Jatamansi Powder

जटामांसी चूर्ण


Benefits:Purifies Blood, Useful in Skin Diseases, Herpes, Depression, Psychiatric Conditions, Improves Brain Functions, Strength and Immunity, Skin Complexion, Balances all three Doshas but Especially Pitta and Kapha, Good for Uterine Health, Reduces Cramps, Pain during menstruation

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Jatamansi powder for brain and all brain related problems is one of the strongest and most effective ayurvedic powder that solves more than a dozen of neurological problems naturally. When allopathy has nothing more than sleep inducing drugs in store for neurological disorders, ayurveda comes to rescue the patients struggling with one or the other mental disorder. With increasing awareness about mental health complications, acceptance is also on its way in the society. With acceptance, the world is gradually reaching out to some of the best ayurvedic medicines for help as it is the only way out. Whenever we talk about mental health and treating neurological disorders, the discussion would be incomplete without mentioning jatamansi churna for brain.

It is a herbal churna or powder that basically contain the goodness of a herb called N. jatamansi. Nardostachys jatamansi is the scientific name of the herb, and in English we call it spikenard. The plant has a rich history of medicinal use and has been valued for centuries in Ayurvedic medicinal system. It is known as a natural Antioxidant, Anti inflammatory agent and  neuroprotective herb. Following are the benefits of jatamansi powder for which anyone and everyone should it nowadays.

  • Do you have a tendency of forgetting everything? Yes, it may be just forgetting the car keys in the beginning, but think of it as if stress is targeting your memory. Forgetfulness is becoming a problem even for the youths of the generation. It is not a good sign and you must think about overcoming this. jatamansi churna for brain can help in mild forgetfulness. And you do not have to think much before using it because it is natural and hence, 100% safe.
  • Memory loss due to Alzheimer’s and due to increase in age is one issue. But, in many cases, memory is adversely affected because of seizures. In such cases, the benefits of jatamansi powder can help you overcome the problem. Regardless of your age, if you are struggling with memory loss, order your pack of jatamansi powder right now.
  • The uncontrollable emotional excess is referred to as hysteria. This too is a psychological problem and can be treated easily with the use of jatamansi churna for brain. The herbal solution fixes things inside your mind without disturbing any other brain part.
  • Seizures or what we commonly call epilepsy results due to abnormal activity of brain, and hence can be addressed with the use of jatamansi churna for brain. Unusual behavior, sensations and sometimes loss of consciousness are common in the patients of epilepsy. If you have this problem, or know someone who is having a tough time with epilepsy, just get a pack of jatamansi powder after consulting an ayurvedic doctor.
  • Some suffer from insomnia because of mental illness while others cannot get full sleep because of mild stress. Whatever is the reason, insomnia is the root cause of many other health problems. So, better treat it soon. However, it is not that easy to deal with the problem using allopathy. You will get a pack of addictive sleep inducing drugs that work only till you take them. So, it is better you start taking jatamansi powder after talking to a good ayurvedic doctor.
  • jatamansi powder for eczemaThe benefits of jatamansi powder are not confined to just insomnia. The problem of anxiety and depression can also be very well taken care of by this herbal powder. It acts like magic and you will see your brain coming out of all the negative thoughts.
  • Have mental fatigue or feel mentally tired all the time. With the cut through competition in every field and increasing pressure in both- personal as well as professional lives, it is inevitable. But, what makes you smart is the choice of ayurvedic medicines like jatamansi churna for brain problems. It relaxes your mind and give it a refreshing treat.
  • You can also utilize the benefits of jatamansi powder in minor problems like headache. Headache due to stomach problems, or nervine weakness or migraine can be treated with the use of jatamansi churna for brain.
  • As stated earlier, the benefits of jatamansi powder are varying, this one is a bit different. Jatamansi powder can help you fight with the problem of hair fall and premature greying. How? Because most of the times, the cause of these problems lies only in your head.
  • Jatamansi churna for brain can also be used against skin problems like acne and eczema. IT not only utilizes its natural anti inflammatory action to treat the skin problems but also distresses your mind, thereby killing one trigger for many skin problems.
  • Apart from all these benefits of jatamansi powder for brain, neurological disorders and skin, the herbal powder has a few other health advantages. The natural product can regulates blood pressure and is also prescribed to females to deal with dysmenorrhea and menopause.

These were the benefits of jatamansi powder and now, you can decide whether you or anyone near you needs it or not. If you think it is useful for you, just order it from paramanandayurveda.com to get pure and 100% natural jatamansi powder. However, in case of doubt about any of the benefits of jatamansi powder discussed above, or to consult a good ayurvedic doctor in case your problem is complicated, just dial the toll free number 18001030318. You will get all types of assistance you need to incorporate ayurveda into your life at this number, and you don’t have to pay anything. Grab the opportunity and let jatamansi churna for brain help you out. Soon, you will see magical changes appearing in your mental as well as physical health.


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