Panchvalkal Powder

पंचवल्कल चूर्ण


Benefits:Anti Inflammatory, Antiseptic, Anti Bacterial, Anti Microbial, Healing Properties, Ability to reduce Kapha and Adipose Tissue also used in Weight Loss, Very effective Medicine in Female Reproductive Health Problems

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As the name suggests, panchvalkal powder or panchvalakal churna is an ayurvedic formulation comprising of five major herbs. The barks of five different trees are powdered and mixed to make the final ayurvedic solution that resolves some common health problems of the time. Since it is made up of all herbs, and if you order the herbal powder from places like, you will get 100% pure product, there is absolutely no side effect of using panchvalkal powder. Yes, exactly the opposite of what allopathic drugs deliver. The key to this side effect free nature and its effectiveness is all a result of the powerful ingredients involved in the preparation of the herbal formula. What are the ingredients that are the source of all the panchvalkal powder uses? Let us see the list of ingredients of panchvalkal powder and then we will move on to the list of panchvalkal powder uses.

Also, just by ordering panchvalkal powder and keeping it at home, you cannot gain anything. You need to take it for quite some time religiously and only then you will be able avail all the panchvalakal churna benefits. So, after the list of panchvalkal powder uses, you will also see how you can gain maximum of panchvalakal churna benefits.


Here is the list of ingredients of panchvalkal powder. Some of you might have heard about it, but even if you don’t know any of them, it is perfectly fine as all of them are scientifically proen to be safe for use.

  • Vata (Ficus bengalensis Linn)
  • Udumbara (Ficus glomerata Roxb.)
  • Ashwatha (Ficus religiosa Linn.)
  • Parish (Thespesia populenea Soland ex corea.) and
  • Plaksha (Ficus lacor Buch-Ham.)

Each one of the five herbs present in Panchavalkala powder has astringent properties which according to ayurveda help in the Shodhan or cleaning. In addition to this, the anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, wound healing and hemostatic properties add to the healing abilities of panchvalkal powder. Panchavalkal powder is usually prepared by adopting a classical ayurvedic method called choorna kalpana. During the manufacturing, small pieces of Panchavalkal are dried completely and grinded to make fine powder.  The final product is kept in an air tight container for a specified time and then packed. Now you know what is panchvalkal powder made up of and how it is prepared, let us see the panchvalakal churna benefits.


  • Panchvalkal Powder BenefitsPanchvalkal powder helps the wounds to heal faster: Certain types of wounds do not heal with time. Most of the times, diabetic people struggle with wound healing, but sometimes, bacterial infections do not let the skin repair in healthy people too. Certain factors like bacterial infection, nutritional deficiency, drugs, site of wound etc. also have a direct impact on the rate at which wound heals. To make wounds heal faster and to let your skin repair naturally, just grab the pack of panchvalkal powder and ask your ayurvedic doctor about using it.
  • Panchvalkal powder is antimicrobial in nature: The herbal mixture is perfect to fight any type of infection in any body part. Various studies have been conducted in the past with an objective to evaluate in-vitro antibacterial, anti viral and anti fungal activities of the powder and the results speak in favor of the panchvalkal powder uses.
  • Heal yourself holistically with leucorrhea: Almost every woman suffers from some form of leucorrhea in her reproductive cycle. Although the vaginal discharge will be normally white in color, for some women it may be yellow or greenish yellow in color. Many treat it with allopathic drugs only to realize that it will reoccur in future. Sometimes, the intensity of the problem demands a treatment like panchvalkal powder. The other times, the reoccurring nature of the problem creates a hurdle for females. In both the cases, you can rely on the panchvalakal churna benefits.
  • Panchvalakal churna is useful in dealing with pain in any body part: With strong anti inflammatory herbs involved in the preparation, the herbal mixture is perfect solution for any type of pain. Be it stomach ache or headache and even pain due to arthritis can be healed with the use of panchvalkal churna.
  • The herbal powder is hemostatic in nature: The ability to stop the blood flow helps panchvalakal churna benefits in not only wound healing, but also in many other diseases.

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