Somlata Powder

सोमलता चूर्ण


Benefits:Useful in both dry and productive Cough, Effective in Dysmenorrhoea, Micturition and other Urine Disorders, Reduces vitiated Kapha and Vata Doshas, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Asthmatic

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Be it skin disorder, or stomach problem or respiratory ailment, somlata powder or somlata churna is a one stop solution to a dozen of health complications that cannot be resolved by any other medicinal science holistically. This might sound surprising to those who have no experience with ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines. But, it is not much difficult to believe for those who have experienced the immense power of ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ancient most science that is healing humanity since thousands of years now. Over time, people from all over the world have realized that the side effects of allopathic drugs are not at all acceptable. Hence there is an increase in demand of holistic healers like somlata powder. However, it is not a good practice to take somlata churna just because someone recommended this for you. Whether it is ayurveda or any other healing science, it is important to consult a good doctor. Here, too, you should first know what somlata churna is, what the benefits of somlata churna are and why it is used.

After this, we will also throw light on the easiest way of consulting a team of ayurvedic doctors for free while sitting at home. Yes, forget about appointment and huge consultation fee, you can consult a good ayurvedic doctor right now if you want. Before that, let us see what is somlata powder or somlata churna and what are the benefits of somlata churna.

Somlata powder is made up of a herb known with the scientific name Sarcostemma acidum. In Asian countries, it is also called somlata, and hence the churna has its name from the same. Now comes the next important question- why use somlata powder or what are the benefits of somlata churna. Here is the list of benefits of somlata churna:

  • somlata powder benefitsThe benefits of somlata powder are vary a lot, but, let us start with the most needed action of the time- role of somlata powder in respiratory ailments. The herbal powder is widely used for acute muscular and bronchial asthma. Asthma has become quite common and environmental pollution has a great role to play in it. It is going to take decades to improve the situation outside, and we are left with only one option- to raise our immunity and respiratory tract health. You can do this with the help of somlata powder for health.
  • It is also used as a natural headache reliever, hence used by patients of migraine also.
  • Hay fever and chills is also on the list of benefits of somlata churna. If such allergies are common for you, you can actually understand the problems associated with them. A simple change of season can complicate everything and your work also suffers because of the frequent attacks. Because allopathic medicines have no solution, more and more people prone to such allergies are moving towards ayurveda. Thankfully, ayurvedic medicines like somlata churna for health makes world a better place.
  • Somlata powder is used particularly to deal with low blood pressure in influenza. The benefits of somlata churna are many and elevating low blood pressure is one of them.
  • Other respiratory problems that somlata powder can heal apart from asthma are swine flu, bronchitis and pneumonia. Yes, all these acute infections that sometimes turn out to be fatal can be healed naturally and safely with somlata churna for health.
  • Somlata powder is also used as a way to lose weight without starving to death or simply sacrificing your health. For complete information, dial the toll free number 18001030318 and lose weight ayurvedically rather than wasting money on expensive and harmful fancy products.
  • Chronic cases of ulcer can also be dealt with the use of somlata powder. In fact, many other such infections can be healed naturally with the help of this magnificent herbal powder.
  • Somlata powder is completely safe and hence can also be used in children. If you baby is complaining of earache, just talk to the ayurvedic doctor and he will guide you on how to use somlata churna for health.
  • The powder has a great role to play in improving disturbed digestion. If you are suffering from any problem related to digestive system like gas, bloating, or irritable bowel syndrome, just grab the pack of somlata powder for health.
  • Skin disorders are also on the list of benefits of somlata churna. Problems like acne and rashes can heal amazingly with regular use of somlata powder.
  • You can get rid of the effects of poisoning, can save your body from cardiac diseases and can also keep mental disorders at bay with the use of somlata churna for health.

This was an idea of why you should somlata powder, and the benefits of somlata churna are many more. The exact use of the herbal mixture for you will be determined only after the ayurvedic doctor understands your body type. Yes, in ayurveda, the one size fits all concepts does not hold true. The ayurvedic doctors after understanding your body, your problems and your medical history will recommend the right medicine in the amount needed by your body. So, you may know the benefits of somlata churna now, but you have to consult an ayurvedic doctor first. Don’t worry, just dial 18001030318 and talk to the doctor for free. Not only free online consultation, but you can also get free home delivery and many other money saving offers at So, go ahead and make a call to place order, or to know more about somlata churna for health or to simply talk to the best ayurvedic doctor.


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