Diabetes: Treat your diabetes with the help of Trivang Bhasma. Yes, Trivang Bhasma helps stimulate your pancreas gland to produce insulin. The lack of insulin in the body is the main cause of diabetes and if Trivang Bhasma is stimulating the factory of insulin, well every pesky circumstance that you are forced to face will be eliminated. You just have to show some alacrity in using Trivang Bhasma for the treatment of your symptoms.

Uses and Doses and Precautions

You can take this medicine after food in order to get best out of this medicine. You can take this medicine twice a day and in order to better administrate this medicine try taking this medicine along with one of the honey, cow’s milk or ghee, Amla murabba or even with Amla powder. You can take this medicine twice a day and the dose amount should be 65-250 mg or according to the prescription of the doctor. Some key points should be in mind before taking this medicine.

  • It should be used for a short period as Trivang Bhasma contains heavy metals which if used for prolonged period of time may prove to be dangerous for you.
  • Always consider taking this medicine according to the prescription of the doctor.
  • Self-medication may prove to be dangerous.
  • Overdose may lead to severe complications, therefore watch out for doses.
  • It is best avoided in pregnant and lactating mothers and children.
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