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वरणादि घृत


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Varanadi ghrit is a combination of more than a dozen of healthy and healing herbs that acts towards the betterment of human health while treating several diseases.  If you too want to heal your body holistically with varanadi ghrit benefits, make sure you have all the information about the amazing herbal combination. If not in depth, you should at least be aware of what is varanadi ghrit made up of, what the varanadi ghrit benefits are and how should one use it. In the coming sections, you will answers to all these questions.

Apart from this, we will also see the biggest challenge in using ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines like varanadi ghrit for health. Don’t worry, with the challenge, we will also present a solution that would give you the right and easy direction to proceed with the use of ayurveda. So, let us start by knowing the ingredients of this magical formulation and then we will see varanadi ghrit benefits.


The ayurvedic medicine is made up of the following medicinal herbs:

  • Varuna
  • Sairyaka
  • Brihati
  • Shatavari
  • Pathya
  • Dahana
  • Morata
  • Bhadra
  • Bahalpllava
  • Karanja
  • Jaya
  • Darbha
  • Rujakara
  • Ghee
  • Water
  • Bilva
  • Vishanika

The above listed herbs are mixed in proportion determined in ancient ayurvedic texts. The quality of herbs involved in the preparation should be checked as this will determine the quality and in the end, its benefits. Also, the process of manufacturing varanadi ghrit for health should be kept strictly natural and according to the methods described in ayurvedic texts. All these make a significant difference in the healing properties of the ayurvedic medicine. Following is the list of varanadi ghrit benefits one can get if he or she uses the real ayurvedic varanadi ghrit for health.


  • natural formula heals herniaThis natural formula heals hernia: Weakness in peritoneum is the cause behind hernia. Peritoneum is the wall that keeps abdominal organs in place, and any malfunctioning in this leads to painful conditions like hernia. By strengthening the peritoneum helps in reduction of the mass protruding out. Thus, varanadi ghrit for health not only helps in alleviating the symptoms, but also treats the root cause.
  • It benefits in flatulence: Although not as chronic as hernia, flatulence is becoming extremely common these days. To deal with this digestive disorder holistically, use varanadi ghrit for health. It provides your digestive system with much needed nutrients through herbs and gives your digestive system strength and power. Thus, the system can digest the food completely, leading to no gas.
  • Herbal remedy for fat deposition: The dietary fat and lack of exercise leads to accumulation of fat that is hard to get rid of. Many people struggle to cut out this extra fat by taking supplements. These supplements are rather harmful in many ways. So, it is better to choose ayurveda as it healthily reduces weight with the help of this ayurvedic medicine.
  • Mind HeadacheIt is an herbal solution for metabolic disorders: Metabolic disorders are on rise due to several factors. People use antacids and several other medicinal helps to keep things better. But, they just tackle with the symptoms and do not heal the problems permanently. So, it is better to use ayurvedic varanadi ghrit for health as this herbal formula can correct most of the metabolic disorders.
  • Get relief in rheumatoid arthritis with varanadi ghrit for health: Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition when your own immune system attacks the bones and joints of your body. It is painful, yet difficult to get rid of. In fact, there is no allopathic drug that can reverse the condition. Thankfully, ayurvedic varanadi ghrit for health can repair the immune system and hence gives relief in the pain and sufferings due to rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Natural help in : From mild to severe headache, varanadi ghrita benefits in all types of head pain. Most of the people suffering from headaches take pain killers without realizing the harm their frequent intake can do to their body. If you want to stay healthy, use this ayurvedic medicine next time you have headache.

These were the benefits for which any one would like to take help from this ayurvedic formulation. If you too want to gain all these varanadi ghrit benefits, make sure you buy this natural medicine from paramanand ayurveda. Here are some reasons for which you should buy this from paramanand ayurveda only.


Paramanand ayurveda manufactures this herbal combination by strictly adhering to the principles of ancient ayurveda. With no short cuts and no chemicals used, the company makes sure that you get all the varanadi ghrit benefits by using real ayurvedic medicine. You should also consider buying the ayurvedic formula from this ayurvedic company because it provides enough flexibility in placing the order.

You can order it online at or place your order at the toll free number 18001030318. Here, you can not only place order for this, as well as for all other ayurvedic medicines, but can also get free online consultation from the team of ayurvedic doctors. Yes, getting free online consultation is really possible while sitting at home. Now, you can get solution to all your health problems using ayurveda, and it is also not difficult anymore.

So, with such ease if you can get pure varanadi ghrit for health at your doorstep, why not consult an ayurvedic doctor right now?


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