Vidarikand Powder

विदारीकंद चूर्ण


Benefits:Anti-emetic, Anti-Implantation, Anti-Cancer, Spermatogenic, Uterus-Tonic, Cardio-Tonic, Provides relieve in swelling and dryness of the Urinary System, Useful in Bleeding Disorders, Nasal Bleeding, Heavy Periods, Reduces Vitiated Vata and Pitta Dosha

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Vidarikand has all the properties of a good rasayana (Rejuvenator). A rasayana is defined as a drug which prevents ageing and also protects against all kinds of diseases. Life style disorders are a big threat impending on the

health of mankind. And to tackle all these, you need something like vidarikand powder or vidarikand churna. If you haven’t tried any ayurvedic medicine yet, this one is good to start with. As it is an ayurvedic churna, it is free from any side effects. If you take it for treating a particular disease, in addition to healing your body from that particular disease, the churna helps in elevating overall health in almost a dozen of ways. You may find it quite surprising, and we understand it completely because it is just the opposite of what allopathic drugs are doing to human body.

In the later sections, we will try to understand the a few other differences between ayurveda and allopathy. For now, have a look at vidarikand powder benefits.

  • Vidarikand powder is widely used in urinary problems as well as reproductive system issues. While curing mostly occurring urinary tract infections maintains the right amount of moisture by subsiding the inflammatory conditions inside the tract. With the anti microbial abilities, it kills all the microbes and gives you a healthy urinary tract. On the other hand, the herb also strengthens the reproductive system. This herb promotes production of healthy semen and improves performance during sexual activity, hence improving the chances of conceiving. Many ayurvedic doctors prescribe it in dealing with male as well as female infertility.
  • Not only in conceiving, but vidarikand powder benefits even after you have given birth. The herbal powder provides the much needed nutrition to a mother’s body. In addition to this, vidarikand powder increases breast milk production.
  • Trying to shed the extra kilos is difficult, but gaining weight is even more difficult. If you want to gain weight, there is lack of healthy weight gain products. Luckily, here also ayurveda comes to rescue. You can gain fat easily with regular use of vidarikand powder.
  • The benefits of vidarikand powder are not limited to one or two body parts and it is used by singers and anchors to improve voice quality. Some claim it is also beneficial in throat infections.
  • Apart from benefitting the reproductive system, the herbal powder is also great at healing diseases originating from respiratory tract. It is a good expectorant, hence it helps in the removing excess of congestion and cough.
  • Vidarikand powder benefits in digestion as well. Several researches in the last decade have proved the hepato biliary action of the herb that helps in secretion of the bile. This stimulates digestion and gives relief in indigestion, heartburn and acidity. The herbal powder promotes smooth passage of stool by smoothening the colon. The best part is that there are evidences of its safety for children. Although the dosage will vary, vidarikand powder is safe for children.
  • Vidarikand powders benefits in skin problems like aging and acne. With an unmatchable natural anti aging effect, the herbal powder is great at fighting wrinkles and dark circles. Over and above this, this is a well known formula in ayurveda to improve skin complexion. This means you no more have to waste your money on useless cosmetics.
  • Vidarikand powder is a herb with proven cardio protective properties. It not only protects your heart from diseases caused due to environmental and life style issues, but also strengthens the heart muscles. Many people use it as a cardiac tonic to stay safe and live longer.
  • Benefits of vidarikand powder are so many, but we will finish the list with the anti pyretic abilities of the herb. You can get rid of fever naturally with the help of vidarikand powder benefits.

As you can also see, the benefits of vidarikand powder are spread along the entire human body. to avail all these benefits, order vidarikand powder for a better health.  Especially, if you want to get rid of all the side effects of the expensive allopathic drugs, better make the right choice and give your body what it truly deserves. Earlier, it was not that easy as there were not many options. Ayurvedic medicines were not available everywhere and thus reaching vidarikand powder and all other herbal mixtures were not easy. However, with increase in demand, we can see the presence of ayurveda everywhere. Not only in India, but people from all around the world are actually gaining benefits from this science.

You too can easily avail all these benefits of vidarikand powder and many more by just ordering the pure form of the churna from Here you will get all types of medical guidance by a team of ayurvedic doctors for free. Yes, you are reading it right, just dial the toll free number- 18001030318 and enjoy free online consultation. Apart from this, best medicines made up of pure herbs are available at at best price. You can get all the ayurvedic medicines you want at your doorstep with just one call. One more benefit of choosing is that you can talk to the doctors even after starting your treatment. This will give you the feel of a completely guided treatment without waiting for hours for the doctor, right? So, make that call and grab the opportunity to allow ayurveda enter into your life.


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