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फलसर्पिस घृत


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Life of a woman was never easy, and today’s world, it is difficult than ever before. The increasing pressure from work, relationship stress, least physical workout and unhealthy environment is making healthy woman a myth. This is when phalasarpis ghrit for females comes to rescue your health and life. Phalasarpis ghrit is a combination of several herbs with cow’s ghee, making it a medicated ghee. It can help in treatment of various females problems, and at the same time, can be used to have a healthy body. Even if you don’t presently suffer from a complication, the benefits of phalasarpis ghrit make sure you preserve the same state in the coming future.

If you were ignoring any of your health issues till now, it is time you pay attention to it by making it your first priority. Of course, ayurvedic products like phalasarpis ghrita are there to help you out. The medicated ghee is a natural solution to many female issues and it is all because of the amazing ingredients involved in the preparation. So, we will first have a look at the ingredients of phalasarpis ghrita and then we will see the benefits of phalasarpis ghrit. Also, you can avail all these benefits of phalasarpis ghrita only if you use 100% natural and ayurvedic phalasarpis ghrit. So, we will also see in end how you can get such high quality phalasarpis ghrit for females at your doorstep.


Following herbs are used in the preparation of phalasarpis ghrit:

  • Manjishta – Rubia cordifolia
  • Kushta – Saussurea lappa
  • Tagara – Valeriana wallichi
  • Triphala – Haritaki, Vibhitaki and Amla
  • Sharkara – sugar
  • Vacha – Acorus calamus
  • Haridra – Turmeric
  • Daruharidra – Berberis aristata
  • Madhuka – Glycyrrhiza glabra
  • Meda – Polygonatum cirrhifolium
  • Dipyaka – Trachyspermum roxburghianum
  • Katukarohini – Picrorrhiza kurroa
  • Payasya – Ipomea mauritiana
  • Hingu – Asafoetida
  • Kakoli – Roscoea procera
  • Vaijigandha – Withania somnifera
  • Shatavari – Asparagus racemosus
  • Ghrita – ghee
  • Kshira-milk

Here, the ghee and milk used as ingredients are fresh cow’s ghee and cow’s milk. These two when taken in predetermined quantity gives a major contribution to the healing potential of phalasarpis ghrita. And when these ingredients are combined using ancient ayurvedic processes, one can get following benefits of phalasarpis ghrit.


  • Phalasarpis ghrit is useful for improving uterus health: It is a great tool to improve uterine health. By giving the uterus a bunch of health enhancing herbs, the ayurvedic formula leaves no scope of disease or malfunctioning. This is the reason it is prescribed to ladies who want a treatment for infertility or frequent miscarriage.
  • The ayurvedic formulation balances hormones naturally: Hormonal balance creates a great deal of trouble in any female’s life. Mood swings to pimples to irregular menstruation; imbalance in hormones is an invitation to a dozen health problems. And the worst part is- there is no successful treatment for this in allopathy. All we have are harmful drugs with no effectiveness. Thankfully, the benefits of phalasarpis ghrita helps you have perfect hormonal levels.
  • It is a one stop solution for those who want to improve fertility: If you cannot have child despite all reports coming out to be normal, you must try out phalasarpis ghrit for females. It improves the chances of fertilization by keeping the reproductive system of every female healthy enough to conceive.
  • Role of phalasarpis ghrit in determining vaginal health: From preventing any vaginal infection, to maintaining a healthy pH, phalasarpis ghrita for females is excellent in keeping one’s vagina healthy. This in turn also contributes to increased chances of fertilization.
  • Benefits of phalasarpis ghrit for womb: Because of the presence of several nutritious herbs, phalasarpis ghrita is perfect tonic for womb. It is prescribed by many ayurvedic doctors as an aid for womb nourishment.

After going through the list of benefits of phalasarpis ghrit, any female would love to use it. But, make sure the pack of phalasarpis ghrita you pay for is pure and ayurvedic phalasarpis ghrit. You can get such high quality product at paramanand ayurveda.


The phalasarpis ghrit manufactured by paramanand ayurveda is of high quality because every ingredient involved in the preparation is of high quality. The ayurvedic company manufactures every ayurvedic medicine only with fresh herbs collected directly from the wilds. No chemicals are allowed in the preparation of ayurvedic products. All this makes it the only company following all the rules laid down in ancient ayurvedic texts religiously. This preserves the healing abilities of herbs, and hence you can relax that you have the real ayurvedic phalasarpis ghrita.

In case your ayurvedic doctor has prescribed you phalasarpis ghrit for females, just order it from paramanand ayurveda. Placing the order is also easy- either online from or by dialing the toll free number 18001030318. In case you have not consulted any ayurvedic doctor yet, you can also get free online consultation at the same toll free number. Discuss your problem, or clarify your doubts about the benefits of phalasarpis ghrita and then order it from paramanand ayurveda as it is the only place you can get pure ayurvedic medicines.

Ayurveda has potential to heal human body holistically, provided you know the right path to follow. Paramanand ayurveda shows you the complete path by providing you with real ayurvedic medicines and completely supervised treatment. Utilize these offers and see the magical change real ayurveda makes in your life.


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