Amoebica Tab

Amoebica Tab

Amoebica Tab is a powerful Ayurvedic preparation which has the broad therapeutic use. This Ayurvedic medicine as the medicinal agents of Kutaj, Ativisha, Kutaki Churna, Bilva Majja, Khush, and musta. The physician often indicates this Ayurvedic medicine for the management and treatment of Amoebiasis and its allied complications. It works by providing the lasting relief from its severe complications. It can be also used to heal the issues other than Amoebiasis such as diarrhea. It is a common disorder of stomach that offers various consequences such as pain and inflammation. Amoebica can help people to treat diarrhea efficiently.  Dysentery is another stomach disorder that aggravates numerous stomach issues. One can prefer to use this Ayurvedic medicine to tackle Dysentery. Constipation, Stomach distention, Hemorrhagic dysentery and Bloating can be effectively managed with the goodness of Amoebica Tab. It is strictly prohibited to use this medicine without the prescription of the registered healthcare professional. The overdose of this medicine may aggravate various adverse effects.

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