Swarn Malini Basant Ras (BRI.)

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Swarn Malini Basant Ras (BRI.)
Swarn Malini Basant Ras is a renowned medicine of Ayurveda that comprehensively hailed for its immune boosting agents. It is derived from superior herbs and minerals that are found to be enormously beneficial in various diseases. Swarna Bhasma, Mukta Pishti, and Yashad Bhasma are the major herbs that take the participation in forming Swarn Malini Basant Ras. Ayurveda enormously recommends it to treat chronic as well as simple fever. It is often seen that fever incorporates various complications such as general debility, lightheadedness,Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and tiredness. One can manage mentioned fever associated complications with Swarn Malini Basant Ras. Anemia is another disease where Swarn Malini Basant Ras can be efficiently used. Tuberculosis, goiter, thyroid fever, sexual weakness, weakness of the brain, Epilepsy, stress, anxiety, liver issues, and Erectile dysfunction are the common health issues where Swarn Malini Basant Ras can be effectively used. The dose of such medication differs person to person therefore, physician advise is imperative.

Swarna Malini Basant Ras is one of the effective and multi-purposes medicines that are extensively used for treating various health issues. It is used to cure your several health issues from the roots as well as to make you a healthy person. This ayurvedic medicine is available in the tablet form in the marker. Many of you people might have heard the name of this ayurvedic medicine at some point in your life. It is effective due to the presence of powerful natural herbs and ingredients. The medicinal proprieties of these herbs make it a potent ayurvedic medicine. In this article, we are going to tell you the astonishing health benefits of Swarna Malini Basant Ras.


Before going to the medicine, first of all, let’s discuss some of the important facts of our one of the ancient or oldest treatment options known as Ayurveda. In the ancient times,Due to the lack of technology, there were no hospitals, health cares and medicines to annihilate and ameliorate myriad well-being issues. People used natural herbs and ingredients to cure the mild to severe health issues. They use nature as a healing system of treatment. The good thing was that the natural herbs are side effects free as well as capable to cure the health issues from the roots.

Can you imagine the relation between- Ayurveda and nature? Ayurveda is one of the natural and safe treatment options which use everything that nature gift us as free. Ayurveda uses natural ingredients and herbs to make ayurvedic medicines and they are side effects free. Our ancestors used Ayurveda for healing their body and to get a good health and Ayurveda is the only secret of their long and healthy life. Ayurveda is not only a treatment option but it teaches us the way of living a healthy life. Ayurveda helps to maintain a perfect balance between three energies (vata, pitta and kapha) in the body.

To make your healthy and prevent from the unwanted side effects of allopathic medicines, today, we have come here with an astonishing ayurvedic medicine, Swarna Malini Basant Ras and its innumerable health benefits. As I told you above that ayurvedic medicines are prepared of natural herbs, so let’s take a look at its composition of Swarna Malini Basant Ras.  

Composition and Preparation Method of Swarna Malini Basant Ras

As the name (Swarna Malini Basant Ras) suggesting, one of the main ingredients of Swarna Malini Basant Ras is swarna bhasma. Other natural ingredients used in the preparation of Swarna Malini Basant Ras are mukta pishti, safed mirch, yasad, butter, shuddha hingula and lemon juice. These ingredients are highly powerful and play a vital role in keeping you disease-free and preventing the body from the deteriorating. These natural herbs have beneficial medicinal properties such as antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, carminative, soothing,Digestive stimulant, aphrodisiac, alternative, antioxidant and anti-tubercular properties. These medicinal values are highly beneficial for the overall health.

Now, let’s come to the preparation method of the Swarna Malini Basant Ras. It is prepared by grounded above all ingredients with kantakari rasa,Dhattura rasa and katuki rasa. So, this was the composition and the preparation method of the Swarna Malini Basant Ras. Now, let’s come to the next part that is the health benefits of Swarna Malini Basant Ras.

Health Benefits of Swarna Malini Basant Ras

Swarna Malini Basant Ras is an ayurvedic formulation that is used to treat innumerable health issues. It is an immunity enhancer as well as antibiotic medicine that is used for the treatment of chronic fever, infirmity, weakness after fever, anemia, typhoid, cold, cough, asthma, tuberculosis and heart diseases. It has also great curative action in spleen enlargement, liver enlargement, hepatitis A, B, C as well as for malaria and other uterus infection and chronic headache.

Swarna Malini Basant Ras is mainly effective in these three health issues -:

  1. Lymphatic system and lymph node infections.
  2. Diseases of liver and spleen.
  3. Disease of uterus especially infections.

Let’s discuss the health benefits of Swarna Malini Basant Ras in detail.

Chronic fever -: Swarna Malini Basant Ras has a great effect in chronic fever. If your body temperature is 99 degree or lower than 99 degree Celsius,Doctor will not reckon it as fever but you can feel weakness and tiredness during this. In this case, Swarna Malini Basant Ras is the best option for you. Swarna Malini Basant Ras helps to increase the stamina and strength as well as combat weakness in the body. In the case of chronic fever or physical weakness, you can take this with praval pishti and sitopaladi churna.

Swarna Malini Basant Ras has antibiotic effects that help to kill bacteria and also stop their growth in the body.  If you take allopathic medicine in case of fever, it will only reduce your body temperature not increase the physical strength but Swarna Malini Basant Ras helps to alleviate the weakness after fever.

Anemia -: You will be familiar with this word-anemia. Anemia is a common health issue that is immensely common in women. Deficiency of red blood cells in the blood can cause anemia. Swarna Malini Basant Ras is used to cure anemia associated with excessive uterine bleeding or any internal loss due to any underlying cause. Anemia can attack any person regardless of age and Swarna Malini Basant Ras is beneficial for all women, children and even for pregnant women.

Swarna Malini Basant Ras contain zinc as it vital component. Zinc is one of the essential minerals for the stimulation of red blood cell formulation. Swarna Malini Basant Ras is an effective ayurvedic medicine for anemia, which is untreated under conventional treatment. In the case of chronic anemia, you can take this ayurvedic medicine with mandoor bhasma and Indian gooseberry.

Tuberculosis -: Swarna Malini Basant Ras is a great immunity enhancer that helps to boost the immunity of the body. It is extremely beneficial in the treatment of tuberculosis as it helps to boost the immunity and thus fight off infections.  Resistance tuberculosis can also be well treated with the help of Swarna Malini Basant Ras.

Here, I want to tell you Swarna Malini Basant Ras may increase your body temperature during first few days. So, it is recommended to decrease the dosage of Swarna Malini Basant Ras from 150mg to 50 or 100mg twice a day. Praval pishti and mukta pishti should be given with this medicine to lower the temperature.

Infirmity -: One of the common health benefits of Swarna Malini Basant Ras are combating infirmity or general debility. Sometimes, people complain that they feel fever like symptoms. However, they are not suffering from fever clinically. In this case, Swarna Malini Basant Ras is a good option to deal with the infirmity and to increase the strength in the body. Some detoxifying medicine should be used such as ginger, vacha and trikatu etc.

Apart from these health benefits, Swarna Malini Basant Ras is also beneficial for your heart, for goiter treatment, typhoid fever, liver problems and respiratory problems. So, this was a long list of the health benefits of Swarna Malini Basant Ras. Now, let’s take a look at the dosage part of the Swarna Malini Basant Ras.


Always try to consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting any ayurvedic medicine to avoid side effects. Well, the recommended dosage of the Swarna Malini Basant Ras is depend on the age-factor.

  • For children -: the recommended dosage is 2.5mg per kg weight but maximum 65 mg twice daily.
  • For Adults -: 65 to 150 mg
  • Maximum possible dosage -: 300 mg per day

You can take this ayurvedic medicine before meal or 2 hours after meals. In the case of weakens and infirmity, you can take this ayurvedic medicine with stiphaladi churna, honey and ashwangandha. In the case of lung diseases, take this with pippali churna and honey. In the case of tuberculosis, take Swarna Malini Basant Ras with abhrak bhasma and honey. Well, it can be generally used with water.

Cautionary Note

Swarna Malini Basant Ras is completely safe for your health but still, you need to take care of some these points. Take this medicine under strict supervision and should be avoided in pregnant women, children and in lactating mother. Strictly follow the dosage as over dosage may cause hyperacidity and numerous effects.

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