Vidaryadi Ghrit

विदार्यादि घृत


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Vidaryadi ghrit is a medicated ghee that contains the immense power of cow’s ghee blended with more than a dozen of medicinal herbs. Those who know about the healing power of cow’s ghee can easily imagine how much beneficial this combination would be. But, if you are completely new to ayurveda, we will provide you with all the necessary information about vidaryadi ghrit benefits as well as some other crucial information that you should know. Also, getting vidaryadi ghrit is extremely easy these days. Many ayurvedic companies are giving home delivery as well. But, getting pure ayurvedic medicine is a real challenge. So, we will also tell you how you can get the real ayurvedic formulation at your doorstep.

Additionally, one can also get free online consultation while sitting at home. So, apart from proving you with necessary information about vidaryadi ghrit uses, we will also guide you on how to utilize the vidaryadi ghrit benefits. Let us start the discussion with the list of ingredients of this herbal formula


The medicated herbal ghee is made up of the following herbs:

  • Vidari
  • Panchangula
  • Vrischikali and vrischiva
  • Devahavya
  • Mugdaparni and mashaparni
  • Shalaparni and prishaparni
  • Brihati
  • Kantakari
  • Gokshura
  • Abhiru
  • Jivanti
  • Vira
  • Jivaka
  • Rishabhaka
  • Gopasuta
  • Tripadi and ghee

In order to get high quality ayurvedic ghrit, the herbs used as ingredients should be taken directly from the wilds where they grow naturally. Also, the freshness of herbs should also be taken into consideration. Let us have a look at the list of vidaryadi ghrit benefits and then we will see how to get such a ghrit with ease.


  • Tuberculosis: Tuberculosis is a life threatening infection in the respiratory tract. Although with improved medical assistance, the number of lives lost due to this is reduced significantly, treating it holistically is still a challenge without ayurveda. But, with ayurvedic vidaryadi ghrit uses, one can not only get rid of the infection fast, but easy recovering is also ensured.
  • Cough: Respiratory tract is the most struggling organ of human body, thanks to the rising pollution and other environmental challenges. Earlier, people treated cough at home and waited for it to self heal. But, today it is not the case because the severity and frequency of cough is increasing. This is why you may need ayurvedic help like vidaryadi ghrit benefits.
  • Asthma: Not only cough, but, asthma too is extremely common these days. It has become almost impossible to avoid these issues with the environmental conditions we live in today. The polluted air harms the lungs and respiratory system the most, but also impacts the overall health of human beings. Hence, the only holistic solution to this is ayurvedic vidaryadi ghrit uses.
  • Revival of strength: Vidaryadi ghrit uses for respiratory tract are famous, but its use to improve the absorption of food and gaining weight is also quite common. You can count on the benefits of this ayurvedic medicine if you want to gain weight as well as strength without compromising with your health.
  • Immunity: The immunity enhancing properties of this ayurvedic medicine is the most valuable one. Immunity is your body’s ability to fight with infections and diseases on its own. If you have a strong immunity, you will fall ill less frequently. But, a compromised immunity is an invitation to many diseases. So, the key to a healthy body is strong immunity and the key to a strong immunity is ayurvedic vidaryadi ghrit.

These are the uses given in ancient ayurvedic texts as well as scientific reports. If you too want to utilize the vidaryadi ghrit benefits, grab your pack of pure ayurvedic ghrit soon. Also, in case you don’t have any ayurvedic doctor near your place, you can consult an ayurvedic doctor for free while sitting at home. Read on to know the details:


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So, the right path to ayurvedic healing is- consult an ayurvedic doctor, place your order at and get your pack of pure vidaryadi ghrit at your doorstep. This is just the beginning and you may also need further assistance. This is why you should buy this and all other ayurvedic medicines from paramanand ayurveda. It saves your time, money as well as health.

Go ahead and grab the offers at paramanand ayurveda before it is too late. You body really needs holistic healers like vidaryadi ghrit benefits. And it is time you listen to the needs of your body. The allopathic drugs, changing environment and ill nutritious diet have ruined your health all these years. And if something can reverse this damage, it is ayurvedic help like this ayurvedic ghrit.


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