Panchkol Powder

पंचकोल चूर्ण


Benefits:Good Appetizer, Helps in good Digestion, Relieves Bloating, Ascites, Anorexia, Effect on Tridosha, Balances Vata and Kapha also used in Panchkarma Therapy

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Panchkol powder is made up of five highly beneficial and medically proven to be effective herbs: Pippali; pippalimula; chavya; Chitraka and Shunti. All the five herbs involved in the preparation of panchkol powder are used in several other ayurvedic formulas. But, here, when combined in a specified proportion, these five create magical benefits for human skin, liver and digestion. Let us see the panchkol powder benefits for which you must buy the herbal powder right now.

Also, if you plan to buy, make sure you get only pure and 100% natural panchkol powder. With the rise in demand for ayurvedic medicines like panchkol powder, there are many cases of adulteration and synthetic products being sold online. Don’t worry and concentrate on the panchkol churna uses and we will tell you how to get pure panchkol churna at your doorstep in a while.


  • Panchkol Powder BenefitsPanchkol powder brings your digestion back in shape and hence, it can be used to treat both- diarrhea as well as constipation.
  • If you have a problem of stomach gas, this too means that your digestion is not fine. To get rid of gas problem without taking an antacid every day, try out panchkol powder benefits and feel the difference.
  • The anti infectant ability makes it possible for the powder to help out in critical infections like malaria. You can get relief in fever due to malaria as well as all other symptoms of the problem naturally with the uses of panchkol churna.
  • Rheumatic diseases affecting the tendons, bones and ligaments can also be healed naturally with the uses of panchkol powder and a few other ayurvedic medicines.
  • Cough, cold and even chronic bronchitis are also on the list of panchkol powder benefits. Several respiratory infections troubling your breathing process can also be cured using the panchkol churna benefits. Considering the polluted air we are breathing in today, everyone needs help from ayurvedic remedies like panchkol churna.
  • Internal as well as skin bacterial infections can be defeated with the anti bacterial properties of the herbal mixture. Panchkol powder benefits in many infections because of the anti bacterial and antiviral properties inherited by the fruits and leaves of neem tree.
  • If you cannot breathe with ease due to asthma, panchkol powder uses may change your life for good.
  • Sexually transmitted problems like gonorrhea can also be treated with the use of pure panchkol churna. This too is a kind of infection and hence can be tackled with the anti infectant abilities of the herbal powder.
  • In a specific case of paralysis of the tongue, panchkol powder benefits by balancing the pitta levels. This has been mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts, and today, we even have scientific proofs stating the same.
  • In cases of cholera, viral hepatitis and hepatotoxicity also, many ayurvedic doctors recommend the use of panchkol powder benefits. In general too, panchkol powder is good for liver health and also helps in diseases of spleen.
  • By reducing inflammation and spasms, panchkol powder uses can help you get rid of frequent hiccups.
  • Ulcers, cold sores and swelling on the skin will be nowhere if you trust the panchkol powder benefits and use it exactly as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Microbial infections like diarrhea and dysentry can be easily cured with the help of this wonder ayurvedic product.
  • Be it acne, or eczema or any other skin issue, almost all the skin problems can be cured using panchkol churna naturally.
  • All types of nausea due to all reasons, for instance, post-surgery nausea, nausea due to chemotherapy and pregnancy related nausea are also on the list of panchkol powder uses.
  • The herbal powder also has pain relieving properties. This is why it is recommended in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The two are quite painful and the patients live with a pain killer every day. But, panchkol churna is a healthy alternative to the harmful and expensive allopathic medicines.

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