Nirgundi Powder

निर्गुन्डी चूर्ण


Benefits:Balances Vata and Kapha Dosha, Useful in intestinal worm Infestation, Spleen Disorder, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cold-Cough, Used in Abdominal Tumor, Anorexia, Running Nose, Improves Memory, Hair Quality, Anti-Toxic, Improves Intelligence

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Nirgundi powder is yet another herbal powder that inherits its medicinal capabilities from a herb proven to be beneficial. It is sometimes referred to as Vitex negundo or Pithecellobium dulce. Commonly we also call it five-leaved chaste tree. With so many names, the herb has even more number of benefits for human body. You can use it in a wide variety of health conditions. Here are the uses of nirgundi churna for which you should grab your pack right now.

After going through all the nirgundi power benefits, if you feel like you should use the magical powder, we will show you the right path too. We will also talk about how to get pure form of nirgundi powder at your doorstep with just one phone call.


  • Nirgundi powder is a natural source of vitamin C: If ayurveda and ancient ayurvedic texts are to be believed, nirgundi is the richest source of Vitamin C. This is inherited in nirgundi churna as well. And you must be aware of the role of vitamin C in human body. Yes, the nutrient may not be the cure for any disease, but it always has the potential to prevent many diseases. You can look as well as stay young with the right amount of antioxidants supplied through vitamin C.
  • Treat fever naturally with nirgundi powder benefits: Fever is a signal from body that something is not going on right. According to ayurveda, there are many types of fever: fever caused because of just one dosha, or a combination of two doshas, and even because of an imbalance in all three doshas. Depending on the assessment of type of fever, the treatment will also vary. So, talk to your ayurvedic doctor to find out whether your fever can be treated with nirgundi powder or not. If you don’t have any ayurvedic doctor near your place, if you want to save your time and money, we will tell you how to consult an ayurvedic doctor for free in a short while.
  • Get reliefs in acute toothache using nirgundi churna benefits: Toothache can be quite painful and using antibiotics for too long is equally harmful. The best way is to deal with the problem naturally. Get a pack of nirgundi powder. Order it from if you want to use only pure and natural nirgundi powder and say goodbye to toothache due to any reason.
  • Have a healthy digestion while treating diarrhea: Nirgundi powder benefits your stomach and digestive system in more than just one way. The herbal powder cures indigestion, brings down temperature and can also help a lot in diarrhea. With a few doses of nirgundi churna, you can get your digestive system back on track.
  • Nirgundi powder heals wounds faster: The herbal powder has a unique skin repairing ability. This is why it is given to patients dealing with non healing wounds in any body part. People with diabetes also use nirgundi powder benefits to heal their wounds faster and naturally.
  • You can improve fertility with the uses of nirgundi churna: If you want to have a baby in your life and are unable to bring that joy in your life despite trying it for years, try out ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicines like nirgundi churna can be used by both men and women to have a healthy reproduction. You can also talk to an ayurvedic doctor to take help of ayurvedic procedures and therapies along with medicines to finally get a new life in this world.
  • Have a healthy menstruation and PMS free cycle with nirgundi powder benefits: Most of the females today struggle with some or the other menstruation problem. Some have extremely painful periods while other struggle with heavy bleeding. Several others bear the unexplainable mood swings a few days before the onset of their periods. If you any such problem, don’t miss the chance to let nirgundi powder heal your body beautifully.
  • Nirgundi powder benefits in skin diseases: Nirgundi powder, since rich in vitamin C, is good for human skin. It gives you a wrinkle free and glowing skin. You can also get rid of dark circles with the use of this natural vitamin C source. But, only a good ayurvedic doctor would tell you the uses of nirgundi churna in skin diseases like acne, eczema and psoriasis. Yes, you can use the herbal powder against a wide variety of skin diseases.

With so many nirgundi powder benefits, you must be in a hurry to order the herbal powder. However, you must consult an ayurvedic doctor before using nirgundi churna or any other ayurvedic medicine. This not only ensures safety, but also maximum benefits. Also, it is no easy to consult an ayurvedic doctor and you can do so for free too. Just dial the toll free number- 18001030318 now and get the prescription for your problems. And it doesn’t end just at the prescription because you can order the medicines over the same phone call. So, to use ayurveda for health, you just have to dial the toll free number. This call will give you free online consultation, best ayurvedic medicines at your doorstep and also supervision from the team of doctors at for the rest of your treatment. So, don’t think much and dial the number to have a healthy life, a happy and long life.


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