Pushkarmool Powder

पुष्करमूल चूर्ण


Benefits:Effect on Tridosha, Balances Kapha and Vata, Useful in Anorexia, Cough-Cold, Relives Bloating, Relieves fat and Cholesterol, Used in Weight Loss, Anti-Pyretic, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Histamine, Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Act as Beta Blocker, Useful in High BP

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Pushkarmool or Indian Elecampane is a herb with unbelievable medicinal benefits. Taking it in powdered form can do wonders to your health. By pacifying the kapha and vata doshas, the herbal powder is a solution to many day to day problems as well as some fatal disorders. Not only it is effective in treating various diseases according to ayurveda, but modern medicine also claims the same. As per some recent studies carried out in different corners of the world, the herbal powder is rich in antiseptic, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. This makes it an excellent solution to almost every type of infection. In addition to this, pushkarmool powder is also analgesic and diuretic. If you have some medicinal background, you can assess the value of getting these medicinal properties from natural sources. However, it may be difficult for someone with no knowledge of medicines and healthcare. So, let us see what the pushkarmool powder benefits are that the medicinal properties give birth to.


  • Pushkarmool powder is recomPushkarmool Powder Benefitsmended in the treatment of tuberculosis: Tuberculosis is a result of infection and with the anti microbial properties of the herbal powder, one can stop the infection from spreading further. Pushkarmool powder benefits in tuberculosis also by relieving you from chest pain.
  • You can also rely on pushkarmool powder benefits in respiratory problems: Respiratory diseases are spreading at the rate at which pollution is spreading in India. In metro cities, the severe level of pollution is increasingly troubling people with chest pain, cough, cold and problems like asthma. To combat this with natural medicines, one can try out pushkarmool powder. The uses of pushkarmool churna as expectorant are not new and hence you can trust this safe ayurvedic remedy for effectiveness too.
  • Pushkarmool churna is a natural tonic for heart that every one today needs: Like many other vital organs of your body, your heart is under tremendous pressure. The work stress, the fired and nutrition less food and many other factors are exposing your heart to several diseases. Instead of taking it to a state where you are bound to use allopathic drugs or undergo surgical process, it is better you find help in ayurvedic pushkarmool powder benefits. There are many uses of pushkarmool churna for heart because of its anti anginal, cholesterol and triglyceride balancing properties. In addition to all these pushkarmool powder benefits for heart, the herbal powder is also able to control the problem of low blood pressure. So, use the herbal powder if you want to gift all these uses of pushkarmool churna to your heart.
  • It is also used in a set of dental problems: Bad breathe, gum bleeding and other dental issues can be resolved with the help of pushkarmool powder benefits. In fact, the anti viral properties of the herbal powder make it suitable cure for cold sores due to oral herpes.
  • You can use pushkarmool powder to treat mental disorders too: As you can see, there are a wide variety of uses of pushkarmool churna, mental problems are also on the list. IT can be used against mild stress and cases of depression at initial stage. Ayurveda also has a natural and side effect free solution to other complicated neurological problems. But for such a problem, you need to take a combination of a few medicines.
  • Heal you skin problems naturally with pushkarmool powder: Because the herb is strong anti infectant, it can be used in many skin infections. In fact, conditions like psoriasis and eczema can also be pacified with the use of pushkarmool powder and a few other herbal help.
  • Deal with problems like anorexia using ayurvedic pushkarmool churna: If you don’t feel like eating and skip a meal or two, it is perfectly fine. But, when the same continues for days, it is an indication that something is wrong inside your body. At this time people take appetizers available in market. Pushkarmool powder is a healthy and natural alternative to all such chemically synthesized products. It not only improves your digestion and thus makes you feel hungry more often, but also supply your body with some of the essential nutrients to ensure speedy recovery.
  • Swelling and pain can be reduced with natural pushkarmool churna: With the anti inflammatory and analgesic properties, the herbal powder is prescribed by many ayurvedic doctors to deal with pain in any body part or swelling.

Almost every day or every other day, we happily consume pills for one reason or the other thinking of it as if we are dealing with a particular disease. However, the reality is totally different. The fact is that what we get from antibiotics is a set of inseparable side effects. If you go into deeper details of any allopathic drug, you will see a long list of possible side effects associated with it. Yes, it is absolutely true that every allopathic drug has side effects, the intensity and nature of which will vary depending on the amount of medicine and the frequency of intake. Instead of first fighting with the disease and then the after effects of medicines, it is better you choose something like ayurveda.

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