Shatavari Powder

शतावरी चूर्ण


Benefits:Useful in male and Female Infertility, Good nerve tonic, Used in epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Neurological Disorders, Improves breast Milk Production and provide good nutrition after Delivery, effect on Tridosha, Balances Vata and Kapha.

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Shatavari has been used in so many ayurvedic medicines for centuries that most of the Indians are aware of its benefits. But, if you are not, today we will see some of the benefits of shatavari powder for health. Yes, the herb is also used as a medicine all alone. By being a part of other ayurvedic medicines, it improves the healing abilities. On the other hand, considering the medicinal value the herb carries, it is no less effective for human health to count on shatavari churna benefits.

Shatavari is scientifically known as Asparagus racemosus. Since it is a member of the asparagus family, it inherits most of the healing properties from this class. However, you can consider it as one of the most powerful and health herbs not only among all the herbs belonging to asparagus family, but also in the entire ayurveda. It is good for females as it helps them fight some general health problems women suffer from. It is good for the stomach of both males and females because the herb has digestive stimulant agents present. It also has several other healthy components that make shatavari churna benefits applicable in many health problems. So, let us quickly see all the uses of shatavari powder for health. After this we will also throw light on how to use the herbal powder in order to gain all the shatavari churna benefits.

  • Shatavari powder for health acts as a general health tonic: By sending natural benefits to almost every body part of human beings, shatavari powder is best general health tonic for males as well as females.
  • Use the herbal powder to deal with indigestion: In some recent studies, it was discovered that shatavari churna for health contain Racemofuran. This component has significant anti-inflammatory capabilities and hence can help in stomach pain, indigestion, flatulence, gastritis etc. if you too are struggling with a digestive problem, just talk to your ayurvedic doctor and utilize the shatavari churna benefits.
  • Shatavari powder for health is unmatchable because of its action on immune system: Immunity is a key factor in determining human health. Yes, it directly has no role in improving human health, but is important in order to keep the body disease free. According to a 2004 study, animals treated with shatavari root extract had increased antibodies to a strain of whooping cough when compared to untreated animals. Several other such studies exist and hence you can count on this herbal powder if you want to have a disease free body and a medicine free life.
  • Shatavari powder is a natural solution to cough: Cough is a common infection which is getting even more common with increase in pollution levels. If you want to get rid of the respiratory tract infection naturally, consult an ayurvedic doctor and move on to utilize the shatavari churna benefits in cough and cold. It not only treats the cough you are struggling with right now, but can also act as a preventative measure if taken regularly. So, this is one more reason to use shatavari powder for health.
  • Problems like Diarrhea are also on the list of shatavari churna benefits: The herbal powder is also used in the treatment of acute diarrhea. It not only treats the infection leading to the condition, but also makes sure that your body recovers fast.
  • Use shatavari churna benefits for a calm mind: Stress and depression are two problems as common as cough and cold. Unfortunately no one talks about it but everyone struggles to have a solution. If you too want to cure mild cases of depression and stress, just order shatavari powder for health and relax. However, in cases of acute depression and other neurological problems, you should seek help from an ayurvedic doctor.
  • Shatavari powder for health of females: By acting on female hormonal imbalance, shatavari powder solves many of female problems that are caused just due to disturbance in the hormonal levels. It also improves the functioning of reproductive system. Since it is safe, many use it while breastfeeding to increase milk production.
  • Heal ulcers with shatavari churna benefits: The herbal powder is anti infectant and also improves the wound healing capability of human body. So, if you want to get your ulcers healed fast, just order your pack of shatavari powder and start using it as soon as possible.
  • Get rid of kidney stones using shatavari powder for health: Kidney stones are also quite painful and difficult to get rid of. Thankfully, ayurveda has a lot of natural solutions to kidney stones. Talk to your doctor today and get the natural prescription to get rid of the painful accumulations naturally.

These were some of the benefits of shatavari powder for health. By looking at the list of shatavari churna benefits, it would not be wrong to say that if something can beat allopathic medicines in terms of effectiveness and safety, it is ayurveda. You should use shatavari powder for health because the damage modern medicines have done till now must be fixed urgently. And ayurvedic shatavari powder can actually help in recovering fast. So, order this herbal powder from to get pure shatavari powder at best price. Although it is available in market as well as online, finding 100% natural shatavari powder and using shatavari  churna for health in the exact manner it should be used was not easy without And this is not possible without consulting an ayurvedic doctor, right?

Hence, it is easier and healthier option to dial the toll free number- 18001030318, make a call to paramanand ayurveda and talk to a good ayurvedic doctor for free. After talking to the ayurvedic doctor, you will also get to know a few other shatavari churna benefits. So, go ahead and make a call to a healthy future.


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