Shodhit Shilajit

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Shodhit Shilajit

Shodhit Shilajit is a very common Ayurvedic Formulation typically used to manage a wide range of health issues. Sila Jatu Shudha is a prominent ingredient found in along with Triphala kwath. Both ingredients have vital influence throughout the body. Shodhit Shilajit is a tonic which has enormous influence on our immune system. It not only manages to provide the strength to the immune system but also assails the disease-causing microbes. It has the adequate amount of antioxidants that have the potential to scavenge the free radicals. This allows our healthy cells not to be weak. It also provides the strength to the healthy cells. At present, genitourinary diseases are common problems among people hence one can consider using Shodhit Shilajit for fighting better with such disease. Other issues such as general debility, lightheadedness, poor circulation of the blood, weak libido, arthritis, edema and psychological issues can be also controlled by such Ayurvedic formulation.  The dose of the mentioned medicine should not be more than 250mg a day.

Shodhit Shilajeet
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