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शतावरी घृत


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Shatavari ghrit is what every human being today needs in order to stay healthy and energetic. It is a medicated herbal ghee that is also helpful in treatment and prevention of many diseases. If you want to have a healthy reproductive system, or want to improve your fertility, then too shatavari ghrita is a great help. With so many benefits of shatavari ghrita, who would not want to use it? It is good if you also want to heal your body holistically with something as healthy as shatavari ghrit for fertility. But, there are several other factors that comes into the picture when you think of using ayurveda. Don’t worry, we will provide you one stop solution to all your ayurvedic needs.

The very first step to use any ayurvedic medicine is to know exactly what it is. Even if you don’t know much about herbs, it is important that you at least have a look at the list of ingredients of shatavari ghrit for fertility. After this, we will see the list of benefits of shatavari ghrit. Following this, we will also tell you how you can get free online consultation and pure shatavari ghrita while sitting at home.


Following are the herbal ingredients of shatavari ghrit:

  • Shatavari
  • Clarified butter (Murchhit Goghrita)
  • Microstylis wallichii (Jeevaka)
  • Microstylis wallichii (Rishabhaka)
  • Litsea gultinosa (Meda)
  • Litsea gultinosa (Mahameda)
  • Roscoea procera( Kakoli)
  • Cilium polyphyllum (Ksheer kakoli)
  • Vitis vinifera (Draksha)
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra (Yashtimadhu)
  • Phaseolus trilobus (Mudgparni)
  • Honey
  • Cane sugar

As you can see, the list of ingredients also contain honey and cane sugar, talk to your doctor if you are diabetic or have some other special health condition. Here are the benefits of shatavari ghrit for which everyone should consider using it.


  • Benefits of shatavari ghrit for males: The ayurvedic medicine helps males in improving fertility by dealing with problems like low sperm count, low sperm motility and less ejaculation fluid. Just one herbal formula can tackle all these problems, and you also don’t have to sacrifice your overall health to get these problems corrected. This is the beauty of ayurveda and this is the reason why you should use shatavari ghrita for fertility.
  • Shatavari ghrit addresses menstrual problems: It is a natural treatment for irregular menstrual bleeding. In fact, it is the only effective treatment for irregular cycle, pain during periods and heavy bleeding. These comprise of the most common menstrual problems most of the females suffer from. In fact, just by regularizing the cycle, one can see the role of shatavari ghrit for fertility in females too.
  • It is a permanent solution to urinary tract diseases: The balance of uterine tract disturbed once will trouble you again and again. No allopathic medicine can control the reoccurring nature as they only deal with the symptoms. But, if you use shatavari ghrit regular for a long time, no uterine tract disease will be able to make room for it in your healthy body.
  • Utilize the benefits of shatavari ghrita against sexually transmitted diseases: Till now, you have seen the role of shatavari ghrita in improving the reproductive health of both males and females. This is why many ayurvedic doctors recommend the use of shatavari ghrita for fertility treatment. But, the herbal formula can also be used in treatment of infections like gonorrhea
  • Benefits of shatavari ghrit for mind related issues: The adaptogen property of shatavari, the primary ingredient in shatavari ghrit makes it ideal in the treatment of improving mental health too. There are anti-stress properties in the natural medicine. It is because of the herbs containing flavonoids, polyphenols and saponins. All these in combination reduce the production of stress hormones. Not only this, there are herbs acting as ingredient that can increase the production of hormones or chemicals that make one feel calm and happy. What else would you want?

A healthy body with strong immunity, a sound reproductive system and a happy mind, everything is there is the benefits of shatavari ghrita. Now, it is time to see how you can get the pack of pure shatavari ghrit in order to avail all these benefits of shatavari ghrita.


In this fast moving world when nobody has time and manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines is also automated, there is one company that is in no hurry but follows the standard ayurvedic procedures for manufacturing shatavari ghrita. As a result, all the ayurvedic medicines manufactured at paramanand ayurveda are the real ayurvedic medicines with a guarantee of 100% purity.

To get shatavari ghrita for fertility at your doorstep, just dial the toll free number 18001030318. You can also order it online at if you have consulted a doctor. However, if you are new to ayurveda, you should realize the importance of consulting a good ayurvedic doctor. Yes, shatavari ghrita is ayurvedic and it will not have any side effects, but if you want all these benefits of shatavari ghrit and that too at the right time, better talk to an ayurvedic doctor. In case you don’t know any, dial the toll free number 18001030318 to get free online consultation. So, paramanand ayurveda has answers to all your questions related to ayurveda. Go ahead and grab the opportunity to use the real ayurvedic shatavari ghrit.


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