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Many across the country are using indukanta ghrit for health and healing, some for dealing with weakness, and others to fight with a particular disease holistically. Whatever is the reason, we will give you authentic information about the wonderful ayurvedic product. From indukanta ghrit benefits to the ingredients of the magnificent ayurvedic product, everything is available here. In case you haven’t consulted an ayurvedic doctor yet, we will also give you a chance to get free online consultation. Most importantly, for those who are thinking of using indukanta ghrita or are already using the ayurvedic medicine, we will tell you how you can get 100% pure and natural indukanta ghrit at your doorstep.

Yes, it is important that you treat your body with something as healthy as ayurveda. Today, many brands sell their own ayurvedic products. Getting indukanta ghrit is also no big deal. But, if you want to settle for nothing less than high quality indukanta ghrit, it is quite difficult. Don’t worry, we will resolve this too. We will tell you one stop solution to meet all your ayurvedic needs. Before that, have a look at the ingredients of indukanta ghrita.


Indukanta ghrit is a combination of cow’s milk, cow’s ghee and many other herbs. Almost every Indian is aware of the tremendous health benefits of cow’s ghee and cow’s milk. These two play a vital role in determining the health of human body. But, to make indukanta ghrita, we medicate these two natural products with some medicinal herbs. This makes it not only healthy, but healing in nature. Here is the list of ingredients of indukanta ghrita.

  • Dashmula
  • Putika (Holoptelea integrifolia)
  • Devadaru Cedrus (deodara)
  • Water for decoction
  • Cow milk
  • Gau ghrita

All these ingredients are used in the preparation of indukanta ghrit. here, the only point to note is- the end product will be of the quality it inherits from the ingredients. Only a high quality indukanta ghrita prepared of fresh natural ingredients will give the following benefits:


By now, you know that indukanta ghrit is a medicated ghee containing dashmula and many other medicinal herbs. It is prescribed by many ayurvedic doctors to deal with weakness. In reality, there are several indukanta ghrita benefits too look out for. Here is the list of indukanta ghrita benefits:

  • indukanta ghrit for health and healingIndukanta ghrit cures fever: From mild to chronic fever, indukanta ghrita for health can deal with all. It brings down the body temperature to normal and also takes care of the root cause of fever. Generally, the increased temperature is a result of something wrong going inside your body. So, the aim should not only be to bring down fever, but to heal the body holistically. Indukanta ghrita thankfully does that.
  • Indukanta ghrit benefits in tuberculosis: Many ayurvedic doctors recommend the use of indukanta ghrita for health in complicated infections like tuberculosis. It helps the patient deal with the infection as well as its symptoms. By limiting the activity of microbes it stops the infection from spreading further. Also, by providing your body with much required strength, the herbal cure ensures a speedy recovery.
  • It is a herbal solution for peptic ulcer: Peptic ulcers are inflammations in the colon and they usually take very long to heal. However, indukanta ghrita for health can help here too. It helps you overcome the pain and all other associated problems that arise in peptic ulcer.
  • One can improve appetite with indukanta ghrit benefits: People use indukanta ghrita for health for a simple reason- to eliminate weakness. Yes, the herbal formulation gives strength to your body. And the very first step in this is to increase the appetite. You will feel hungry more often during the day, and if you choose nutritious food, your body will automatically gain health.
  • Indukanta ghrit is natural aid for digestion: People trust on indukanta ghrita for health because it is a natural digestive stimulant and also cures several severe abdominal diseases.
  • The ayurvedic medicine cures persistent cough: Treating cough in old age can be quite difficult, but not anymore with indukanta ghrita benefits. It is the favorite recommendations of doctors when it is about treating persistent cough in old aged people.
  • Indukanta ghrit benefits in tuberculosisRole of indukanta ghrit for health: Indukanta ghrita is primarily famous for its role in improving human health. It increases strength and immunity of the body, thus reducing the chances of you getting ill.

To avail all these indukant ghrit benefits, you should have pure indukanta ghrita, right? Here is where you can get 100% pure indukanta ghrita from:


The indukanta ghrit manufactured at paramanand ayurveda is checked for quality at various levels. First of all, the ingredients are tested for their freshness and quality. Next the process of manufacturing is kept under supervision of experts. Also, the end product is tested for purity and naturalness. So, this is the only place you can get high quality ayurvedic medicine at best price.

In the beginning, we also mentioned the free online consultation thing. This too is available at paramanand ayurveda. From doorstep delivery to free online consultation, all this make paramanand ayurveda the one stop solution to all your ayurvedic needs. So, go ahead and dial the toll free number- 18001030318. Here, you can place your order for indukanta ghrit for health, can talk to an ayurvedic doctor and can also track your order in future.

Isn’t it simple? Yes, paramanand ayurveda is making the use of ayurveda simple enough, and it is also ensuring that you receive the quality you pay for. Go ahead and let your body heal holistically with ayurveda and of course, paramanand ayurveda.


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