Punarnava Powder

पुनर्नवा चूर्ण


Benefits:Widely used in Renal Problems, Urinary Tract Infections, Used to treat Jaundice, Obesity and general Fever, A very good Heart Tonic and Kidney Tonic, Acts as a Rejuvenating Agent, Balances Tridosha

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The powder of Punarnava (spreading hogweed), scientifically known as Boerhaavia diffusa is healing people since ages. According to ancient ayurvedic texts, the herbal powder is a potent solution to respiratory problems, digestive disorders and also has a health enhancing effect. The same was validated after decade’s long research on punarnava powder and scientists are mesmerized with the health benefits of punarnava powder. Since punarnava powder is entirely based on the healing abilities of the herb punarnava, all the punarnava churna uses also comes from the medicinal capabilities of the same. And punarnava is a well studied medicinal herb. As per several studies conducted in the past, the herb is anti-convulsant, analgesic, alzative, laxative, and expectorant, diuretic and hepatoprotective in nature, Yes, this single herb has this many medicinal properties. Let us now see what the benefits of punarnava powder are:


  • Punarnava Powder Benefits Punarnava has anti aging effect on human skin as well as internal body parts. If your skin is showing wrinkles, or it is getting loose day by day, don’t fall for the beauty products and just take help from ayurveda. The benefits of punarnava powder will help you get the lost glow back on your skin. Also, what is even more important than looking young is to feel young. Punarnava churna uses the goodness of punarnava and improves your health in more than just one way. This way, you can also feel healthy and stay young.
  • You can get rid of all your gastrointestinal problems with the use of punarnava powder. The herb is a digestive stimulant and helps you in relieving gas from stomach. Stomach problems like constipation, acid reflux and abdominal pain can also be healed naturally with this herbal powder.
  • The herb punarnava is used as an expectorant since ages and people in India know it as a help in respiratory problems. Today, science also has to say the same about punarnava powder. The herbal powder is prescribed by ayurvedic doctors to clear out nasal congestion, to relax the airways and arrest spasms. So, you can utilize the benefits of punarnava powder even in worst cases of cough and congestion.
  • Punarnava churna uses also include a few eye problems like night blindness and conjunctivitis. Since centuries, all the parts of the herb punarnava are being used to clear eye infections and minor irritations. With the strong anti microbial activities of punarnava powder, it is no surprise that the herbal mixture can heal eye infections without harming any other part of the sophisticated organ. This is important in case of treating eye problems. You must have a solution that is safe for your eyes and tender enough to not do any harm. This isn’t available with any cosmetic product or artificially synthesized drugs.
  • benefits in liverWith the strong and natural hepatoprotective actitivites, the punarnava churna uses also include a few liver diseases. The herbal powder improves the overall health of this vital organ by detoxifying it, keep it disease free and also fights with liver diseases like fatty liver and polycystic liver diseases.
  • Many ayurvedic doctors recommend the use of punarnava powder in gynecological problems. It is prescribed to fight with infections like Urinary Tract Infections with the anti microbial and anti bacterial abilities. People also use it in problem of frequent urination.
  • The benefits of punarnava powder also act as a help in obesity as well. By regularizing your bowel movements, you can lose weight in a healthy manner with the use of punarnava powder and a few other ayurvedic medicines. If you too have excess of fat accumulated over your body, just talk to your ayurvedic doctor because he might suggest some extremely beneficial ayurvedic therapies too.
  • The herbal powder is also helpful in maintaining the healthy glucose levels of the body, and this is why people use it to get relief in diabetes. But, diabetes is a complicated problem and it is best you consult an ayurvedic doctor because ayurveda indeed has a safe and effective solution to diabetes.

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