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सारस्वत घृत


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What can be better than a combination of a sharp brain and a healthy body? Saraswat ghrit is the ayurvedic formulation which when used correctly gives you both. With the help of many healing herbs and health enhancing natural ingredients, saraswat ghrit benefits human body in a variety of ways. Those who believe that health is something more than mere absence of disease would get what they are looking for in this natural tonic. Today, we will see why everyone today should use saraswat ghrit for health and happiness.

Apart from the saraswat ghrit benefits, there is a list of ingredients to facilitate a better understanding of your natural tonic. Also, we will see from where and how you can get this real ayurvedic formulation. There are many health tonics being sold and unreasonably high price in the market. But the world now has realized that it is ayurveda that can save their lives, heal their bodies and pacify their minds. However, increasing demand of ayurvedic medicines for health has led to deterioration in quality. So, it is important that what you are using is the real ayurvedic medicine. Hence, we will also throw light on this aspect of using ayurveda for life.


It is an ayurvedic herbal tonic is a unique combination of Medhya drugs having high content of brahmi. Brahmi is famous for its Nootropic and Memory enhancing properties. Apart from brahmi, the medicated ghrit also contains other highly beneficial herbs like Haridra, Amlaki, Haritaki, Pippali, Vidanga, Kushta and Vacha. Have a look at the list of ingredients of this wonder herbal medicine.

  • Brahmi
  • Amalaki
  • Turmeric
  • Vacha
  • Haritaki
  • Vidanga
  • Pippali
  • Kustha
  • Nishotha
  • Saindhava
  • Go ghrita (clarified butter)

All these herbs are anti-inflammatory, anti-amyloidogenic, anti-cholinesterase, hypolipidemic, and antioxidant in nature. Many other medicinal properties have been listed in research studies. So, we can see that the herbs involved in the preparation are highly medicinal, yet safe and healthy. When these are combined in a fixed proportion, one can expect the following uses of saraswat ghrit for health.


  • The natural formula helps in dealing with speech delays: Speech delays are a result of some neurological disorder. It can be treated with saraswat ghrit for health because herbs like brahmi reaches brain and fix things there. So, talk to your ayurvedic doctor in case you want to get help in speech delays.
  • Speaking difficulties can also be overcome with the use of saraswat ghrit for health: Apart from speech delays, many other speaking difficulties can also be corrected with the help of amazing benefits of this herbal formula.
  • It is a natural solution to low intelligence: Who would not want a sharp brain and a great memory? But, it is not easy to get it without the use of amazing ayurvedic formulas like saraswat ghrit for health. It can increase your memory and also improve the working of your brain. This is why it is also prescribed to children with slow brain.
  • Saraswat ghrit benefits in digestion: The herbal medicine is not only used for brain related issues, but it is also beneficial for dealing with digestive issues as well. The herbs acting as ingredient in saraswat ghrit for health also addresses some digestive problems like gastritis and constipation.
  • Benefits of saraswat ghrit for health: Nothing can beat this ayurvedic medicine when it comes to using it as a general health tonic. The herbs provide essential nutrients required for proper functioning of brain as well as other body parts. At the same time, by raising the immunity, it makes sure you stay free from diseases. Bet it mental or physical, debility can be eliminated with the use of saraswat ghrit for health.

These were the benefits of the amazing ayurvedic formula. If you think this wonderful product is any use for you, just grab the pack of pure and real form of this ayurvedic medicine from paramanand ayurveda. Yes, there should be no compromise on quality when it comes to using ayurvedic medicines like this one.


Starting from the cow’s ghee, to the herbs involved in the preparation, everything used in this ayurvedic formulation at paramanand ayurveda is unadulterated and fresh. This makes a lot of difference in the healing abilities and benefits of any ayurvedic medicine. Not only this, the process of manufacturing adopted at paramanand ayurveda adheres to the principles of ayurveda. This is how one can get the real ayurvedic herbal medicine.

So, now you know from where you can get 100% pure saraswat ghrit from, the how part is relatively easy. Just order it online from, or via a phone call at the toll free number- 18001030318. At this number, you can place your order for saraswat ghrit for health, can also get free online consultation, and can track your order anytime.

With so many facilities, you can easily get your pack of pure ayurvedic medicine at your doorstep. So, stop making excuses and utilize the goodness of ayurveda, especially when it can be done so easily while sitting at home. Allow ayurvedic saraswat ghrit for health to improve your physical and mental well being. You might have invested so much in the harmful drugs, now it is time to try out what is really beneficial for you.


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