Rasanjan Powder

रसंजन चूर्ण


Benefits:Very effective in Eye Disorders, Used in Chronic Wounds, Oral Ulcer, Abdominal Ulcer, Used in Spleenomegaly, Hepatomegaly, Blisters, Jaundice, Effect on Tridosha, Balances Kapha

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With daruharidra serving as a primary ingredient, rasanjan powder is gaining popularity because of its natural healing action in a wide variety of diseases. Till recent past, people knew rasanjan powder as an ayurvedic medicine for eye infection and oral problems. But, according to ancient ayurvedic texts and also some recent scientific reports, it is claimed that the herbal powder is an answer to many liver, respiratory and skin problems too. If you talk to an ayurvedic doctors, he may prescribe you to take rasanjan churna for hiccups too. So, it is better if you talk to an ayurvedic doctor to get what your body exactly needs. We will tell you how you can consult ayurvedic doctors for free in the coming sections. Before that, let us see some of the rasanjan powder benefits. Following the rasanjan churna benefits, we will see from where to buy quality rasanjan powder and other ayurvedic medicines and also how to get free online consultation.


  • Rasanjan use for liver problemRasanjan powder is a herbal solution to Splenomegaly: Enlargement of spleen in terms of weight or size can be due to any infection, liver diseases or even some types of cancers. Symptoms like pain in the upper abdomen, indigestion, or hiccups are a few signs to watch out for. If you too have this problem and are searching for an ayurvedic cure, rasanjan powder is worth trying. The herbal powder works by improving the health of liver. Also, if there is any infection in your liver, it will be cleared off with the strong anti microbial action of rasanjan powder.
  • Treat mild to high fever naturally with rasanjan churna benefits: The herb from which rasanjan powder is made up of is antipyretic in nature. And you can utilize this in treating almost every type of fever.
  • It has been used since ages to treat conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis or pink eye can be treated naturally with the use of rasanjan churna. The churna clears off any infection in eyes and you will get instant relief in itching and pain.
  • Hemorrhoids is also on the list of uses of rasanjan powder: Complicated problems like piles or hemorrhoids can also be cured using the herbal powder. Yes, it is the herbal formula that can save you from the painful surgical processes.
  • The herbal powder addresses all the oral problems: Rasanjan powder benefits in dealing with any infection in the oral cavity. Be it related to teeth, or gums or any other part, you can get rid of oral problems naturally with the help of rasanjan powder benefits.
  • Rasanjan churna accelerates the wound healing process: Healing of wounds is delayed because of the presence of some bacterial growth. If you are not diabetic and still some non healing wounds are troubling you, rasanjan powder is a great help. Talk to your ayurvedic doctor and start using it soon.
  • Rasanjan powder benefits for skin: there are a lot of uses of rasanjan churna for skin. First of all, it improves skin complexion. Secondly, it heals boils and blisters even faster than the ointments can. And of course, you get all these rasanjan powder benefits without bearing any side effects.
  • Rasanjan powder benefits in jaundiceGive your respiratory tract a treat with rasanjan powder: You can also count on respiratory problems like asthma. With its decongesting action on the blocked nose and many more such benefits, it is helpful in giving asthma patients a peaceful breathe even in an environment stressed with pollution.
  • Ayurvedic doctors prescribe it in jaundice: Because of its ability to improve liver health, it is given to patients struggling to get over jaundice. Also, jaundice brings weakness and many other problems. You can deal with jaundice with the regular use of rasanjan powder, and at the same time recover faster with the natural health improvement.

These were the uses of rasanjan churna and if you feel you need rasanjan churna for any problem you are dealing with, just dial the toll free number 18001030318 and confirm directly from an ayurvedic doctor. Yes, it is important to take consultation from an ayurvedic doctor to confirm the exact dose of rasanjan powder you will need. Although it is completely safe to take herbal medicines like rasanjan powder, in order to get desired results, it is recommended that you get a prescription from the doctor. First of all, it is important because ayurveda doesn’t follow one size fits all. The rasanjan powder benefits may not be meant for you. Also, the doctors might prescribe a few other ayurvedic medicines depending on your condition and medicinal history. So, to get completely supervised treatment for free, dial the toll free number.

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