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जतिफलादि चूर्ण


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Jatiphala means nutmeg and the name jatiphaladi depicts a herbal combination of jatiphala / nutmeg and a few other herbs. Yes, jatiphaladi churna benefits can be easily predicted if you know the entire list of ingredients. The herbal mixture contains more than just a few herbs and hence can be used in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. Here are the ingredients of jatiphaladi powder, following which is the list of jatiphaladi churna benefits.

Jatiphala (Myristica fragrans) is the primary ingredient, based on which the herbal mixture is named. Tvak (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), lavanga (Syzygium aromaticum), ginger (zingiber officinale), karpura (cinnamomum camphora), talisa (Abies webbiana), pippali (piper longum), tila (sesamum indicum), vidanga (embelia ribes), chandana (Santalum album), maricha (Piper nigrum), amalaki (Emblica officinalis), upakunchika (Nigella sativa), ela (Elettaria cardamomum), nagakesara (Mesua ferrea), haritaki (Terminalia chebula), chitraka (Plumbago zeylanicum), patra (Cinnamomum tamala), tagara (Valeriana wallichi), tavakshiri (Bambusa bambos), bhang (Cannabis sativa) and sugar are other herbal ingredients taken in a predefined proportion to make jatiphaladi powder.

As you can see from the list of ingredients, the natural powder contains some familiar and some completely unknown herbs. Don’t worry, you might know only a few like ginger and lavang. But, all of these herbs are proved to be healthy, beneficial and safe by ayurveda as well as by modern science. So, let us now see what magic all these herbs create on combination as the uses of jatiphaladi powder.


  • Jatiphaladi churna benefits a lot in sprue syndrome. A malabsorption disease characterized by symptoms like bloating and diarrhes, sprue syndrome can take the shape of a chronic condition in no time if ignored. So, there is a need to read the symptoms carefully and talk to your doctor. If you want to heal it completely and holistically, talk to an ayurvedic doctor. He will guide you on how the uses of jatiphaladi powder can heal sprue syndrome.
  • Lack of appetite does not appear to be a big problem at first. But, the patients of anorexia are actually too weak that they cannot even stand sometimes. Skipping a meal or two is fine. Eating for a few days is also not that problematic. But, imagine what would happen to your body if you don’t eat anything for a month. This is anorexia and unfortunately, there is no successful solution in modern medicine. Because anorexia is more of a psychological issue, you need something like jatiphaladi churna benefits- a holistic solution that fixes things inside your mind as well.
  • You can also seek help from jatiphaladi churna benefits if you are suffering from chronic diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea is a case when you have lost much of the body fluid and things aren’t getting any better with time. You need to preserve your body fluid and at the same time need to get back the digestion in order, and the uses of jatiphaladi powder include solution to both.
  • Jatiphaladi churna benefits are not confined to only stomach and digestive disorders. But, you can also expect a strong action from the herbal powder in respiratory problems like asthma and rhinitis. In fact, many people in India count on the herbal powder to heal common cold and cough. Because of the natural anti inflammatory properties, it helps in fighting any infection present in the respiratory tract, thereby gifting you a breathe of ease.
  • kantakari ghrit benefitsAs it can be seen through the list of ingredients, uses of jatiphaladi powder are many. Apart from benefitting in stomach related problems and respiratory disorders, the herbal mixture is also recommended by ayurvedic doctors to females for treating dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia
  • If you have a weak digestive system, or are struggling with any digestion related problem, talk to your doctor and get your pack of jatiphaladi powder today. Anorexia as well as loss of taste can also be dealt with the strong jatiphaladi churna benefits.

With these jatiphaladi churna benefits, many of you would want to order it right now. Yes, it is healthy as well as safe for all except for diabetes patients. In case you have diabetes, take jatiphaladi powder only if your doctor has prescribed the herbal mixture. We have been telling you to talk an ayurvedic doctor during the entire discussion about the uses of jatiphaladi powder. This is the reason. Most of the ayurvedic medicines are safe for all, but some may not be suitable for your body type. So, it is best if you consult an ayurvedic doctor and then place an order at paramanandayurveda.com. Don’t have time? Don’t have any good ayurvedic doctor nearby? You can simply dial the toll free number- 18001030318 and talk to the team of ayurvedic doctors for free.

Paramanand ayurveda has made using ayurveda easier than ever. You can talk to the ayurvedic doctor, place order for any ayurvedic medicine you want, can trace your order and can also trace your progress during the treatment process by clearing the doubts with the ayurvedic doctor at just one phone call. Dial 18001030318 and start a supervised ayurvedic treatment for free. Not only this, the ayurvedic medicines you buy from paramanandayurveda.com are pure and 100% natural. So, the guarantee of purity and the ease of consulting an ayurvedic doctor anytime you want makes things a lot easier. Go ahead and avail the benefits of jatiphaladi powder to improve your health. In case you have any doubt about any other ayurvedic medicine, or want to use ayurveda for health but have no idea from where to start, just dial the number and clarify. This time, don’t ignore your health problems because in future, it may not be that easy to deal with it ayurvedically.


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