Sharpunkha Powder

शरपुंखा चूर्ण


Benefits:Acts as Laxative, Useful in Splenomegaly, Liver Infection, Hemorrhoids, Used in Digestive Disorders and Respiratory Disorders, Effect on Tridosha, Balances Vata and Kapha

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Sharpunkha churna is yet another ayurvedic medicine that utilizes the power of herbs and heals human holistically. Also know by the names wild indigo or purple tephrosia, the herb is famous by the name sharpunkha in India. This is why the herbal powder is also named on the herb. Sharpunkha powder is largely used to address liver related problems. With its unique ability to balance the kapha and vata levels in human body, sharpunkha churna benefits human body in more than just one way. Let us have a look at the list of sharpunkha churna benefits and then we will see how to consult an ayurvedic doctor for free, that too while sitting at home.


Sharpunkha PowderUse Sharpunkha powder for liver cirrhosis and get a life saving holistic treatment: Loss of liver cells leading to irreversible scarring on the liver is referred to as incurable disease in allopathy. It starts with symptoms like fatigue, loss of appetite, itching, pale skin and jaundice like experience. In case you don’t figure the problem out at an early stage, the life expectancy in patients of liver cirrhosis is sometimes as low as 6 months. So, it is better you take care of this vital organ of your body. If you have a history of liver problems, make sure you get it checked regularly. Also, there are many alternatives in ayurveda that help in elevating the health of your liver. You can talk to your ayurvedic doctor in this regard. In case you don’t have any Ayurvedic doctor near your place, we will tell you how to consult a doctor over a phone call. Before that you should be sure that you want to use ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines like sharpunkha churna or not.

If you are thinking of taking a tonic for liver, you should only use ayurvedic helps because they are effectives as well as safe. Most of the chemically synthesized products do not do what they claim. At the same time, your body will be exposed to a long list of side effects. And ayurveda has a repository of formulas specifically designed for a healthy liver. There are many causes of liver cirrhosis and some of them are: chemicals (such as alcohol, fat, and certain medications), viral infection in the liver, toxic metals (such as iron and copper that accumulate in the liver from various sources), and it also may be due to an autoimmune liver diseases. Whatever be the reason, you can get relief in all the symptoms and can also delay the decaying of liver cells with the help of ayurvedic sharpunkha powder for liver.

Splenomegaly: Spleen enlargement is also a common problem, but not something you can easily get rid of. Spleen, located near your rib cage helps the immune system by storing the White blood cells and thus contributing in the formation of anti bodies. In simple words, spleen is an organ that is responsible for your body’s natural disease fighting capability. Any kind of inflammation can result in increase in size, either in terms of weight or size. This inflammation can stay silent for some time, and you may experience no symptoms. But, no symptom doesn’t necessarily means no problems and a timely check up followed by ayurvedic help can save your life. You can use sharpunkha powder for liver even to treat splenomegaly. Sharpunkha churna benefits liver in many ways while following a healthy approach.

Because the list of sharpunkha churna benefits contains very critical conditions, it is better you first take consultation from an ayurvedic doctor and only then proceed with treating your body with ayurveda. With increase in demand and research findings, more and more people are trying to use ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicines like sharpunkha powder for liver are also available easily these days. But, finding the right ayurvedic doctor is still a challenge. Even in India, you cannot reach a qualified ayurvedic doctor easily. But thankfully, now you can with paramanand ayurveda. You can now talk to an ayurvedic doctor over phone and clarify all the doubts about sharpunkha churna benefits.

If you go into depth, you will find out that this was the only challenge as you can now order ayurvedic medicines online with at lowest price. Whether it is sharpunkha powder for liver or some other ayurvedic medicine, you just have to dial the toll free number- 18001030318 all your problems will be resolved. Whether it is about placing an order for sharpunkha powder for liver, or any other ayurvedic medicine, dial the toll free number 18001030318 and you will get ayurvedic medicines at your doorstep. By the way, in case you don’t know, with paramanand ayurveda, you will get free home too. This is yet another way off saving your hard earned money, right? Saving money is alright, but today, we are more short of a healthy body. There are diseases everywhere and everyone is suffering from one problem or the other. And ayurvedic sharpunkha powder for liver is a hope to all the patients struggling for life and a healthy liver. So, by choosing, you will get 100% natural ayurvedic medicines that can do wonders to your health, liver and all other organs.

To cut it short, no unnecessary delivery charges, no waiting for doctor’s appointment and waiting for days to fix an appointment, and no more offs from work to find the right doctor or to buy ayurvedic products. Get your prescription as well as medicines at your doorstep and start using ayurveda for a health and long life.


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