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Benefits:Natural Quality, Provides Immunity and Energy, Cold, Cough, Weakness, Eye Problems, Autism, Mental Problems, Joint Problems, Sexual Weakness



Honey is beneficial in a ways more than anyone can think. One might not be aware of all the benefits of honey, but, most of us know some of its magical effects, right? Yes, the fact that honey is beneficial is known to everyone. But, what makes things really different is the unbelievable variation in benefits on the basis of quality. If you have pure honey in hand, trust me you have an elixir with you. If you have doubt about this statement, we will clarify this in a short while. However, impure or adulterated honey can not only be minimally beneficial, but can also affect your health adversely. Did you know there are two completely different categories of honey- real and natural honey, and, fake honey? So, whenever you think of taking honey, make sure you have the natural form in hand. Otherwise, results can be just the opposite of what you expect out of this magical product. So, today we will elaborate the benefits of honey, but, even before that, we will tell you what exactly we mean by pure honey. At the end, we will see how one can get this elixir for health.

So, let us first try to understand what pure honey is and what is really inside the pack of impure honey sold under different tags. Pure honey is the honey that the bees collect. It contains nothing but the pure floral nectar. The honey that you get in packaged bottles most of the times contain added glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar syrup, invert sugar, flour, corn syrup, starch, or any other similar products. Yes, just by labeling it as 100% natural and pure the honey doesn’t become pure. There are hardly any manufacturers that actually have real honey in their bottles. These too not only contain added preservatives, but also have honey that is processed. During processing, the honey comes in direct and indirect contact with several artificially synthesized agents. Don’t you think they impact the healing abilities and properties of the real honey? Yes, they drastically affect the medicinal properties of real honey. This is why we say most of the honey being circulated in the market is not the real and natural honey.

Now you know how things are in the market, decide what exactly you want- a compromised version of honey or the pure honey for health? We will talk about how to get the real honey in hand in the coming sections. Before that, let us see the benefits of honey for which you should consider using the natural product.

  1. Pure honey is rich in nutrients: Our body needs various nutrients for proper functioning and remaining in a healthy state. It derives these nutrients from various food items. In earlier times, lack of nutrition wasn’t an issue because the eating habits of humans were in close association with nature. Today we eat preserved food most of the times. This is why we seek nutrients from sources like health supplements. However, if you are thinking of making your body nutritionally rich, you should consider using natural sources of nutrients like pure honey for health.
  2. Benefits of honey in infections: The anti fungal and antibacterial properties of honey make it suitable for several types of infections. There are a number of benefits of honey in infections. The very first effect is on the growth of bacteria and fungus. It stops the growth of any invader and this helps in controlling the infection with ease. Secondly, it heals the damage done by the infection naturally. So, next time you want to eradicate infection from your body, just think of pure honey for health.
  3. Honey lowers down the blood pressure: High blood pressure is extremely common these days. Although extremely common, it is one of the diseases for which allopathy has no solution till date. People rely on natural products and honey is definitely one of them. Regular use of honey can help lower down the raised blood pressure. But, for this too, you need to have only pure honey. We will also talk about how to get pure honey at your doorstep in a while.
  4. Honey and cholesterol: Benefits of honey are spread to the entire human body. it is beneficial for skin as well as other vital body parts. Adding to the list of benefits of pure honey, the natural help reduces the total and bad LDL cholesterol while significantly raising “good” HDL cholesterol. So, it helps in balancing a healthy cholesterol levels naturally in more than just one way.
  5. Reduces the risk of heart diseases: Honey reduces the risk of life threatening and chronic heart diseases. By improving your cholesterol levels and also by taking care of your blood pressure, it already is doing so many favors for you. Apart from this, it also reduces the risk of death due to sudden failure of heart. So, this way the use of pure honey for health actually increases your life expectancy as well.
  6. Honey in burns and wound healings: The ability of honey to treat burns and heal wounds faster is known to everyone. In fact, now the scientists have also concluded that the natural help reduces the healing time of wounds significantly. Since it is rich in anti oxidants too, the skin repairing ability of humans is enhanced in presence of honey. A review of 26 studies researching the connection between honey and wound care found honey most effective at healing partial-thickness burns and wounds that have become infected after surgery. So, apart from all the other benefits of honey you know, add this one also to the list.
  7. Use pure honey to get rid of cough: Persistent cough can be a real nightmare. Especially among children, coughing can also lead to vomiting. And when you are dealing with children, you should know how much difficult it is to give them cough syrup. In such a case, honey can really save lives. Its sweet taste can actually make the kids take it without hesitation. And its medicinal properties do its action to clear lungs of both- children and adult.
  8. Honey helps in digestive issues as well: The natural sweetener is also great at pacifying stomach related problems. From gastritis to indigestion, everything is on the list of benefits of honey. The natural substance also acts as a lubricator and hence one can expect relief in conditions like constipation.
  9. Healthier alternative to sugar and high-fructose syrups: If you like sugar and sweeteners too much, you have a healthy in the form of pure honey for health. Even diabetic people can use it in certain limit. It is excellent for kids and can be used as a replacement for sugar candies that are harmful for your health and teeth both. So, get your pack of pure honey for health and use it as medicines, as sweetener or as a health supplement.
  10. The role of honey for skin problems: Honey is great for skin. It is hence used as an active ingredient in many cosmetic products. The claims that honey can help you get rid of acne, rashes and all other such skin issues is 100% valid. But, one cannot obtain the benefits of honey through artificially synthesized products claiming to have honey. First of all, the chemical products contain honey only in negligible percentage. Secondly, all the healing abilities of honey are ruined when it is mixed and stored with the harsh chemicals. So, for this too you need only pure honey.

Apart from all these benefits of honey, it has an irreplaceable role in improving human health by raising the immunity. By doing this, it makes your body capable of fighting with diseases on its own. Yes, with a strong immunity, you will need least medicines. So, this is yet another reason to get your pack of pure honey. Many small and big companies claim to sell natural honey. Some sell it at extremely high price claiming that it is high quality honey. Although it is not possible to test every pack of honey for everyone, one can go for a product which is more reliable and least processed. Yes, the honey that is processed least will have chances of preserving its healing properties. So, you can go for a name that is known for purity and quality rather than spending money only on claims.

If you want the real honey that strictly contains only floral nectar, and the honey that is being used as an ingredient in many ayurvedic medicines too, you can buy it from paramanandayurveda.com. It is the only place to get natural honey and other natural products. Order it online from anywhere and you can get it home in a couple of days. It is the honey that is extracted from the bee hives and is direct packed into bottles after basic filtering. Yes, it may not be safe to use the honey directly, but, apart from removing any impurities by manual filtering, nothing else is really required.

So, to get all the goodness of honey, one needs to preserve its healing abilities. This is done with the honey at paramanand ayurveda. No chemicals are added to the pure honey and hence you get 100% benefits of honey. The cost too isn’t that high and the best part is- you can get it at your doorstep with free home delivery. Don’t delay it anymore and place your order. Start using it as soon as possible and see the wonderful impact of pure honey for health.

57 reviews for Pure Honey

  1. Sparsh

    I always purchase Honey from you as you provide highest quality of Honey. Even Amazon does not deliver honey matching to your quality. Thank you for this great service.

    • admin

      Thanks for you valuable testimonial.

  2. Azhar

    आजकल एक उच्च गुणवत्ता वाला शहद प्राप्त करना बहुत मुश्किल हैं मगर परमानन्द आयुर्वेदा हमें एक अच्छा अवसर देता है की हम शुद्ध शहद को अपनी ज़िन्दगी में ला सके। मैं परमानन्द आयुर्वेद का सच्चे मन से धन्यवाद करता हूँ की वो मानवता की भलाई का कार्य कर रहे हैं ।

  3. Rabik kumar

    बहुत ही स्वादिष्ट शहद एक दम ओरिजिनल शहद…मुझे इससे बहुत फायदा हो रहा है

  4. Rabik kumar

    बहुत ही स्वादिष्ट शहद एक दम ओरिजिनल शहद

  5. Harish chandra

    this honey is very different compared to other brands..value for money..product

  6. karan karan

    Best honey for taking with medicine

  7. Roshan Kumar

    I found this Honey entirely pure and effective in weight loss management. I have used it for 5 months and I got a very good result. I am truly blessed to purchased this Natural and pure.

  8. Mehfooz

    Vaastav Ye Shahad Bilkul Sgudh Hai Aisa Mai Isliye Kah Raha Hun Kyunki Main Iska Sewan 5 Mahino Se Kar Raha Hun Aur Mujhe Ajtak Isme Koi Shikayat Nahi Mili Hain.

  9. Prem kumar

    यह शहद खाकर गांव वाले शहद की याद आ गयी।

  10. Jaidev singh

    What a honey….its real honey…

  11. What a honey….its real honey…

    Jaidev singh

  12. VInd kumar

    I will give 5 rating to this product…Bilkul pure honey hai..yeh isko kha kar maza aa gaya ….sbse pure honey..main isko bimar hone per bhi upyog krta hu…cough and cold me…or ayurvedic dava lene sath lene se iska double benefit milta hai

  13. Aman solanki

    Pure bilkul original honey…yeh honey kha kar gaav wale honey ki yaad aa gyi…very very good taste

  14. Kamlesh

    I never ever consumed that pure honey in my life. This honey is absolutely miraculous natural stuff. I always keep purchasing this wonderful honey.

  15. jaikant ravi

    Best honey all time

  16. Chauhan

    This Honey is really pure when I compared to other branded honey.

  17. Priyansh

    This honey is the highest in quality and works pretty well in weight management. I am taking it for 5 months on regular basis.

  18. Nitin mehta

    Amazing product. Very effective in common cold and flu. Highly recommended. Very Important to have it at home at this moment.

  19. Anjuman

    This Paramanand Ayurveda’s pure honey has helped me reduce my weight. I am taking it with lukewarm water every morning and evening.

  20. Kritika Kair

    Best way to lose weight naturally with raw n natural ingredients. Raw honey is beneficial in weight management. Excellent for clearer skin. Remedy for cough. Boosts stamina and improves sleeping disorder

  21. Harsh

    हेलो सर मैं दो महीने से आपका शहद इस्तेमाल कर रहा हूँ और मुझे आपके शहद की क्वालिटी बहुत अच्छी लगी। एक बात पूछनी थी की क्या ये शहद डायबिटीज से ग्रसित मरीज़ खा सकता हैं क्या ?

  22. Muzfikur reham

    Firstly I’m impressed with this product …… The package arrived on time.superb quality of this honey

  23. चंदन

    परमानन्द आयुर्वेदा का शहद शुद्ध हैं और इसका इस्तेमाल मैं रोज़ सुबह शाम करता हूँ। इसके सेवन करने से मुझे बहुत लाभ मिल रहा हैं। इससे मुझे मेरे वजन को काम करने में भी मदद मिल रही हैं।

  24. Gaurav phalswal

    Bilkul pure honey hai..yeh isko kha kar maza aa gaya ….sbse pure honey..main isko bimar hone per bhi upyog krta hu…cough and cold me…or ayurvedic dava lene sath lene se iska double benefit milta hai

  25. Prerna gupta

    This is orginal HONEY 🍯 no doubt.because I used orginal HONEY in my home .the same tasty as I used orginal before. so buy as like…. Thanks to Paramanand Ayurveda.

  26. Neeraj

    When it comes to purchasing pure honey there is only one-stop destination for me and that is the Paramanand Ayurveda store. It has won my trust when I used their product for the very first time. Their delivery service is also very good.

  27. Ranjit bawa

    Maine is honey jitna acha honey khi ni dekha..ek dam asli honey..pure..awesome honey.

  28. Mandeep Gill

    मैं भारत का रहने वाला हूँ लेकिन रहता अमेरिका में हु मुझे जब भी कोई आयुर्वेदिक दवा मंगवानी होती है तो मैं परमानन्द आयुर्वेद से मंगवाता हु क्योकि यहाँ पर शुद्ध दवा मिलती है और इनका शहद भी बहुत अच्छा है।

  29. Lokesh

    Pure and clean Honey. I highly recommend this pure honey. I am using it for 5 months. Received immense benefits.

  30. Jeevan rai

    I’m using this honey at all formats…Best quality of honey

  31. Ranjan yaduvanshi

    I have ordered pure honey and I was really confused and scared about the purity and benefits of this honey but as soon as received the product I have tasted it to check and I was surprised that this is the taste that we used to get in our childhood, really pure and tasty and have also ordered the 2nd bottle for all family members and will definitely continue purchasing 👍👍👍

  32. Harish

    If you eat pure honey you will be benefited from many health advantages but if you take altered honey it will negatively affect your entire well-being. Hence, it is vital to choose the right Honey for you.

  33. shiva saroj

    Pure honey and good for health. i am using for 2 months

  34. anand patel

    meri immunity weak ho gai thi jisase mai bar -bar bimar padata tha aur body ki energy bilkul khatam see ho gai thi but jab se mai is honey ka use kar raha hu meri immunity strong ho gai hai aur body me energy bani rahati hai

  35. anand yadav

    mai kai week se khashi se paresan tha but jab se mai hony ka use karana suru kiya tab se meri khashi bilkul theek ho gai hai lekin mai abhi bhi isaka use karata hu

  36. Amit dhull

    This honey is very effective pure honey..I’m first time satisfied with honey

  37. Derrick Dawson

    I continually take it to help my body decrease fat. This honey comes in its purest form. I have tested it in my home. The honey is pure.

  38. Ramchandra

    Paramanand Ayurveda honey provide karwata hai uski quality original hoti hai. Maine kaafi samay se iska istemaal kiya hai ….

  39. Kanchan

    Purest honey I have ever used…

  40. Alok Biswas

    I take Paramanand Ayurveda’s Medicine on the regular basis with green tea. I am getting a very effective result. Satisfied with the result.

  41. Azahar

    I am using this honey every morning with lukewarm water to decrease my stomach fat. I am literally getting a good influence.

  42. Umniuh-Tmar Elaka

    I am from Meghalaya ordered this Honey a month back to decrease my obesity. Its about a month I am using this Honey and got extremely good result. I am using it every morning and evening with Lukewarm water

  43. Manav mittal

    This pure honey and compare two other brands
    But, price to very high.

  44. Soniya verma

    This is pure honey but price is very high

  45. Ketan

    Wow..This honey is awesome i used it..great results

  46. Kunal

    Wahh mza aa gya honey 🍯 me pure hai sir bilkul nice Paramanand Ayurveda

  47. Rameshwar Gulia

    I used Paramanand Ayurveda home, It pure natural honey

  48. Ramesh sharma

    Pure honey excellent product

  49. Pooja

    It’s pure honey
    And compare to other brand

  50. Manohar

    Mujhe ye product thoda sa mahanga laga magar jab maine isko kahaya to dusre honey se different laga….Achha experience tha

  51. Amit singh

    natural and pure honey i love it

  52. Dharmendra

    Bilkul Pure Shahad Hai…Maine isse use karke dekha hai…..Koi Milawat nahi hai jaisa ki naami girami companiyo me hota hai….

  53. Rohit singh

    mujhe pure honey khi nhi mil rhh tha..fr maine yha se honey order kiya yeh honey muje bht psnd aaya…than you Paramanand Ayurveda..

  54. sonu

    I had sourced honey from you 2 months ago and forgot to put it somewhere else, then I asked for another company, but that honey froze in 4 days due to the cold. Then I saw that from Paramanand Ayurveda I had ordered honey, it is not frozen in cold and is also tasty in food (it is pure honey)

  55. Amar

    I used paramanand ayurveda honey and found that it is perfectly pure. I tested it by scientific methods

  56. Lokesh

    Pure honey and good for health..i love it

  57. Shivendermohan@gmail.com


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