Rasraj Ras (Baidyanath)

रसराज रस (बैद्यनाथ)

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From:  1,018

From:  1,018

4 reviews for Rasraj Ras (Baidyanath)

  1. Pranaya Bansal

    Hello Doctor
    my name is Abhay. Two years back my father got left-hand side paralysis. At that time the entire left portion was paralyzed and no movement on the left side movement was seen for the first year. Later on, there was a little movement we have observed. Since then No further improvement was seen. Now I want to start Ayurvedic treatment for my father and hope you will help me correct my father’s issues.

  2. Dheeraj

    My doctor recommended it for a neurological problem. I have varicose veins hence I used it for over a month and got good results.

  3. Shivanand kamble

    I time only taken, relief from that day quickly, best product

  4. Neel Kamal

    Last year my grandfather suffered from facial paralysis.which was extremely jolting for us. We go the best treatment available for my grandfather, consulted with one of the finest physicians but results were dull. When no treatment plan worked for my grandparent, I decided to opt for the Ayurvedic treatment. I searched the internet for the best treatment I found there a name Paramanand Ayurveda. I contacted them asked them to start the best treatment. They thoroughly checked the condition and prescribed some medicines that worked miraculously.

    I would like to say a deep-hearted thanks to Paramanand Ayurveda’s Doctor.

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