Vijaysar Powder

विजयसार चूर्ण


Benefits:Improves Hair Strength, Promotes Hair Growth, Anti-Ageing, Helps in cell and Tissue Rejuvenation, Very effective in Diabetes and Urinary Tract Disorders, Used in Skin Diseases, Herpes, Leucoderma, Vitiligo, Balances Kapaha and Pitta Dosha.

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Nothing can depict the immense healing power of ayurveda better than vijaysar powder for diabetes and a few other chronic health problems. The herbal powder is made up of an herb called Pterocarpus marsupium. In India, the tree is also famous by names like vijaysar, Malabar kino and Indian Kino. In ancient times, diabetic people used to eat in tumblers made up of the wood of the tree. Many also used to fill water in the tumbler, store it overnight and drink it in the morning to fight with diabetes. Yes, this worked quite well, but now we have better option like vijaysar powder that gives all the goodness of the herbal tree in an easy way. The journey from tumbler made up of vijaysar to vijaysar churna for diabetes has been quite long. Vijaysar churna for diabetes and many other ayurvedic products are a result of sudden increase in demand of natural medicines. It is only when the world got tired of bearing the inevitable side effects of allopathic drugs, the world of ayurveda started blooming again. As a result we not only have vijaysar churna for diabetes, but research has also revealed several other vijaysar powder benefits.

vijaysar powder benefits

Today, you will get to know all vijaysar powder benefits. With the vijaysar powder benefits, you will also get an insight of how much powerful ayurveda is. When this one powder can heal humans in so many ways, imagine how much we can improve our health is we adopt ayurveda for life! Have a look at vijaysar powder benefits and decide yourself.

  • The role of vijaysar powder for diabetes needs no introduction. The herb vijaysar or Pterocarpus marsupium reduces blood sugar level as well as cholesterol and triglycerides. And while doing this, it does not disturb the overall health of human beings. In fact, the list of vijaysar benefits clearly indicates that the herbal powder improves your health day and night. This is just the opposite of what allopathic medicines do while treating your body. They not only induce side effects in your body, but also disturb your entire system.
  • Ayurvedic doctors prescribe vijaysar powder to control diarrhea and other problems arising because of disturbed digestion. Not only diarrhea, but the same is also used with Irritable Bowel Syndrome with diarrhea and ulcerative colitis. It is also great at killing all the intestinal parasites.
  • People use and trust vijaysar churna for diabetes, however, the churna is extremely beneficial in dealing with skin problems as well. And here, we are not talking about minor problems like acne, but vijaysar powder benefits in chronic skin problems, like vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema etc.
  • Vijaysar powder is also used in fighting with dental problems. In ancient times, it was used as tooth powder because of the tremendous benefits for tooth and gums. The herbal churna is rich in anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties that help in killing most of the dental diseases.
  • Because of the strong anti microbial activities, the herbal powder is also used against a variety of infections. This too is special because while killing the microbes responsible for the infection, it does not harm the healthy cells.
  • You can also reduce excess of fat naturally with vijaysar powder benefits. If you are overweight and are considering to shed some extra kilos without getting weak and wasting money on fancy products, try vijaysar churna for diabetes and other health problems.

These were some vijaysar powder benefits for which you can use the amazing powder. This is just one herbal powder described in ancient ayurvedic texts, used by thousands of people from all around the world and now prescribed by various researchers too. If you are sure about using vijaysar powder, just grab your pack and enjoy a healthy healing. However, you are still not clear in your mind, just dial the toll free number 18001030318. With this toll free number, the ayurvedic doctors are paramanand ayurveda will assist you in all your doubts. So, in case you want to be sure of using vijaysar churna for diabetes, or want to know more about ayurvedic healing, the team of ayurvedic doctors will help you out. Not only this, at, you can save your hard earned money and valuable time by getting free online consultation.

And this is not all as you can also save a lot with discount and offers like free home delivery if you order from All this comes with a guarantee of purity. Yes, you will get all this under one roof. Everything is just one call away at 18001030318. So, don’t delay your plans for health as you have no excuse now. Lack of time, difficulty in getting pure ayurvedic medicines, and finding the right ayurvedic doctor in the vicinity are excuses from the past. Today is the time of ayurveda and let you utilize this time for a better health by making the entire process extremely easy and flawless. Utilize this time and improve your health with determination, ayurvedic medicines and of course, paramanand ayurveda.


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