Sadang Paniya

षडंग पानी


Benefits:Corona Fever, High Fever, Burning Sensations, Excessive Thirst and Heat in the Body

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Benefits: – Anti-Pyretic (Fever Control), Cholagogue, Diuretic, Cooling Effect On Body & Mind

Uses :- In Corona Fever, Other Kinds Of Fevers, Liver Problems, Pitta Issues, Excessive Heat Or Thirst Inside Body, Dehydration, Burning Sensation, Weakness After Fever. Excretes Out Heat Via Urinary Method And Calms The Body From Inside.

Ingredients: – Mustaka, Pitpapra, Ushira, Sonth, Lal Chandan, Netrabala

How To Use: – Take 10 Gms And Boil It In 500 Ml Water Mildly. When Only 100ml Remains, Stop The Boiling. Filter It And Drink It. This Is For Two People. So If You Have More Than Two People You Should Increase The Dosage Accordingly.

In Hindi :-

फायदे :- बुखार ठीक करता है, शरीर से पित्त और गर्मी को बहार करता है, शरीर में ठंडक देता ह।

उपयोग :- कोरोना में, बुखार में, टाइफाइड में, जॉन्डिस में, लिवर की खराबी में, ज्यादा अम्ल या पित्त होने पे,  प्रमेह में, मूत्र रोगों में, शरीर में अधिक गर्मी मेहसूस होने पे, बेचैनी होने पे

सामग्री :- मुस्तक, पित्तपापड़ा, उशिरा, लाल चन्दन, सोंठ, नेत्रबाला

कैसे इस्तेमाल करें :- 10  ग्राम लें और 500 Ml पानी में धीमे आंच पे उबाल।  जब पानी केवल 100 Ml रह जाये तब उसे छान कर पी ले।  यह एक व्यक्ति के लिए है और अगर ज्यादा लोग के लिए बनाये तो इसी अनुपात में मात्रा बढ़ा ले।

Sadang Paniya is an unique herbal preparation coming straight out of ancient ayurvedic scriptures and texts. It’s ultimate quality and the motivation behind its creation is the need of a coolant when the body is heating excessively from inside due to aggravation of pitta. That is why it is so good in curing Fever. All types of fever, be it chronic or acute. It is extremely useful in all sorts of fever. Apart from that there are other benefits of Sadang Paniya like headache, excessive thirst, burning sensation in body or urine, excessive or impure bile production, liver diseases e.t.c

Sadang Paniya or Shadanga Paniya is named so because it has six ingredients whose names are Mustaka, Pitpapra, Ushira, Sonth, Lal Chandan & Netrabala.  All these herbs have their unique set of healing properties and together they form an excellent combination that cools the body and excretes the excessive heat inside the body.


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