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पाषाणभेदी क्वाथ


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Stones are becoming so common that every other person in this country needs to get rid of it. It is one of the problems that ayurveda can resolve quite easily. There are many herbs that help you get rid of the painful problem and at the same time saves you from undergoing the painful surgical procedure. Pashanabhedi kwath is one such ayurvedic formula. It name consists of two meaningful words: Pashana (stones) and bhedi (breaking). So, the name itself is enough to tell you the benefits of pashanbhedi kwath. However, if you have stone and want to get rid of it holistically, only the name isn’t enough. Apart from having an idea of how it deals with such a painful problem, you should also consult an ayurvedic doctor before proceeding. He or she will guide you best. Also, there are many more pashanbhedi kwath uses that only an ayurvedic doctor would be able to tell you. Yes, here we will see the benefits of pashanbhedi kwath, but, only an ayrvedic doctor would precisely tell you how it can utilized on the basis of your body type.

So, here you will see not only the benefits of pashanbhedi kwath, but also the ingredients and some easy ways to interact with the ayurvedic doctor for free. Let us quickly see the ingredients of this magical formula and then we will throw light on pashanbhedi kwath uses too.


Pashanbheda- bergenia ligulata is a golden herb of Himalayas. Bergenia species have been in use in Ayurvedic medicine system for a long time now. This plant already has been recognized for its role in dissolving kidney stone. Apart from this one reason, the herb has several medicinal properties like:

  • Anti- diabetic
  • Antipyretic
  • Hepato protective
  • Anticancer
  • Antiprotozoal
  • Diuretic
  • Cardiovascular
  • Antiscorbutic
  • Antilithiatic and
  • Anti-inflammatory

With these medicinal properties, anyone can imagine how many diseases one can treat with the pashanbhedi kwath uses. Here is the list of pashanbhedi kwath uses that you must be aware of:


  • This herbal medicine is a natural laxative: If you regularly suffer from the problem of constipation or indigestion, pashanbhedi kwath uses are meant for you. One can use it as a laxative and get relief in pain and discomfort due to constipation. Overall too, it is good for improving the digestive system.
  • Benefits of pashanbhedi kwath in pain: The herb which makes the end product is known to be a strong analgesic. It relieves pain and unlike the allopathic drugs also improves your overall health. This is the beauty of ayurveda and ayurvedic herbs. They do heal, but never compromise with your future health. And this is impossible with allopathic drugs as there is no way out to separate the side effects. This is the reason more and more people are choosing herbal healing over drugs.
  • Pashanbhedi kwath uses in piles: As it is a natural laxative, it can easily avoid the formation of piles. But, even when you already have this painful problem, this herbal formula can help. It reduces pain that is horrible symptom of piles. At the same time, when combined with a few other ayurvedic medicines, the herbal formula can also contribute in reducing the unwanted growth leading to all the problems. Using ayurveda, one can easily avoid the surgical procedure that is commonly viewed as the only solution in piles. So, if you too want to get rid of piles, but don’t want any surgery, just talk to your ayurvedic doctor.
  • Treat spleen and liver disorders using the ayurvedic formula: Enlargement of the spleen and other such disorders can be very well taken care of with this ayuvedic kwath. It is many times used as a way to avoid such problems.
  • Heal Urinary Tract Infections and get rid of Kidney Stones: It is one of the best possible medicines to make UTIs heal faster. In addition to this, one can also get rid of kidney stones with pashanbhedi kwath uses. The herbal cure does so by breaking the stone into smaller pieces so that you don’t have to bear much pain.

These were the benefits of pashanbhedi kwath. If you want to get rid of kidney stone naturally, this probably is the best ayurvedic solution. Let us now see how to get the benefits of pashanbhedi kwath while sitting at home.


First of all, you should be double sure of the quality of ayurvedic medicine you are using. With increase in demand, several companies are selling anything under the tag of ayurveda. So, it is better you place your order with a trustworthy name like paramanand ayurveda. Placing order online at will help you get pure and 100% natural pashanbhedi kwath at your doorstep. Also, you can place your order by calling at the numbers- 9990005395 or 9990004674. Here you can also get free online consultation from a team of ayurvedic experts. Yes, getting doctor’s consultation is also free for all.

So, it is better you utilize all these offers and work towards the improvement of your health by choosing ayurveda over anything. There are certain diseases ayurveda is known to treat better than any other healing science, and stone is also one of them. Apart from stones, you can also utilize the other benefits of pashanbhedi kwath mentioned in the list. Don’t delay it anymore and get a natural solution to all your pain and problems in this ayurvedic formulation.


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