Talisadi Powder

तालिसादि चूर्ण


Benefits: Used for Cough and Digestive ailment including loss of Appetite, Anorexia, Irritable Bowel Sydrome, Effective in Cough, Cold, Asthma, Bronchitis, Fever, Diarrhoea, Anemia, Carminative, Anti-Viral, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Microbial, Bronchodilator

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The word talisadi represents the combination of talis patra or Abies webbiana and a few other medicinal herbs. Maricha or Piper nigrum, Shunthi or Zingiber officinale, Pippali or Piper longum, Vanshlochan or Bamboo manna, Ela or smaller cardamom or Elettaria cardamomum, Dalchini or Cinnamomum zeylanicum are the other herbs involved in preparation of the herbal mixture. As you can see, the herbal powder contains many herbs, the medicinal actions of the powder also vary greatly. From heart to stomach, talisadi powder or talisadi churna has a great role to play in saving human lives and eliminating diseases from human body. You might have heard about some of the herbs acting as ingredients in talisadi churna because many are used in Indian kitchen as spices. However, even if you haven’t, you can trust them because they are not only mentioned several times in ancient ayurvedic texts, but even scientists have tested them for their medicinal value.

Luckily, from both the sources, and from the patients who have used talisadi churna for stomach or in any other disease, there are no reports of side effects. So, we can conclude that it is not only tremendously effective but unbelievably safe. Let us have a look at the problems or diseases in which talisadi powder benefits and then we will also see from where to get high quality talisadi powder at best price.

  • Stomach issues are very common these days. It is often not treated as a disease, but in reality, the minor problems we keep on ignoring take form of serious ailments in no time. So, stomach related troubles like bloating, gas; diarrhea and low metabolism etc are needed to be taken seriously. In fact, even if you have poor digestion, it is best that you take help from something as effective as talisadi powder for stomach. It not only heals all the digestive problems, but makes your digestive system strong enough.
  • Anorexia or loss of appetite due to any reason and Irritable bowel syndrome is also on the list of talisadi churna benefits. Sometimes, people don’t feel hungry at all. This is as big as a disease because when you won’t eat anything, from where your body will get energy? Not only energy, but there will be lack of nutrition over time taking your body in a form that is susceptible to a dozen of chronic diseases. So, if you are suffering from anorexia or irritable bowel syndrome, or any other problem, just use talisadi churna for stomach.
  • Talisadi churna is a natural antipyretic agent, hence can be used in fever apart from stomach problems. It brings down the body temperature naturally. You can take it even when the fever isn’t too high to take antibiotics. Mild fever is a result of disturbances in stomach, or somewhere else in your body. Using talisadi churna beenfits, one can combat mild to chronic fever naturally.
  • Many ayurvedic doctors recommend the use of talisadi powder in infections because of the amazingly strong antiviral, anti bacterial and anti microbial abilities. The herbal powder has been used since ages to control the growth of foreign micro organisms in human body. People choose it over the allopathic drugs to control infections because it does not harm any healthy cells while destructing the infected ones.
  • The use of talisadi churna for stomach problems is very common. In fact, many people use it without consulting the ayurvedic doctors. However, it is a less common fact, but proven by researchers that talisadi churna is an expectorant and bronchodilator. Because of these two properties, talisadi powder benefits in both productive and non productive cough.
  • Apart from normal cough and cold, the herbal powder is excellent at giving relief in chronic respiratory ailments like asthma. Asthma sufferers are in the worst phase because of ultimately high pollution levels and reoccurring attacks of infections. Low immunity also contributes in some manner. To solve all these and heal naturally, use talisadi churna for stomach issues as well as respiratory disorders.
  • Cardiac problems take no time to increase in intensity, and your heart really needs a cardiac tonic after certain age. The burden on this central organ is too much and adding to the odds is the food we take in. Overall, average human heart is not in a good condition, but you can make it better with the talisadi powder benefits.

With such strong benefits to some of the vital human body parts, talisadi powder or talisadi churna indeed is magical when it comes to healing. But, to avail the benefits of this herbal magic, you should be sure that you are actually using ayurvedic and unadulterated talisadi churna. One way is to order from paramanandayurveda.com- a place known for delivering only quality product. Here, you can not only be sure of quality, but can also avail offers like free online consultation and free home delivery. One more advantage of choosing paramanandayurveda.com is the ease of ordering all the ayurvedic medicines online. In case of any doubt, or query or for consulting the team of ayurvedic doctors online, just dial 18001030318 and get your answers. You will get complete assistance at any time you want, that too while sitting at home. So, you can get all your ayurvedic medicines, in fact, you can get your complete ayurvedic treatment at your doorstep with paramanandayurveda.com. Go ahead and make a call to a healthy future without thinking much.


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