Panchanimbadi Powder

पंचनिम्बादि चूर्ण


Benefits:Effect on Tridosh, Balances Piit Dosha, Anti-Pyretic, Anti-Spasmodic, Used in various Skin Infections (Non-Healing Wounds, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis)

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Panchanimbadi powder is certainly one of the most powerful ayurvedic medicines that can be used to treat a variety of human health conditions. Some ayurvedic medicines use the bark of neem tree while others utilize the goodness of the fruit of the herbal tree. Since we know that all the parts of neem tree have some medicinal value, in panchanimbadi powder, we mix 5 different components of the tree. Yes, panchanimbadi powder contains 5 elements from neem tree like root, leaves, bark and fruit. But, this is not all as there are many other herbs involved in the preparation of panchanimbadi churna. This is why we count it among the strongest ayurvedic medicines. Have a look at the ingredients of panchanimbadi churna. Following this is the list of benefits of panchanimbadi churna


Pichumarda tvak, pichumarda phala, pichumarda patra, pichumarda mula and pichumarda pushpa are the five components taken from neem tree. Apart from these, haritaki, bibhitaki, amalaki, shunthi, maricha, pippali, brahmi, gokshura, shuddha bhallataka, agnika (chitraka), vidanga sara, varahi, lauha bhasma, guduchi, haridra, daruharidra and avalaguja / bakuchi etc are taken in equal amount. As you can see, the list of ingredients for preparing panchanimbadi powder is quite long. The same holds true for panchanimbadi powder uses as well. Because it contains so many medicinal herbs, one can expect the herbal mix to benefit every body part in some way or the other. Let us quickly see the list of panchanimbadi powder uses, the information you are here, right?


With a natural ability to balance the disturbed pitta levels, the herbal powder can be used in the following conditions:

  • Panchanimbadi Powder BenefitsDermatitis: Itchy, dry and reddened skin with rashes and swelling trouble in dermatitis the most. All of them can be healed naturally with the benefits of panchanimbadi churna. Those who have used neem may not find it surprising. And since panchanimbadi powder uses not one or two but 5 parts of neem tree, getting relief in dermatitis using this herbal powder is not a big deal.
  • Eczema: You can also get rid of this itchy inflammation of the skin using panchanimbadi powder for quite some time.
  • Pruritis: Although it is not a chronic health complication, but very uncomfortable one. So, don’t drag the skin problem wherever you go and just try the natural benefits of panchanimbadi churna.
  • Diabetes: In ancient times, people used the fruit of neem to combat diabetes. Today, it is replaced with the scientifically tested panchanimbadi powder. Talk to your ayurvedic doctor today if you have diabetes because ayurveda has a natural solution to this fatal problem.
  • Ascites: Accumulation of fluid in the abdomen is caused because of malfunctioning of the liver. The herbal powder improves the health of liver and hence is good in conditions like ascites.
  • Psoriasis: This probably is the most dreadful skin condition that also takes a toll on confidence. You can improve the condition of your skin with panchanimbadi powder uses and a few ayurvedic therapies. Talk to a good ayurvedic doctor now if you want to get rid of psoriasis. In fact, find the toll free number for free online consultation in the coming sections and get an advice today.
  • Sinus: Respiratory problems are on rise these days, thanks to the pollution levels in India. To get relief in conditions like sinus, and also to keep your respiratory tract healthy, try out the benefits of panchanimbadi churna and see the magical changes.
  •  panchanimbadi powder for WoundsNon healing wounds: Non healing wounds in normal people and also in diabetics can be healed with the regular use of panchanimbadi powder.
  • Headache: From mild to severe headache and headache due to migraine, panchanimbadi powder uses include every type of headache. So, use panchanimbadi powder to get natural solution for headache.
  • Arthritis: Because of the anti inflammatory abilities the herbal mix has, it can not only be used in headache, but you can also use it against pain in arthritis. As you can see, the list of ingredients contains many anti inflammatory herbs, a strong pain relieving action can be expected from panchanimbadi powder.
  • Infections: Many ayurvedic doctors recommend it in the treatment of urinary tract infections as well as several types of skin infections.

If you want to avail all these benefits of panchanimbadi churna or want to get rid of any disease listed above, just grab the pack of pure and natural panchanimbadi powder. Because ayurveda is in demand, there are many companies selling their products under different claims. This makes it difficult to distinguish between pure and synthetic products. This is the challenge in ayurveda today. One way to overcome this problem is to choose a trusted name for quality- Here, you will get only 100% natural ayurvedic medicines with no adulteration. If you have any doubt, you can call on the toll free number- 18001030318 and clarify. The team from paramanand ayurveda will be there to assist you till the product is delivered to you and even after that. Yes, before ordering panchanimbadi powder, you can get free online consultation at this toll free number. Not only this, you can avail this offer even after you have started using the herbal powder.

So, from beginning till the time you get a perfectly healthy body, the ayurvedic company is there to help you. Seems too good to be true, but you can try it out right now. Dial the toll free number 18001030318 and get all your queries regarding ayurveda and ayurvedic panchanimbadi powder uses resolved.


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