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Nirgundyadi is a ghee medicated by inclusion of more than a dozen medicinal herbs. It is prescribed by ayurvedic doctors in respiratory problems and some neurological disorders. If you can get pure nirgundyadi ghrit, the benefits of nirgundyadi ghrit will definitely change your life. Nowadays, you can easily get nirgundyadi ghrit. It is also available online at variable prices. But, getting pure nirgundyadi ghritam is really a big deal. So, we will throw light on the benefits of nirgundyadi ghrit. Apart from discussing all the nirgundyadi ghritam uses, we will also see the ingredients involved in the preparation of the amazing ayurvedic product.

In the end, if you find the benefits of nirgundyadi ghritam of any use for you, we will also guide you on how to get pure and 100% natural nirgundyadi ghrit. So, let us start with the list of ingredients of nirgundyadi ghrit.


The primary ingredient that determines most of the healing abilities of nirgundyadi ghritam is nirgundi. The medicinal herb is famous for its holistic action on respiratory tract. Apart from nirgundi, there are several other herbs serving as ingredient, and following is the complete list:

  • Nirgundi
  • Amlaki
  • Haritaki
  • Bibhitaki
  • Patha
  • Cumin
  • Vacha
  • Murva
  • Krishnajiraka
  • Hima
  • Madhurika
  • Thikshnaksha
  • Garlic
  • Drona
  • Agada
  • Nagara
  • Matrughati
  • Black pepper
  • Manjistha
  • Long pepper
  • Suradaru and putidaru
  • Ajaji and visha
  • Rasna
  • Aghori
  • Licorice and sarpagandha
  • Ashwagandha


  • nirgundyadi ghritam benefitsBenefits of nirgundyadi ghrit for respiratory disorders: Nirgundyadi ghritam is probably the best solution for most commonly troubling respiratory infections. Here is the list of respiratory problems for which nirgundyadi ghrit uses are recommended.
  • The herbal formulation is perfect cure for cough. Whether it is dry cough or productive cough, one can get relief naturally with the benefits of nirgundyadi ghrit.
  • Cough is often accompanied by cold. These two conditions in combination can make it difficult for the patient to breathe in ease. However, using nirgundyadi ghritam can help you get rid of both the conditions naturally.
  • Bronchitis: Infection in the bronchial tubes leads to bronchitis. It is one of the most commonly occurring respiratory tract infections. Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult to get rid of. Thankfully, nirgundyadi ghritam makes it possible to fight with the infection and clear the bronchial tubes of any unwanted accumulations.
  • Asthma: Asthma is a real threat with pollution taking over environment. Till the last decade, the patients of asthma had to struggle during the time of season change. Today, every day is a challenge because of the high levels of pollution. If something can beat the impact of pollution on lunges, it is nirgundyadi ghit uses. So, if you have asthma, try out the benefits of nirgundyadi ghrit and experience a new change.
  • nirgundyadi ghrit for AsthmaNirgundyadi ghrit helps in dealing with epilepsy in children: The cases of epilepsy in children are seen to be rising every day. The reasons are still to be found, but those who are dealing with the complex situation need a solution. And since you know nervous system problems can be resolved effectively using ayurveda, you should talk to your ayurvedic doctor. He certainly will prescribe nirgundyadi ghritam uses along with a few other ayurvedic medicines.
  • It is a herbal solution to convulsions: Convulsions are rapid contractions and relaxation of muscles. This happens repeatedly resulting in uncontrolled actions of the body. Although they are one of the symptoms of epilepsy, one can also suffer from convulsions due to several reasons. This too has got its root in nervous system, and hence treatment can also be done by fixing things deep inside. To deal with convulsions, demoniacs and other similar problems, utilize the benefits of nirgundyadi ghritam. It gives relief in the condition and at the same time saves you from the side effects of ineffective drugs.

To avail these and many more benefits of nirgundyadi ghritam, you need to have pure form of the medicated ghrit. In the next section we will tell you how you can order 100% natural and pure nirgundyadi ghrit from paramanand ayurveda.


At paramanand ayurveda, one gets only high quality ayurvedic medicines. Nirgundyadi ghritam manufactured at paramanand ayurveda is of best quality because of the quality checks every ingredient goes through. Not only this, while manufacturing nirgundyadi ghrit, special care is taken. No chemicals are used while preparing the ayurvedic product. This is how a real ayurvedic nirgundyadi ghrit is prepared at paramanand ayurveda.

You can order your pack of nirgundyadi ghritam online from, or can also order it over phone by dialing the toll free number- 18001030318. Here, by dialing this number, you can get free online consultation too. Yes, talking to the team of ayurvedic doctors is as easy as dialing a number while sitting at home. So, go ahead and clarify your doubts about the benefits of nirgundyadi ghritam by dialing the toll free number. If you already have doctor’s prescription, just place your order. You can also track it in future over the same number.

So, using nirgundyadi ghritam and all other ayurvedic medicines is no more difficult. Hence, you can get a better health and a longer life by doing minimal efforts. Put that effort in ayurveda and the magic of real ayurveda will definitely change your life forever.


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