Giloy-Mulethi Kwath

गिलोय मुलेठी क्वाथ


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Have you ever heard about giloy mulethi kwath? Both giloy as well as mulethi are known in every corner of the world for their amazing healing abilities and wonderful health transforming capabilities. Even scientists are amazed by the immense medicinal properties of both. Usually they are used individually by humans for one problem or the other. But, nowadays, compromised immunity and deteriorating health demands something natural as well as strong. To give you the best possible healing benefits, ayurveda has combined both giloy and mulethi. Giloy mulethi kwath is an ayurvedic formula for almost every human being needs today. Wondering why? Because the environment you live is affecting your lungs and respiratory system negatively. Because you body has weakened over time and the allopathic drugs have suppressed your immune system completely. This is why you are taking medicines more than ever. There are various other reasons, but, right now we will only talk about giloy mulethi kwath benefits.

Let us see the uses of giloy mulethi kwath and some additional information about the herbal combination.


Although we have already specified the two ingredients of this wonderful ayurvedic formulation, let us quickly have an overview of exactly what are they.

  • Giloy: The nutritional content of giloy is very high so it has been an integral part of medicinal and healing systems since ancient times. Adding to it are its healing abilities that continuously has been surprising humans since ages.
  • Mulethi or licorice root: Recent studies have shown that Licorice root also possess many pharmacological activities, such as antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antitumor and other activities. From throat infection to digestion enhancing effect and wonder wound healing properties, mulethi alone is a cure for a dozen of problems.

These two natural ingredients are known for their good impact on human health. If you have heard of them, do give the uses of giloy mulethi kwath a try. And in case you haven’t even heard of any one of them, you are missing out something truly magical. You can just talk to an ayurvedic doctor and confirm its usefulness for you.


  • indukanta ghrit for health and healingGiloy mulethi kwath benefits humans by curing high fevers due to viral infections like dengue or chikungunya. Because of the presence of giloy, it brings down the body temperature, and with mulethi it helps you recover holistically.
  • Uses of giloy mulethi kwath also spans to any problem in the stomach. High acidity levels can be controlled with this wonder product.
  • The combination of the two extremely powerful herbs is also a natural solution to dyspepsia.
  • As it contains the licorice root or mulethi, one can expect great results from this kwath when used in respiratory problems like cough, cold or even asthma.
  • If you frequently suffer from heartburn, giloy mulethi kwath benefits are exactly what you need. Use this ayurvedic product regularly for about a month and say good bye to all sort of digestive disorders. In fact, something as deep as bronchial asthma can be very well taken care of with the uses of giloy mulethi kwath.
  • With the magnificent anti inflammatory action of both the herbs involved, many ayurvedic doctors recommend the uses of giloy mulethi kwath in skin conditions like eczema.
  • The powder has ability to improve the skin repairing capability of human body and hence can be used in natural and holistic treatment of ulcers. It not only allows the skin to heal faster, but also ensures there are no infectious bacteria left inside.
  • Other respiratory problems like allergic rhinitis, dry cough and bronchitis are also on the list of giloy mulethi kwath benefits. So, it covers almost all the commonly occurring respiratory problems.
  • As stated earlier, it can deal with almost all types of infections, one can get good results in case of conjunctivitis as well.
  • Complicated and otherwise incurable diseases like dermatitis and psoriasis can be healed naturally with regular uses of giloy mulethi kwath.
  • Last, but not the least, the herbal mixture raises your immunity. Immunity has a great role to play in deciding how long a human is going to live and how healthy / diseased his life is going to be. So, to undo the effect of years of allopathic drugs and to improve your immune strength, you can use this herbal combination.

Now you are aware of the key ingredients of this powerful kwath and also have idea of how beneficial it is. Hence, by now you must have decided whether to use the giloy mulethi kwath benefits for the betterment of your health or not. Let us see the next step- getting pure form of this ayurvedic combination:


The kwath manufactured by most of the companies is not pure. It contains many undesirable chemicals, and most of times not manufactured according to the principles of ayurveda. Hence, to get all the giloy mulethi kwath benefits, better buy it from It is the only ayurvedic company that adheres to the principles of ayurveda, and hence is able to deliver what is claimed.

To place your order, just dial the number 9990005395 or 9990004674. You can order it online or make a call in case you also want free online consultation from the team of ayurvedic doctors at paramanand ayurveda.

So, with just one call, you can get the medicines delivered at your doorstep, and can also get free consultation. I think these are the only components essential for treating your body with ayurveda, right? What are you waiting for? Make your call to a healthy future and a longer life with ayurveda.


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