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पंचगव्य घृत


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Panchgavya ghrit in basically a fusion of five medicinal products we get from cow. Cow is worshipped in India and there are several theories behind it. Indian culture gives importance to this animal probably because of the healing power in cow’s milk and cow’s ghee. The scientists may have realized this recently, but ayurveda knows the magical healing powers since centuries. It has been mentioned as a solution to different health problems in Charak Samhita. This is the power of ayurveda, and thankfully, we are gradually moving towards the holistic science once again. This is the reason ayurvedic health enhancing formulations like panchgavya ghrit for health gaining popularity.

Yes, panchgavya ghrit is beneficial in a variety of ways. But, do you know what exactly makes the real panchgavya ghrit? Which five components are used in the preparation of the magical ayurvedic product? Even before listing the benefits of panchgavya ghrit, let us see the ingredients of panchgavya ghrit.


Panchagavya Ghrita is a medicated ghee consisting of following five components:

  • Cow’s milk
  • Clarified butter from cow’s milk
  • Cow’s urine,
  • Curd from cow’s milk
  • Cow dung juice.

Till the last decade, there was debate over the use of cow’s urine and cow dung juice as medicines. But, recent researches have shown that cow’s urine has been demonstrated to possess antioxidant properties. All other ingredients used here are tested for efficacy as well as safety. And the results have astonished even modern day scientists. The claims about cow’s urine treating cancer have also come out to be true in experimental studies. This is why ayurvedic panchgavya ghrit holds so many medicinal properties.

The only thing to note here is- not to use preserved cow’s products. Since the products are already famous, they are being sold separately in the market. But, to prepare real panchgavya ghrit for health benefits, one should use only fresh cow’s milk and freshly prepared ghee too. The same goes true for all the other ingredients. This will determine the quality of panchgavya ghrita and the quality in turn will decide the ultimate benefits of panchgavya ghrita. We will see in a while how you can get best quality panchgavya ghrita in order to gain maximum from the ayurvedic product. Before that, have a look at the benefits of panchgavya ghrita:


  • panchgavya ghrit in epilepsyBenefits of panchgavya ghrit in epilepsy: Epilepsy is a neurological disorder caused due to abnormal activity of brain. The activities cause seizures and several other complicated problems. It is becoming a common problem, but the real complication is- there is no effective solution in allopathy. However, ayurveda has potential cure for epilepsy as well as other neurological disorders since it has medicines that can reach human brain. Without affecting its normal functioning, panchgavya ghrita for health reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures initially. Since it is made up of all natural and healthy ingredients, it can be used for a really long time.
  • Treat fever naturally with panchgavya ghrit: The benefits of panchgavya ghrita can help in a complicated problem like epilepsy, as well as minor issues like fever. If you have a pack of panchgavya ghrit at home, try it out when you have fever. It will bring your body temperature back to normal.
  • It is a holistic treatment for jaundice: Skin and whites of the eyes turning yellow are the primary signs of jaundice. It is a result of a diseased liver, and takes time to leave. Also, patients suffering from jaundice find it difficult to gain their strength and energy back. The benefits of panchgavya ghrita help in not only healing of jaundice, but also in recovering faster.
  • Panchgavya ghrita for healthPanchgavya ghrita for health is a natural immunostimulant: Immunity plays a crucial role in determining the health of humans. These days, weakened immunity is the reason behind so much of expenditure on drugs. Hence, people are searching for a natural heal that can heal their bodies and raise immunity. If you too want a stronger immune system, use panchgavya ghrit for health. The ayurvedic formula is probably the best immonustimulant we have in ayurveda.

If you too want all these benefits of panchgavya ghrit, grab your pack of pure and 100% natural panchgavyva ghrit. If you want panchgavya ghrita of high quality, try buying it from paramanand ayurveda.


If you are thinking of buying panchgavya ghritafor health, paramanand ayurveda is the best place to buy it from because:

  • At paramanand ayurveda, you will get only quality panchgavya ghrita.
  • The ingredients used while preparing panchgavya ghrit are all fresh and of good quality.
  • The price is totally affordable and you can also free home delivery.
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  • In case you don’t have any doctor’s prescription, or need help regarding the benefits of panchgavya ghrita, you can also get free online consultation over the same phone call.

With all these benefits of panchgavya ghrit, and the ease with which you can use the herbal product in pure form with the help of paramanand ayurveda, there is no point in thinking too much. Just get your pack and start the journey towards a healthy, disease free and medicine free life.


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