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कण्टकारी घृत


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Respiratory problems are on rise with increase in pollution levels. It is making the world a difficult place to live in for those who are suffering from respiratory problems like asthma. In fact, the new cases of asthma reported in the year 2019 is more than ever, and this is an indication that hazardous pollutants are not only problematic for patients. But, it is affecting the respiratory health of everyone. This is why ayurvedic medicines like kantakari ghrit are gaining popularity. Kantakari ghrit benefits in several respiratory problems and hence it is the need of the time.

Earlier, on an average, a human being suffered from cough and cold occasionally. But, today, frequent episodes of cough and cold, and increasing cases of asthma indicate that something like kantakari ghrit is urgent requirement of all humans breathing the polluted air. So, let us see the basic about kantakari ghrita for respiratory problems. This will help you decide what kantakari ghrita is made up of. We will also provide a list of benefits of kantakari ghrita. With this, you can decide whether you should use kantakari ghrita for respiratory problems or not. Once you take the final decision, we will also tell you from where to buy best quality kantakari ghrita at affordable price.


Following are the herbs and natural ingredients involved in the preparation of kantakari ghrit for respiratory problems.

  • Ghrita ( Also known as ghee, the one here used is freshly prepared cow’s ghee)
  • Kantakari kwatha (an ayurvedic preparation that is made by following a specific ayurvedic procedure)
  • Rasna ( a medicinal herb commonly used in ayurveda as a part of ayurvedic medicines)
  • Balamool ( the root of a herb carrying tremendous healing abilities)
  • Shunthi (dried ginger, a commonly used ingredient in Indian kitchen, but, even more commonly used as a herb in ayurvedic medicinal system)
  • Pippali ( one of the most commonly used rasayana drug in the field of ayurveda)
  • Maricha (pipper nigrum or black pepper)
  • Gokshura (tribulus- an ayurvedic herb prescribed for weakened immunity)

Kantakari ghrit benefits in asthma

Even if you don’t know some of them, it is important that you understand that all the herbs used in the preparation are natural and medicinal. All of these are highly beneficial for health and heal a variety of diseases in human body. Let us now see what magic these natural ingredients can create if used according to the doctor’s prescription.


Following are the diseases in which one can count on kantakari ghrit:

  • Kantakari ghrit benefits in asthma: In complicated conditions like asthma, it becomes impossible for the patient to breathe in the choking environment. The hazardous pollutants make the problem even more dreadful. When no other drug can help, ayurvedic medicines like kantakari ghrita for respiratory problems can. If you have asthma, talk to your ayurvedic doctor and get rid of the breathing difficulties forever. In fact, you can use kantakari ghrita for respiratory problems for as long as you want since it is ayurvedic. So, no more suffocation with kantakari ghrita benefits.
  • It is an herbal solution to productive cough: As stated earlier, problems like cough and cold are also on rise, you may need help to deal with severe cough too. Out of all the types of cough, productive cough is the most difficult to get rid of. However, it is no more difficult with the use of kantakari ghrita for respiratory problems.
  • kantakari ghrit benefits in cough and coldBronchitis can also be healed with the use of kantakari ghrit for respiratory problems: Bronchial infection can sometimes turn out to be fatal. There are medicines to deal with it, but, if you want a holistic treatment with no side effects, try kantakari ghrit. Kantakari ghrita benefits in clearing the bronchial tubes of infection, and also ensures a speedy recovery. Not only bronchitis, but kantakari ghrit for respiratory problems is also a one stop solution for all respiratory infections.

These were the kantakari ghrit benefits that allows you breathe in peace. The herbal medicine makes sure you have a healthy respiratory tract no matter what the situation outside your body is. To avail all these benefits, just order your pack of pure kantakari ghrita today. If you aren’t sure of purity, and also want help regarding the dosage information, just dial the toll free number 18001030318. This is the helpline that connects you to the ayurvedic doctors at paramanand ayurveda. You can also buy pure and 100% natural kantakari ghrit from the same because of the following benefits:


At paramanand ayurveda you get the following:

  • High quality kantakari ghrit made up of all fresh ingredients.
  • Kantakari ghrit for respiratory problems at paramanand ayurveda is 100% natural.
  • Flexibility in placing your order and tracking it at any time (either buy online at paramanandayurveda.com or over a phone call at the toll free number- 18001030318).
  • Free online consultation at the toll free number- 18001030318.
  • A guarantee of quality and assurance of lowest price

So, if you think kantakari ghrit benefits are what your body needs desperately, just order it from paramanand ayurveda and get it at your doorstep. Use it religiously and see the magic of a pure ayurvedic medicine. Using it once would be enough for you to see how beautifully ayurveda can heal human body.


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