Vanshlochan Powder

वंशलोचन चूर्ण


Benefits:Restorative effect on Body Tissues, Increases Immunity, Effective in Debility, Impotence, Male Sexual Disorders, Asthma, Leprosy, Pacifies Vata and Pitta, Improves overall Health

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Vanshlochan powder (also famous as Banslochan Powder or Bamboo powder) is an ayurvedic powder is a well known natural source of minerals and silica. It has many times been tagged as a beautification product. People use it as scrub with clays and by mixing a few other ayurvedic herbs. However, you will be surprised to know that vanshlochan powder benefits in many more complicated problems. From bones to skin to infections and even paralysis, vanshlochan powder benefits is a wide variety of diseases. It has a magical effect on your skin, and there is no doubt about it, but, there is other side of the coin that makes it even more beneficial and worth trying. Have a look at the vanshlochan powder benefits or bamboo powder or banslochan churna benefits.

  • Vanshlochan powder benefits your skin in all possible ways. You can get rid of a minor problem like dry skin with the use of valslochan powder, and, at the same time, you can also use it against complicated and incurable problem like acne. The herbal powder is an exfoliant and can help in getting rid of dead skin. However, it is a gentle exfoliant and hence can remove tanning without actually scrapping your skin of moisture and beauty. So, it can be used as masks and scrubbing if you have acne, pimples or a problem of dry skin.
  • As stated earlier, vanshlochan power for skin is great, but its benefits are not confined to just the outer covering of your body. People suffering from the problem of weak bones should try vanshlochan powder. The herbal powder is rich in essential minerals that give strength to your bones.
  • Apart from dealing with the complicated skin problems, the vanshlochan powder benefits in problems that are inevitable with increasing age. As you get old, your skin also ages along with your body. Wrinkles, age lines and loose skin are common on a face after 30. And if you want to minimize them, just grab a pack of this herbal powder from Yes, it is not well advertised like other cosmetic products, but vanshlochan powder benefits on fighting with signs of aging like nothing else.
  • vanshlochan benefits in coughInfections like cough, cold and fever because of these two hits you every time season changes. Some fall prey to it with every small change in the weather, while others encounter it once in a few years. This is just the impact of immunity. You must have been taking help of antibiotics for treating all such infections and allergies. However, the anti pyretic and anti infectant activities of the herbal powder will not only help you recover you from such infections. But, you will also get to see a drastic improvement in your immune system. You cannot actually measure this improvement directly, but you will fall ill less frequently. This is going to happen only when you use vanshlochan powder for skin regularly for quite a long time.
  • Problems like leucorrhea and vaginal discharge due to any problem going on in your body can also be controlled with vanshlochan powder for skin. Now you can also relate to how vanshlochan powder benefits are not confined to just skin.
  • Vanshlochan powder helps patients dealing with infertility. As by now, we all know that problem in having a child can arise due to problem in any one- male or female, treatment options for male are still low. And those in use are least effective and most harmful. Yes, this is the scenario of treatment when the problem of infertility is so common. Anyways, auyrveda and ayurvedic medicines like vanshlochan powder benefits in dealing with problems like impotency, low sperm count and low libido.

To avail all these and many more vanshlochan powder benefits, you should be sure that the vanshlochan powder you are using is natural and pure. There is artificially prepared vanshlochan powder being sold at heavy discounts in the market. Hence be careful and if you are thinking of ordering it online, just place your order at reliable sources like With free online consultation to all the patients, the ayurvedic company has a long list of satisfied and healed health customers. Whichever ayurvedic medicine you order from paramanand ayurveda, it is going to be certified for purity. Vanshlochan powder for skin and all the other ayurvedic medicines being sold here are prepared strictly according to the guidelines of ayurveda. Hence you can be sure of safety, efficacy as well as purity.

In addition to this, if you have any doubts regarding vanshlochan powder benefits, or want to talk directly to the team of ayurvedic doctor without paying anything, just dial the toll free number 18001030318. You will get any kind of assistance you want in ordering your ayurvedic product. At the same time, getting best quality ayurvedic medicines at your doorstep is just a call away. And you are not only getting the herbal medicines, but also an advice from experts that guide you on which ayurvedic medicines to take, how much quantity to use and for how long. And the best part is that you can contact them anytime you want. So, the ayurvedic doctors are there for you not only when you order the ayurvedic medicines like vanshlochan powder for skin and other issues, but also in between the treatment as well as after the treatment. So, go ahead and make a call to a healthy future with ayurveda.


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